Yu-Gi-Oh! Does Oliver and Company Chapter 10: Why Should We Worry?



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The next day, the whole gang attended Rebecca's birthday party.

"Happy Birthday to you…" they sang. "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Rebecca, Happy Birthday, tooooo…yoooooou!"

"Don't forget to make a wish, Rebecca," said Arthur Hawkins.

"And a-many…a-mooooore!" Pegasus continued. Rebecca happily blew out the candles on her cake. Everyone cheered.

"Alright, anybody want some cake? OK, Tristan, but not the whole thing!" she said.

Duke was basically enjoying himself, except he was being bothered by the music coming from the other room, where Weevil was teaching Mai to dance.

"That's it, now, baby. Left foot, right foot, alright, there you go! Relax," he said.

"Ha, ha! Weevil, you dance divinely!" said Mai.

Back in the kitchen, Arthur and Pegasus were watching wrestling.

"He's cheating!" said Pegasus. Arthur's ranting was then interrupted by the phone ringing.

"Hawkins residence," he said. Then he gasped. It was Rebecca's parents. During his conversation he had to 'shush' Pegasus's cheering at the TV. "Ah, my goodness. You're back tomorrow? Oh, she'll be so surprised to see you. Yes, yes, goodbye, sir." He hung up and went back to cheering and taunting the wrestlers on TV. When the fight was over, Arthur said to Pegasus, "I believe that's a…ten-spot?" They had been betting.

"That is, well…" Pegasus stuttered. "Oh, look at the time! Well…we'd better be going!" and he sneaked an apple on his way out.

"Indeed," said Arthur.

"Duke, Tristan, Tea, HAYAKU!" Rebecca had been opening her presents.

"Now Rebecca," said Arthur. "Have we forgotten anything?"

"Oh yeah. Thanks, everyone! The gifts were great!" (A/N: Even though it was just a bunch of junk!) "Bye, Mr. Pegasus. And thank you."

"Oh, bye-bye, Rebecca," said Pegasus. Rebecca gave him a big hug. "Heh, heh, come on, guys. It's time for us to go!"

"Insector, darling," said Mai to Weevil. "Could I see you for a moment…privately?"

"Privately? OOOH!" said Weevil.

"Coming, Insector?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you guys beat it! Uh, my baby and I, uh, heh, we got to talk…"

"You know, you're not so bad for a bug-eyed little creep. With a little grooming…"

"Grooming? Ah, heh-heh…"

"That's it!" said Mai. "We'll start with a bath."


Outside, Pegasus was starting his jalopy of a moped. "Let's go!" he said. The rest of the gang was saying goodbye to Yugi.

"Bye-bye," said Tristan to Yugi.

"Farewell, Yugi. We shall meet again," said Duke.

"See you around, kid," said Tea.

"Goodbye, you guys," said Yugi.

"Guys, let's go!" Pegasus called again. Everyone but Joey ran off to him.

"Listen kid," said Joey. "Do you just want to hang out or anything?"

"AYEEHEEE!!!" screamed Weevil. He came running out of the house dressed in a sailor suit. "Hey, Joey, man! Hey, did you see her anywhere?!"

"Hey, whoa!" said Joey.

"I can't keep this woman off me! Oh man, I got to get--"

"Insector? Insector?" called Mai in a sing-song-y voice. Weevil took in a very loud gasp and yanked himself free of the sailor suit.

"Uh, uh, goodbye, Yugi! HEY YOU GUYS! WAIT FOR ME, MAN!!!"

"Insector Haga, Weevil, you come back here this minute!" yelled Mai.

"Hey, whoa, kid," said Joey. "You think you can handle…da champ?"

"Sure," said Yugi, holding out his hand for Joey to slap it. But when Joey tried, Yugi pulled his hand back and pointed with his thumb over his shoulder…just like Joey had done to him!

"Hey, you're OK…for a kid. We'll keep a spot open for ya in da gang. Vice President. Uptown Chapter. Later, kid." And without even looking, Joey hopped onto a truck and began to sing.

"Why should I worry? Tell me!

Why should I care?"

"Goodbye! Bye!" called Rebecca.

"What a delightful scoundrel," said Arthur.

"Say, I may not have a dime, Oh!" Then Tea joined in the song.

"But we've got street savoir faire!"

"Why should we worry?" Then, Duke joined in.

"Why should we care?

We may not have a dime,

But we've got street savoir faire!" Then Weevil joined in.

"Why should we worry?

Why should we care?

It's just a matter of dueling!

We've got street savoir faire!"

"The rhythm of the city

Once you get it down

Then you can own this town…

You can wear the CROWN!

Why should we worry?

Why should we care?

It's just a matter of dueling,

We've got street savoir faire!

Why should we worry?

Why should we care?

Even when we crossed at the line

We got street savoir faire!

Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo!"

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