by The Goblet

Chapter 10

"Excuse me?" asked Remus after a few moments silence.

"Severus is my husband," repeated Albus.

"You and Severus a-are m-married?" the werewolf asked, stuttering. Surely that was not the reason why Severus refused to mate with him. Even if he wasÂ… married to Albus, the Headmaster would have understood. He would not have divorced him over a small indiscretion, an indiscretion necessary in order to save his life.


Albus was still sitting beside Severus' bed, still holding his hand.

"I-I still don't understand," Remus said quietly. "If you are married, surely it would provide him with more incentive to live. Why did he choose to die?"

Kingsley put a hand on his shoulder. "Albus and Severus married using the old laws," he explained. "They are not only partners in a legal sense, but in a spiritual sense as well."

Albus stroked Severus' cheek. "He made his choice not based on hatred for you, as you seem to believe, but based on love. Love for me."

"But why was his decision that?" asked Remus. "I don't understand." He repeated his mantra for the day. He knew he was beginning to sound like a broken record, but it was true: he didn't understand.

Albus smiled kindly at him. "Severus and I share a soul bond. We have been bonded for a great number of years, most of Severus' adult life.

"We have lived with this bond for so long, that we rely on it to live; to survive. If the bond were to break, we would most certainly die."

"If Severus had mated with me, he would have broken the bond?"

Albus nodded. "Infidelity on any level would break the bond. Rape would not. If you had forced Severus, then you could have mated with him. But he was unable to even suggest the idea to you, for it would have then been classified as infidelity and the bond would have broken, and we would have both died.

"He said so much in the letter that he wrote me. He insisted that if he died at your hand, that I was to forgive you and that he would endeavour to return to Hogwarts to haunt me."

The Headmaster stood and crossed the room to Remus. He took both his hands in his own. "Severus made a decision based on his own circumstances. He did not do this to hurt you.

"He was prepared to die, so that I may live. He was willing to sacrifice himself so that the Dark Lord would still be strongly opposed."

"Can you imagine what the Order would be like if both Severus and Albus were to have died?" asked Kingsley.

Remus nodded slowly. He understood now. It made perfect sense. It explained everything: why Albus trusted Severus without question, why Albus had run straight to Severus in the vault, why Severus had chosen Albus' life over his own.

He understood now. He understood Severus' choice, a choice that he, himself, would have made if put in the same position: the choice to protect a mate rather than saving one's own life.

"Who knows about the bond?" Remus asked softly.

"Only the people in this room," Kingsley replied.

Remus smiled and nodded. He got to his feet. "I should head back to bed, I'm not feeling too good," he said.

The Headmaster smiled warmly. "There is just one more thing before you go," he said.

"Severus will most probably need your guidance over the forthcoming weeks, not that I expect him to admit it, but I am certain that he would appreciate some assistance in learning to live with Lycanthropy."

Remus nodded. "If I can help in any way, I will."

"Good, good, now go rest, my boy."

Albus moved back towards the bed as Kingsley helped Remus move towards the door.

"Remus?" Albus called.


"Thank-you for not killing him."

The werewolf blushed. "You're welcome Albus. I only wish that I had never cursed him."

Albus watched as Kingsley helped Remus to the door, before returning his attention to his husband. He was very thankful that his Severus was alive. Curse or no curse, he was still alive.

Unknown to all, there was trouble brewing. It had not occurred to anyone that Moony had taken a mate that night. The mate that its human had been denied. It had bonded with Severus Snape.

The End

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