Sora: Hi guys its me.

Riku:…..really Sora I thought you were Tom Hanks ;rolls eyes:

Sora: ;glares: he's cool though so I'll take that as a compliment.

Riku; then…how bout Michael Jackson?


Riku: snickers:

Sora: ANYWAY!! We must wake up Fire because she needs to write the Christmas fic she completely forgot about and she has only so many days. :Creeps up in to her room:

Riku: Fallows:



Me: WWHHAAAH!1 ;falls out of bed: ow…what do you want!?
Sora: ya gotta write your Christmas fic.

Me:…but I already wrote a Halloween Fic its someone else's turn.

Sora: I don't think so. Besides, your is going to be a one-shot and a sort of prequel to Passing Shadows. The Christmas in the year in between.

Me:………I am? When did you decide this?

Sora: its in your damn notebook now get typing ;throws her in chair:

Me:….;sighs: Fine…..I'm kind of winging this at the moment so bare with me.


Disney Castle

The morning that day was one that had never been seen throughout the whole year. Snow hung heavily on the ground sparkling on the window's and in the courtyard down below. Servants who were busy preparing the rooms for their guests sang and danced to holiday music as the castle became all hustled and bustled to get ready for Christmas. The king himself stood smiling near the large front doors as he watched His friend Donald shout at his nephews as they tried to put the star on top of the humungous tree which even the ladder they stood upon didn't even manage to reach all the way.

"I'm telling you Uncle Donald we can do it on our own!" Huey called down to the frantic duck.

"You three are going to kill your self's now get down here before you break anything!"

"But we want it to look pretty for Sora!" Louie whined.

Donald's face turned into a frown as all three of his siblings looked at him with giant watery eyes and he gave in. " Fine! One less trinity ladder I have to create today…"

Huey, Dewey, and Louie gave each other high fives and tried once again to reach the top of the tree .

Mickey chuckled to himself and once again cast a glance out the door to see if anyone had arrived.

'Hmm…they should be here soon. Everyone else has arrived accept those three."

A tap on his shoulder caused him to turn around and he found himself face to face with what appeared to be a whole army of brooms.

"We're Done your majesty!!!" Called a small squeaky voice. The king blinked and cast his gaze to the handle of the first broom and could see a small mouse standing on the top looking very proud with himself. "We finished all 13 floors. Its squeaky clean sir!"

Mickey nodded. " Alrighty then Jaq. You can take a break and the rest of you…..just have fun." he added thinking that he had no where at the moment to keep an army of enchanted brooms.

Jaq nodded and bowed before clapping his hands. 'ATTENION!!!" he squeaked. "FORWARD MARCH!!!" and with that all the brooms marched to the back halls.

( O/C: Alrighty, Jaq is the mouse with the red hat in Cinderella. This is just a little cute idea I had for him. Theirs a lot more of these Disney people in this.)


An hour had passed by and still no sign of Sora, Riku, and Kairi. It had been Mickey's idea to have Christmas at his place sense Destiny island wasn't exactly a snow filled place. Kairi had jumped at the idea from the phone call she had gotten from Donald and nearly talked his ear off. They had also called Cloud, Leon, Aerith, and Yuffie who had already arrived but had so far kept quiet. Which seemed to be a bad sign.

"…Its unusual for them to be quiet for so long you don't think their planning anything?" Mickey asked Lumiere as he put him on the dining room table which was HUGE do to so many people who would be attending.

"Sir, from what you have told me, I would expect no worries from you. After all, the only one who has seemed to cause any trouble in your formal travels is the keybearer and that ninja girl." He spoke cheerfully as Mickey lit both candles which made up for his hands.

The king nodded in agreement. "Yeah, your right. I'll worry when Sora gets here."

As if on Queue, their was a sudden knock on the large front doors from out in the main parlor where all the excitement was going on and cogsworth came stumbling in bowing to the king. "Your guests HAVE arrived."

Lumiere rolled his eyes from the table and the king shot him a look.

"…Well you must admit your majesty he is laying it on a bit thick."

"Oh hush."

Mickey quickly reached the front doors and peaked outside to see Riku and Kairi standing their talking to each other excitedly. A smile spread across his face and he opened the doors.

Everyone gathered around as a shocked Riku and Kairi walked in and Kairi's eyes lit up as they saw the giant tree and the decorations. Riku just smiled as he always did and crossed his arms over his chest. He was wearing baggy blue jeans and a blue shirt which seemed almost wore out and a black hoodie jacket which seemed to fit his style and the cold weather. Kairi was dressed in a long jean skirt with a girl size blue hoody and black earmuffs. She smiled at the king and bowed. "Nice to see you again."

Mickey turned red and nodded. "Nice to see you too Kairi but you don't have to bow."

