Summary: To him, the idea of getting engage was the most irritating part of being the heir of his clan, but he always end up breaking the engagement after some amount of time given to him… But all changes when he was engaged to the man-hater Kinomoto Sakura…AU

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Mr. Perfect and Ms. Man-hater

By: pLaTiNuMHeArT

"…Li Syaoran… you are engaged to Miss Kinomoto Sakura… and hereby declare for your departure to Tomoeda, Japan to meet this young lady…" An old voice declared in the isolated meeting room at the center of the huge mansion of the Li Clan estate. The owner of the voice is a hooded old man about the age of sixty, but this old man was not an ordinary geezer. He is one of the Li Clan Elder and the leader of the group himself.

A boy, seventeen years of age, stood at the middle of the dim lighted room, an indescribable expression plastered on the face of this handsome young man.

He was used to this kind of meeting, he was always paired up to a honorable, rich and especially what he added to his vocabulary on the women he was paired up, spoiled and flirty girls.

"Why are you all into this?" The young lad, Li Syaoran, asked respectfully yet inside he was in the verge of cursing and burning with fury.

"This is not a conspiracy between us Elders, Li Syaoran; we are merely following traditions…" The leader spoke softly.

Syaoran gritted his teeth in anger but never did he show it in his face.

'Traditions, traditions! You all just want me to be the Clan Leader so you all are free of burden since papa died at an early age!' The young warrior tries to control himself by glaring menacingly towards the Elders.

But since the times he have argued and eventually lost at the argument, he just accepted the fact the he is engaged… again.

"The amount of time for me staying with that fiancé (a.k.a. my torture)?" Syaoran thought grimly.

"How long will I eventually say 'I am breaking of this engagement because I don't want her in my life ever!'?" The question was full of sarcasm in it, that Syaoran 'almost' forgot they are the Elders yet the solemn face of this lad assured the Elders he was being serious not to accept any brides just yet.

"We have figured out that months of staying with the past girls were not enough… and since this is a special case, we have reason to believe you will be staying in Japan for two years maximum…" The leader spoke with a voice so weak yet has a strong effect on the room.

And this strong effect is really effective… since the lad finally burst his hidden fury…


3:00 Airplane

A boy sitting on a first class room in the airplane woke up as a little turbulence happened a while ago.

"This is your pilot speaking, the turbulence has ended and we will be landing on Tokyo, Japan for the next hour. Enjoy the flight." The speaker muted as the pilot halted his little report to his passenger.

The boy focuses his vision at the white ceiling, since his chair is inclined horizontally.

"What kind of a woman will I meet now?" Syaoran asked the ceiling as if expecting an answer.

"Probably an educated girl but has an obnoxious attitude…" Syaoran glared at the ceiling. "Or maybe a girl who will never run out of stories and kept on flirting with me every bit of seconds."

Syaoran sigh and positioned his chair perpendicular to the floor.

His amber-colored eyes looked at the small oval shape window. There he saw the peaceful clouds, which are very reachable at his position in air and the almost endless sea…

Syaoran sigh again still looking outside the window…

"WHAT IN THE HELL?!?!" Syaoran exclaimed, now glaring coldly at the Elders.

"Your manners my son…" Li Yelan, the current Li Clan Leader, walked gracefully to her only son. She patted his son's shoulder and gave him a slightly small smile…

"But mama! Two years! And in another country?!" Syaoran looked at his mother desperately needing help.

His mother only shook her head.

"I know son, it's quite a long amount of time, but enough time for you to know her and get along with her. Maybe just be her friend, you are always in this estate and never make friends. I want you to be exposed to the world." Yelan spoke softly to her son and Syaoran's eyes soften a bit.

"Besides son I was the one who proposed this-" Syaoran's eyes widened."-I know your liking on women son so I chose her since she is the daughter of my long time friend Nadeshiko."

Syaoran looked at her mother in disbelief.

"But that's not enough reason for me to be engaged to her just because you were friends with her mother." Syaoran's expression emptied.

"I think son I have enough reason for you to be engaged to her-" Syaoran was taken back by the response. "Because I know you hate being engage every now and then… so I convinced the Elders to give you one last engagement… This will be your last engagement…" Yelan gave her son a full smile.

Syaoran gave her mother his rare smile and whispered 'thank you' just for his mother to hear.

Syaoran looked up to the Elders who coughed to get his attention.

"Your answer Li Syaoran?" One elder questioned.

"When will I leave?"

3:50 Airplane

Syaoran looked up at the stewardess as she placed a glass of ice tea on his little table.

"Thank you." Was his short reply.

"We will be arriving at Tokyo, Japan in a few minutes. Please fasten your seatbelt." The pilot announces.

"It's going to be a long engagement… literally." Syaoran sigh again and closes his eyes and waited for the landing.

'I wonder what she will be like.'

"When will I leave?" Syaoran asked boredom evident in his voice.

"Tomorrow morning, you have been booked on first class." The elder spoke at the same tone as Syaoran.

"Fine." Syaoran, seeing that there is no way out of this, bowed and immediately left the melancholic room.

Outside the door

"Hey ma…?" Syaoran looked at his left with his mother beside him.

"Yes son?" Yelan's dark brown eyes looked at her son.

"Well uhm I think I missed something to ask back there… I think I heard this engagement is a 'special case'? Am I right?" Confusion is clearly shown on Syaoran's face.

"Ah… special because first, I recommended her, second, this is your last engagement, and lastly, you'll find her very different from the previous girls you've been engaged." Yelan and Syaoran walked through the long hallway of the Li Clan estate.

"Different…" Syaoran looked as if in deep in thought.

"And one last thing son-." Syaoran looked at his mother. "-She is not of a first class family, you can say she is in the middle class, so I don't think your head would think she is a spoiled rich girl." Yelan explained.

"This case 'really' is special!" Syaoran said in a surprised tone. "The Elders sure made a face when they heard about this news huh?" Syaoran asked his mother with a smirk.

"They sure do, they always go for the high class people, thinking you would fall in love with rich girls." Yelan gave Syaoran a knowing look and Syaoran frowned.

"The last thing I'll do now is fall in love with anyone." Syaoran's glared at the floor.

Yelan looked sadly at her son. 'My cold-hearted son, who can't simply accept the fact that love exist.'

"You don't need to fall in love with you're fiancé. Just make friends with her; she is the daughter of my deceased friend."

Syaoran nodded.

"Well go pack now son, I'll give you an extension credit card, I know you'll use it practically."

Syaoran gave her mother a grateful smile and dashed to his room to pack his belongings.

3:57 Airplane

Syaoran woke as a start as the speaker announces something.

"This is you're pilot speaking, we are about to land at Tokyo International Airport, please fasten your seatbelt. Thank you." The speaker muted.

"Finally…" Syaoran sigh.

Syaoran took out a paper out of his pocket in his shirt.

He read the little content on the paper.

Kinomoto Sakura, 14 years old.

He flips the paper and looked at the picture of a young girl with auburn-colored hair and an enchanting pair of emerald eyes. She is sitting on a swing with a beautiful smile on her pink lips.

His mother told him this picture was taken three years ago. So technically she is at the same age as him.

Syaoran had looked at the picture hundred of times already…

Syaoran merely asked again the question that has been nagging in his mind of all the times he looks at the picture.

"What will you be like?"

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