Summary: To him, the idea of getting engage was the most irritating part of being the heir of his clan, but he always end up breaking the engagement after some amount of time given to him… But all changes when he was engaged to the man-hater Kinomoto Sakura…AU

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Mr. Perfect and Ms. Man-hater

By: pLaTiNuMHeArT

July 14 5:03 AM

"Haaa!" A shout from a secluded dojo, a few meters away from the Li mansion, echoed at the tranquil land, a familiar voice that would always be heard every morning. The servants of the Li estate distance their selves from the wooden structure.

Surely this routine was familiar to the household. The young master, whom they had always served, has been in the dojo, yelling in frustration which the household know not of. Li Syaoran, the young master, was covered in sweat so early in the morning, punching the sand bag mercilessly. As if the pink cylindrical bag of sand is a hateful being. Poor sand bag.

"Haaa!" Another brutal blow was sent at the center of the hanging bag. The punching bag swayed back and forth, the last blow was now ended as Li hold onto it. He rested his forehead at the cold plastic covering of the object at hand. Sweat of perspiration trickle down his cheeks down to his neck, soaking his karate uniform. He closed his eyes slowly taking deep breaths.

"I miss doing this." He opened his eyes, darting very closely at the pink plastic.

"This was black a month ago." He said to no one in particular. He laughed softly at the color.

'Only one of my four adorable sisters could have done this.' He thought in sarcasm.

He stared at the color as if in deep in though.


'Sakura' He backed away from the bag.

'Pink and Sakura doesn't fit in a sentence.' He laughed at his own thoughts. He was doing this a lot these days. Thinking of thoughts to annoy that little girl he was so fond of.

'Although sakura's are pink. It's very girlish, delicate and beautiful.' He smiled to himself.

'Delicate? Sakura KinomotoIs it the end of the world?!' Li laughed.

"I think I'm losing my sanity. I'm laughing by myself." 'Sakura what are you doing to me?'

He stopped at his own thought, standing still at the large room.


'Pink lips' An image of Sakura kissing him the previous night. His mind stopped his body rigid and his heart pounding loudly in his chest.


Dining Hall 9:10 AM

"Why brother we thought you were practicing your brutality inside the dojo?" Fanran commented looking at her brother with slyness in her eyes.

"I did, why?" Syaoran cocked his head in confusion. Everyone knows that every morning the dojo is his own territory.

"So why is your face all flushed? You never flushed from exhaustion… Did you practiced outside?" Fei mei butted in the conversation, smiling mischievously. Apparently the four sibling sisters know what happened that night, including Meiling and Tomoyo.

"There's always a first time for everything. What's for breakfast?" He asked ignoring their weird stare darted at him. But somehow he got the slightest idea that it has got to do with Sakura. He admitted earlier that he's embarrassed of the kiss that night. It was his first, although many have looked up to him and having a lot of arranged relationships, he was very careful with his kiss, to him it's very important and to be done only to those who he would consider as important.

Now his first kiss was stolen by a drunken man-hater with an attitude whom he was fond of also known as Sakura Kinomoto. 'Well no point thinking about it, she didn't know what she'd done, most probably she would forget about it.'

He seated himself beside Meiling in a large rectangular wooden table that is very antique.

'What if she remembers?' He smiled to himself. 'Oh it wouldn't be that bad, another thing to annoy her.'

Syaoran ate his pancake with a smile plastered on his face. The ladies on the table smiled at each other knowingly.

"Where's Sakura?" Li inquired noticing her absence. He looked at his sisters which they responded by shaking their heads with a mischievous smile. Now he was confused whether to believe them or not. He looked at Meiling and Tomoyo but still with the same silent answer of 'I don't know'.

"Why don't you fetch her at her room little brother." Sheifa suggested while picking her pancake. The warrior simply nodded then got out of his seat.

10:02 AM Li Mansion Guest Room

Auburn locks, shuffled and disarranged, are bluntly spread at the white pillow. The owner of the bunch of hair was tucked so tightly in the maroon blanket. Not even a slightest idea that the sun was already in the middle of the clear blue sky.

