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Now it's always Once Upon A Time

In Battle City.

It's a big old, bad old,

Tough old town, it's true.

Where beginnings are contagious there

They're always setting stages there

They're always turning pages there for you.

Ain't it great the way it all begins

In Battle City?

Right away you're making

Time and making friends.

Someone cares for you since yesterday

If they pick you out you're on your way

To a Once Upon A Time

That never ends.

So Yugi, now, don't be shy.

Get out there and go and try.

Believing that you're the guy

They're dying to see.

Keep your dream alive

Dreaming's still how the strong survive

Once Upon A Time

In Battle City.

If it's always Once Upon A Time

In Battle City.

While it's nightfall and you're

Feeling so alone.

How could anyone stay starry-eyed

When it's raining cats and dogs outside

And the rain said

'now you're on your own'?

So Yugi, now, don't be scared.

'til yesterday no one cared.

If it is someone's best friend

That you want to be

Keep your dream alive

Dreaming's still how the strong survive

Once Upon A Time

In Battle City.

Yugi was alone on the streets. Some thugs chased him, but he eluded them by climbing over a chain-link fence. He scampered through the rain and found refuge under a pick-up truck. There, he was semi-dry, but the thunder and lightning still frightened him. He smoothed down his hair, curled up, and went to sleep.

Keep your dream alive

Dreaming's still how the strong survive

Once Upon A Time

In Battle City.

Keep your dream alive

Dreaming's still how the strong survive

Once Upon A Time

In Battle City.

And it's always Once Upon A Time

In Battle City…

The next morning, Yugi was rudely awakened by the sound of the truck he had been sleeping under starting up and driving away. But he soon saw that it was a bright and sunny day; the polar opposite of what the previous night had been. He hopped over onto the bustling streets and explored.

Many people almost stepped on him (he was so short), and he heard people utter various phrases and sentences, such as "Hi, sorry I'm late," and "That's OK." Some kid who looked like a muffin even tried to pet his crazy hair, but the kid's mom grabbed his hand and said "Come on, sweetheart, we're late. You can play with that kid some other time, honey. Come on!" Yugi tried to cross the street, but a car almost hit him and had to slam on its brakes. There was a loud blare of a horn, and Yugi ran back to the sidewalk. He stumbled around through the crowds until a hotdog vender pushing his cart totally knocked him out of the way.

"Hey! 'scuse-a me, can't you see I'm pushing something here? Thank you!" said the vender. Yugi thought it rude, but then he smelled the delicious scent of all-beef hotdogs. And he was starving. "Hey, come on folks, step right up! Get your hotdogs! The best hotdogs in Japan! Hey, lats-a-dee-a, hey! It's a beautiful day, huh? Come on, folks, step right up!" Yugi crept a little closer to the vender and smelled the hotdogs. "Hey!" said the vender. "Go on, get out of here! Go on! Get out of here, go on, kiddy!" Then he went right back to hawking. "Get your sausages! Alright, let's go, folks! Step right up! Best hotdogs in this city!"

Across the street, a very cool person was strutting. His name was Joey Wheeler, and he was the coolest guy in Domino (the real name of Battle City). He was just walking along, minding his own business, when a pretty woman caught his eye. "Hmm!" he said. He hopped on top of a car, and made a noise to get her attention. The woman turned to look at him, and he made kissing noises at her. "Hiya!" he said. It only repulsed her.

"Ugh! Hmph!" she said, sticking her nose in the air.

"Ooh, la-da!" he mocked, shifting his shoulders. Then, he heard the vender yelling and he turned to look, and saw Yugi getting shoved away. "Well, well. Looks like Louie's got a visitor. Could be time for da dog to turn dis into a total catastrophe."

"Hey! Go on! Get off of me! Go on! Shoo!" yelled the vender. He kicked little Yugi with such force that he went somersaulting backwards into a garbage can.

"Ooh, you sure picked da wrong guy to get hotdawgs from, kid," said Joey.

"Hey, get away from me!" yelled Yugi, feeling threatened.

"Whoa! Chill out, man," said Joey. "I don't kidnap. It's too much work. I been watching ya, I t'ink you're in serious need of some professional guidance. Now what do you say we team up and change old Louie's mind about sharing some o' those hotdawgs?"

"I'm not going back there again!" said Yugi.

"Hey. Be a snap, kid. I'm an expert at these things. All you got to do is learn some moves."


"You know…tempo. Boom-sha-ba a rhythm. Dis city's got a beat," Joey explained. "You got to hook into it. And once you got da beat, you can do anything."

"I can?" said Yugi.

"Abso-tively posi-lutely!" said Joey. "Da man you see before you is affectionately known as 'Old Louie.' A well-known enemy of the under-eighteen world. Our mission, kid, is to liberate those all-beef kosher franks and high-tail it out of here. Starting to feel that rhythm?"

"Well, uh…" Yugi started to say. Then, someone not too far away started drilling a jackhammer into the ground, and Yugi felt the shockwaves. "Yeah! Yeah! I do feel it! When are we going to get those hotdogs?"

"Right now," said Joey. He then started chasing Yugi, so that Yugi would scream and create a diversion, while he stole a rope of sausages from the cart. He wrapped them around his neck and escaped, just as Yugi got a mustard bottle thrown at him, and yelled at as he escaped.

"GET OUTTA HERE!" yelled the vender.