"Yeah Kairi." Riku scolded her. He immediately looked at the king and raised his hand. 'Hey. Nice to see ya."

Mickey smirked and everyone laughed as Kairi rolled her eyes.

"So…where's Sora?" Donald asked.

Riku rolled his eyes. " He's coming. Let me check." he dropped his luggage and looked at the door. "Hey Sora move it or lose it!!!"

"I'm coming hold it!!"

Donald and Mickey looked at each other. The voice didn't sound much like Sora's. Kairi caught their confused looks and smiled. "Sora, changed a lot over the year." She told them. "In a lot of ways."

Donald's eyes widened but the king just simply smirked as Sora slowly came into view from up the walkway.

Their old friend HAD changed and from the looks of it, in a way a teen was expected too. His hair was spikier and slightly lighter. His facial features had completely lost its Child-ness but now resided with handsome pale skin. The usual aqua eyes shone out like stars and his body had toned out to be slightly more muscular and taller then before. Baggy jeans adorned his body along with a black shirt and the usual crown necklace. A black jacket with a dragon on the back covered him for warmth and he had two piercing at the top of his right ear.

Riku smirked at the look on Donald's face and put his hand at the top of his left ear to show the petrified duck he had the same.

" Feh...teenagers." Donald mumbled.

When Sora was standing next to Riku, the servants shut the doors and Mickey smiled at Sora who nodded. "Hey."

Everyone laughed again and Sora raised an eyebrow missing the joke completely but Kairi grabbed his hand. 'I'll tell you later."

"Well, now that everyone's here, I guess we can start having some fun." Mickey announced. Everyone cheered and Kairi's eyes sparkled. Even Riku seemed slightly amused about what they might be able to do in a huge castle for a week. Sora simply frowned and looked around as if searching for something.

'Ahem! If you three will listen." Came a voice from the floor. All three teens looked down to see Cogsworth come strolling toward them with a look of importance written all across his face. Kairi took a small step back and Riku raised an eyebrow. It was a talking clock for god sake.

"Your rooms are ready for you." he spoke bowing. "If you would care to fallow the fairy over their she will guide you. But if you care to stick around to enjoy yourselves for a bit, you may."

Sora suddenly felt a tug on his ear and turned to find himself face to face with his old friend Tinker belle. She stuck out her tongue earning a smile from Sora. "Hey Tink! long time no see."

The pix waved and sat on top of his head proving that she had been having the time of her life. The brunette laughed and Riku and Kari glanced at each other smirking. Their whole point of bringing him here was to have fun and to rid himself of the memories which have haunted him over the last year. This Christmas was going to be perfect. No evil villains, no torture, just fun.

Suddenly their came a loud crash from the kitchen and everyone turned to see a flash of black and red come zooming out of the door.


The blur stopped in mid tracks which turned out to be Yuffie. Clad in a black skirt and a red and black top with a giant cookie in her mouth. Her eyes fell on Sora and hearts popped over her head. 'SORA!!!!!!"

The brunettes eyes widened and before he could make a move, he had been pounced upon by his sugar hyper friend.

The keybearer couldn't help but grin and turned slightly red as everyone around him snickered. Their had to be over 100 people and things bustling around the castle's main room. And each one seemed to know who they all were.

'Mickey must like to talk about us.' Sora thought. Yuffie got off of him and hugged Riku who stood completely still in the process. Then Yuffie came over and high fived Kairi and they both began to talk and then head off toward the giant Christmas tree.

'I'm guessing all the others are here too, right?" Sora asked Mickey who seemed to be watching him closely.

'Yup. They've been here. Haven't seen them all day though. Except Aerith and Yuffie."

Sora nodded and suddenly herd a small yelp. He turned his gaze down to Riku who had grabbed Cogsworth and was playing with the hands of the clock on his face.

"Is this thing on over powered batteries or something?" Riku asked as he turned the poor clock around. "mine don't do this at home."

"I say, get your hands off me now!!!"

Riku dropped him and stood up looking around slightly wide eyed as he noticed the army of brooms come hopping in from the hallways. Music had started to play and Sora looked to see that the instruments were playing by themselves and a small smile spread across both the teens faces. They were beginning to like this place.

Mickey nodded and beckoned 4 of the brooms to come over and they stood in front of him. "Take the luggage up to rooms 113, 114, and 115 please." they nodded and grabbed Sora, Riku, and Kairi's bags with both hands and dragged it up toward the giant stair case.

Riku and Sora stood their with their mouths hanging open and Mickey couldn't help but smirk to himself. "You two enjoy yourself. If ya need me, just look around the main room here." And with that he strolled off. Tink jumped off of Sora's head and waved fallowing in the kings wake. Both boys looked at each other and blinked. 'So, What you want to do now?"

Riku thought for a moment and suddenly his eyes fell on the giant staircase. "…I got an idea."


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