Chapter 2,

Greeting and Surprise.

"Uhh Hi" I said. "Welcome to Diadem the land of Magic"

The two looked at me like I was growing another head. I sighed it looked like I was up for another explanation. No help was given from the bestials so I told them what I knew so far.

"That's one hell of a story . . . do you really think I believe that, god you must think I am a complete idiot" said Renald.

"Maybe it's the truth though I mean he doesn't have any reason to lie to us" said Pixel.

"Maybe that's because I am not lying" I said.

"How do we know that hmm, you probably took us to the same planet to kill us" said Renald.

"Why would I want to do that I don't even know you" I said.

"Can we please stop fighting and figure out what is going to happen know" said Pixel.

"Well I am Jackal and from the last time I was here Aranak tried to kill me and my friends but we triumphed over him, but now I don't know who is in charge now" said Jackal.

"Well we might as well find out and if it isn't any one then someone is going to have to teach us how to use our magic" said Score.

"Well if one of my friends is the ruler then we shouldn't have a problem" said Jackal.

"Well let's find out" said Renald.

They rode their horses for a couple hours then they finally reached the tower. It was a very tall tower and was emerald green and a nice blue. The windows on the tower were medium sized and the panes of glass were different colors for each way you looked at. It truly was a breathtaking sight. Renald, Score, and Pixel gasped at its beauty while Jackal just kept walking because he had seen it all before. What he hoped was to catch a glance at the new ruler of this magical tower. Unfortunately he only saw servants. Wait a minute servants no wizard needs servants. It looks like the towns folk have taken over the tower. This is bad really bad. He must warn his friends.

"Wait a minute this place isn't right" said Jackal

"What do you mean I haven't seen more of a magical place than this place" said Score.

"You don't understand there are servants in this place, no wizard needs servants they have magic to do all their bidding" said Jackal.

"You right we could easily be walking right into a trap" said Pixel.

"Well then we should be prepared for a battle" said Renald as she unsheathed her sword.

"No wait only two of us are physically and mentally prepared for battle" said Jackal.

"I am not that useless I can shoot fire balls at people and so can Pixel" said Score.

"Are you sure because it is my job to protect you" said Jackal.

"We will be fine alright now let's go figure out who is in charge here" said Score

"Yeah" agreed Pixel.

So they finally decided to "STORM" the tower but when they got inside they were greeted to an unfamiliar face to three of the four travelers.

"Welcome to the Tower my Old friend" said the Girl.


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