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Title: Under the Mistletoe

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Draco/Hermione. Yay!

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"I hate Christmas." Draco muttered.

"You don't hate Christmas, Malfoy. You hate snow." Hermione told him reasonably.

"Yes, but Christmas is in winter time. Winter time equals snow, which equals a wet floor from people wondering around in it but not wiping their feet, and a wet floor leads to me falling over."

Hermione giggled slightly, before reaching out a gloved hand to help him up. She silently wished that she had a camera, as the ever-confident Draco Malfoy falling over was a sight that would greatly amuse her forever.

Ever since Voldemort's defeat in her sixth year, and Draco's surprising rebellion against his father, she and Draco had become excellent friends. They still called each other by their last names, and they had had many a heated argument, but she still considered him one of her best friends. Harry and Ron didn't share quite the same view of Draco as she did, but they accepted that he wasn't completely evil.

He got to his feet, brushed some snowflakes out of his hair, and glared at her, "What's so funny?"

"Nothing!" She said, fighting back another smile, "Must you be so 'Bah, humbug!' about everything?"

He looked at her curiously, "'Bah Humbug?'"

"Don't worry," she replied, shaking her head, "Muggle thing."

"So-" Draco began, with a look on his face that could only mean trouble.

"Oh, no, Malfoy. I know that look-whatever you were about to say, forget it."

"I was just going to suggest nicking some eggnog from the fridge. What's wrong with that?"

"Knowing you, it'll be quite a few bottles of eggnog, and I'll end up doing some kind of strip tease for you in the Great Hall."

"I'm shocked you have such a low opinion of my intentions, Miss Granger," he smirked, "Although a private strip tease does seem like something I would enjoy…"

"Sod off, Malfoy."

"I would, Granger, but we appear to have encountered a little problem," he told her, pointing up above them.



"Oh, please Granger. Don't tell me this wasn't intentional. You probably walked underneath this purposefully just to get your hands on me."

"Just because most girls in this place think you're some kind of sex god, doesn't mean that I want to jump on you."

"The girls do love me" he sighed happily.

"You're a git, Malfoy." She glared at him.

"But you love me anyway," he said, "Admit it Granger."

She snorted, "Malfoy, the day I-"

She was silenced by his lips crashing down on hers.

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