To My Surprise . . . Not

It was a new day in NYC the streets were dark and the gangs couldn't be happier. Hot Tony had been locked up for a murder. That was only half of it. His crazy son had also vanished of the face of the earth. No one had expected that the murder and the scammer of the cam artists were both going to leave on the same day. I did. My name is Steve but my street name (and most commonly used) is Jackel. That's my street name because when I get caught no one, not even the police cars can catch me. It's pretty weird because once I out ran a police car on a lone street and his car had been reaching speeds of about 125m/h.

I knew that Score was going to be targeted because he had amazing luck. He scammed the scam artists and became rich in 5 minutes flat. But I was with him when he finally figured out that he could actually change things at will. Okay I wasn't with him I was running away from a police car that had found out I was steeling food and was chasing after me. I looked behind me and saw that the weird car had lights that were colored like the night sky and the driver looked scared. His hands were on his head and the car was driving for him. All this time I was running without looking were I was going. I ended up running (plowed is more like it) into a weird person with features like a hawk. This person spoke to me in a weird way. There were sounds in my head but I couldn't hear him. The words were coming out but his mouth did not move.

"Come with me," said the creature "if you want to get away from this place come with me."

"Who are you?" I asked.

"You will find in good time but know the time is for running" he or she said.

"O.K. but were we goi-"I didn't have time to say the last word because at that moment he grabbed my hand a jumped into the ocean.

"Are you crazy your gonna get us killed you moron!" I screamed

"Don't worry we won't get wet" he said and then we fell into a portal and instantly we were transported to a crazy world. This world would soon have me crying for my mommy and daddy even though I knew that they were dead.

This new world was very much like Central Park on a good day but the trees seemed to change color when they wanted to and when you stood on the grass for more than 5 minutes the grass would scream and in ten min. it would be silent and the color would be brown to show it died. This place was certainly weird but what was weirder was the fact that Score was sitting on a horse looking at me as though I were an illusion.

"Yo Score wats up my man." I said and a big smile came across his face.

"Nottin really just passin between earth and this crazy place" He said with a smile.

"Well when do the others get here?" I asked.

"Others wait a minute I think you know more about this than I do" accused Score.

I admitted to the whole thing. I told him that I had been here before and that two of my colleagues (more like tight friends) and I had decided to go back when we had the chance because this world was way to dangerous and scary and the things we faced put an end to our happy dreams of the good life. I also told him that this time I would face this crazy world again but only because 3 are lower than 4. Then the weird bird guy spoke up.

"Actually Jackel you are here as a guide seeing as you know the land very well but didn't get passed the first layer of Diadem" He smiled as if this was a funny thought.

"Yah well you haven't faced the dangers of this stupid planet like I have." I yelled, "Must I remind you that if it wasn't for me you would have been bird food. The barbarians would have killed you for the fun of it." Just then two other people arrived in a flash of light.

"Hello my name is Pixel" said one person.

"Hello my name is Renald" said the other following suit.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the italicized characters or places and the bird man is not mine also. Jackal is a character I own and my story is my original idea. I am not getting any money of this story and never will. The true author of this story owns the characters and places and I am just borrowing them for my story.