Ok, this has gone through yet another stage of editing, and I'd been foolish to post this story a year or two ago, still thinking and writing like a typical teen. I'm on my way to redoing earlier chapters and the story should be in it's best condition yet. Grammar, details and most of the kiddy stuff plus mary-sue is being taken care of. Seriously, this isn't a Mary-Sue, I have no intention in letting this story be a Disney fairytale.

Enjoy! (And apparently, I can't get the ruler button working, or getting the underscore to show up...)


On that fateful night when Selene had killed her sire, Victor, Marcus had been awakened, rejuvenated by Singe's blood. He had felt different, more powerful and most importantly his form had changed. His eyes were no longer the piercing, ice blue eyes he once had, they were pitch black, nothing to hint that he had the slightest mercy to whomever betrayed their once orderly coven. Marcus decided to keep his newfound powers a secret, for now. Replaying Singe's memories, he learned that the indespicable slug, Kraven, had fooled the Coven for hundreds of years. The fool had merely been a coward lying about an unachievable deed for one so low in his rank. Something caught his attention as the memories reeled in his mind. Corvinus. He had been a direct descendant of Corvinus, giving him the privilege of blending both species. A hybrid. If Victor knew, he would slay me on the spot. Just then, Kahn burst in.

"My lord, I heard you have been awakened. I trust you would like to know what has happened. A quick way to put it is, er, Amelia has been murdered by the Lycans and Selene has slain Victor. She has sided with an abomination, both Lycan and Vampire, and Kraven," paused Kahn, "has disappeared."

Aah, so Victor and Amelia have been taken care of already. This leaves only me to run the Coven. Perfect. "Well, be rest assured that we will avenge both Victor and Amelia, Kahn. Now, get someone to get me some blood."

"Yes, my lord," and with that, Kahn left the chambers.

I better eliminate all those filthy Lycans and then no one shall dare question me. I'll have to find myself some loyal servants to make sure there isn't any rebellion when I take over in my true form. Time to find me some allies. I wonder what the Jun clan has been up to…


I know the lines are sorta cheesy, but I've reread it and it's some major crp in my story, so uh, bear with me until I can fix it up the earlier chapters...I had no idea that a year or two could affect my writing so badly...