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Beast and Man

Chapter Three: To Slay a Life

The peregrine falcon flew through the air, beating its wings as it flew gracefully over the black forest and headed towards the small village that rested against the trees, the buildings pushing up against the looming forest. It circled as if looking for something before suddenly dropping like a stone and diving down towards a man who stood a few feet out of the village, his arm out stretched.

"Cack-cack-cack-cack!" The peregrine falcon trilled as it landed on the leather band. The bird lifted it's head, the small cap covering most of its feathers. The man spoke to it quietly, muttering in German to the bird of prey as he stroked the feathers.

The door to the nearest hut opened and Mina emerged from the darkness within, the rest of the League trailing behind her. She moved swiftly up to the man and stood silently next to him.

"Geist tells me he has seen your friend." The man said as he stroked the back of the birds head. Mina and Skinner exchanged glances. Though the man did not turn to look at the two behind him, he seemed aware of the disbelieving glance.

"Does it seem so strange to you that Geist and I can understand each other?" He asked mildly, giving Mina a quick glance. Mina tilted her head to one side, her blue eyes wide and clear before she lowed her head respectfully in understanding.

"He says that Wagner has your friend." The man finished. Skinner stepped forward, his grease painted face looking from one person to the other.

"For goodness sake, this Wagner has been dead for who knows how long! He probably didn't even exist." Skinner snapped. "What we should be doing is finding Sawyer and saving him!"

"Wagner is real Mr. Skinner. He... he is a Wehr-Wolf, a cursed being. If he does indeed have your friend then your friend is in trouble."

"Then what are we waiting for! Let's go!" Skinner said. The man looked at Geist for a few moments and the bird called out again. Sighing the man reached in his pocket and pulled out a silver stake.

"Only this will kill the beast. My ancestors thought they had killed him, but they missed the heart and so my line have watched this land ever since, waiting for the creature to return so we may once and for all be free of it's evil menace. Take it, as a gift from Geist and myself. We will lead you to your friend."

Nemo stepped forward and reached for the shining silver object that glinted in the light. He took it and bowed respectively, slipping the weapon into his belt.


Geist flew ahead of them, resting on a branch every few hundred yards to allow the following humans to catch up. Mina had to admit to herself that she was stating to believe that the peregrine was more intelligent than any normal bird. It reached a small clearing, and instantly Mina was hit by the over whelming scent of blood. She ran forward, ignoring everyone else's cries, her whole focuses fixed on two wet patches near the middle of the clearing. There was a large puddle of blood – too large and a bloody hand print.

She glanced around the area sharply, looking for their fallen friend.

"Mina look out!" Skinner only had time to shout out the words before a snarling wolf leaped out of the thick bushes and jumped on her, it's sharp teeth trying to bite into her. Dr. Jekyll set off at a run towards the place where the wolf had come from, having spotted a flash of blond and pale skin.

Mina and the wolf traded blows, the beast using it's already blood stained claws to cut a gash across Mina's face. It healed at once but a blow that she gave the creature healed as well.

"The stake!" She cried out as the wolf suddenly turned, it's yellow eyes fixed on Tom and Dr. Jekyll. The man helping them had moved over to the couple as well and he froze, his eyes fixed on the beast. The wolf looked at all the people in the clearing, it's shaggy head darting from one to another.

"He is planning on running!" The man called. This seemed to snap Nemo out of his daze and he moved forward, pulling the weapon out of his belt in one quick monition. Wagner the wolf bellowed and turned from Mina, bounding towards Nemo. Wagner easily knocked the raised stake aside and threw Nemo to the ground, it's large mouth opening. There was a sudden shout and in that instant the German was there, the fallen silver weapon in his hand. He plunged it deep in Wagner's back, the tip of the stake piecing the heart. Screaming in agony the wolf reared backwards, thrashing wildly. It half turned to face it's killer, it's powerful jaws crushing the man's neck in a death grip.

Beast and man fell to the ground, each dying before they touched it. The wolf's whole body began to shift and change, until simply two men lay dead on the ground. Nemo slowly stood up and moved over to the two fallen warriors, muttering under his breath. Across the clearing Jekyll breathed a sigh of relief as he finished examining Tom.

"Agent Sawyer is alive but we must hur... oh dear lord." He said, his voice failing. Mina bent down and lightly pressed two of her fingers against the man's neck for a pulse she knew she would not find.

"He gave his life for us..." Skinner muttered in shock.

Above them Geist gave a mournful call, it's sound echoing into the otherwise silent forest.


Okay, so that didn't end in quite the way I thought it would, but oh well. Geist is German for 'spirit' in the courage sense.

The word was; giving