Her fiancé looked at the bulk at the blanket, clearly seeing the curled position Sakura was portraying under the blanket. He crossed his arms. "Geez what a heavy sleeper."

The heir to the Clan lightly shook his fiancé's blanket. "Woi Sakura wake up." He spoke softly. Manners; that are taught to him, even with this distrustful girl he was engaged with. He sighed; this was useless to someone like Sakura.

He removed the blanket showing half of Sakura. What greeted the young man was a not so pretty woman. Her hair in rumpled fashion, her mouth slightly open with little saliva trickling out and her smell was of alcohol, care of his sisters per se.

"Not a princess." Syaoran sniggered. He looked at the disheveled clothing from last night. Will his mother be angry by this? Maybe his mother would understand. After all she was there, giving permission to full Sakura with alcohol. He opened the curtains; the sunlight filled the dark room as soon as it was opened. Sakura's eyes squinted and moaned in annoyance.

"Mou… Turn off that damn light." She cursed with a frown, tucking her head in the blanket which she blindly found.

"That damn light you are referring is the sun. It's 10 in the morning; don't you want to have breakfast?" Syaoran crossed his arms talking like a father.

"Five minutes." Was her reply and dozed off like Li didn't come by.

"Sakura!" Li shouted in his full voice.

"What?!" Sakura get up from her lying position and glared at her fiancé. "This is the only time I could get some sleep, my only time I could not hear your damn voice, and you must wake me up! You're a jerk!"

"Thank you?" Syaoran gave her an arrogant smile.

"Dammit Li couldn't control that arrogance of yours to your guest." She was now full of hatred towards the guy. So early in the morning, couldn't he be considerate for once. Her head aches from the liquor she took that night. She gladly agreed to his sisters that she would drink. Prideful as she was.




'Syao- Li'


'Oh my God!' She remembered the previous night. Sakura's face starts to get flushed. 'Shit' She cursed at the memory.

"What are you thinking little girl?" Sakura looked at Syaoran, forgetting his existence for a second there. She looked at his face then at his lips. 'oh God nasty thoughts!'

"I'm not little you dimwit!" Sakura's face flushed like a tomato. She glared at him. He glared back, as if challenging her to do something brutal.

"I swear you'll be in a grave one of these days!"

Sakura expected Li to at least give an insulting reply. Suddenly, the warriors face turned gloomy, as if remembering some sad past.

"Get some breakfast, its unhealthy to skip meals." He turned and walked away. She didn't notice the real sadness in his eyes, leaving her confused with his attitude seconds ago.

"Now he really confused me on who has mood problems." Sakura whispered to herself.

10:38 AM Syaoran's Room

'How can I forget?!' The warrior removed his clothes and throws it at the laundry basket inside the bathroom. His face contorted in frustration. Syaoran twisted the valve of the shower, lukewarm water poured at his toned body. His mind tensed with memories he almost forgot.

"Eri…" He spoke her name after a long time. Syaoran closed his eyes, memories of her flooding his mind.

3 years ago

"Syaoran!" A 14-year old girl with long brown hair matching her brown eyes, waved at 14-year old SyaoranHe run towards her as he finished his morning practices.

"Eri please attend my birthday party tomorrow please…" Syaoran pleaded perspiring and blushing at the same time.

"I'll try Syaoran." Erismiled, a lonely smile.

"Please try, I'll be waiting." Syaoran looked at her with hope in his hazel eyes.

Back to Syaoran's room

"I waited." The warrior whispered to himself. Tears mixing with the water. Why did he hoped for her return? He wasn't so naïve before. He knew the feeling, the feeling of loving someone.

He was happy…

He was happy until she left without saying goodbye…

Could it be any harder?

His heart's desire…

His heart's reason for being cold…

His miserable past…

His only reason to be perfect…

His first love…

Eri Tan…

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