A/N: Welcome to my brainchild. I am writing this because I am having major writer's block with my fanfic Loved and Lost (please read!). So here I am, posting a little parody that occurred to me one night while lying in bed. It shall be a series of blatantly AU parodies, which shall of course include a musical nearly every other chapter. I shall probably be posting irregularly until I have finished LaL, so bear with me!

Chapter 1: The Saga Begins


Timing: Mid-season 3. Willow is still straight & with Oz, there has been no Willow/Xander stuff yet, and Faith hasn't killed anyone. Oh, and I'm inserting Dawn here because all of the characters remember her being there. Plus, I like to poke fun at her.

Buffy Summers kicked down the front door of Giles' house. Giles had called her over there. There really wasn't any emergency. Buffy just liked to kick things. Giles emerged from the kitchen, looking disapproving.

"Must you kick down the door every time?" he asked her, annoyed. "I have to repair it nearly every day, and the people at the hardware store are beginning to suspect."

"Sorry," Buffy apologized guiltily. She kicked a nearby lamp table in shame, causing the lamp to fall off and smash on the floor. Giles sighed resignedly. "So anyway, what'd you call me for?"

"Oh, right, um…" Giles hurried to his desk, gesturing for Buffy to follow. He opened up a large dusty book titled Fanfiction Myths to a page somewhere towards the middle. He pointed to a paragraph. "I believe this prophecy is soon going to be fulfilled." He stepped aside to make room for Buffy, who read aloud.

"Occasionally, when a certain TV show, movie, or book has enough authors writing Alternate Universe fanfiction, the TV show, movie, or book itself will be taken over completely and thrown into a dimension of unlimited Alternate Universe possibilities. This means that the characters of this media form will be forced to live in whatever Alternate Universes choose them. This occurrence may only end when all of the Alternate Universes have been acted out," Buffy read. "Do you think we're in some sort of alternate universe?"

"Not yet, but I think we may be soon. There has been a multitude of alternate universe fanfiction recently, perhaps enough to begin to fulfill the prophecy," Giles answered. "I think we need a meeting."

Giles walked over to the phone and called all of the Scoobies. I will not include the conversations or details of the activity because they are boring and unnecessary to the plot, not to mention a pain in the arse to write. Once all of the Scooby Gang arrived, they gathered around the living room where Giles and Buffy were.

"So, what's the what?" Xander asked, looking around at his friends. No one responded or even looked at him, because he was unimportant and expendable. He pouted.

"What's going on?" Willow inquired. She was wearing glasses and a pair of overalls that strangely resemble lederhosen. Needless to say, she was feeling especially nerdy that day. Buffy drop-kicked the book across the room to Willow, who caught it.

"There's a prophecy on page 237 that Giles thinks is being fulfilled," Buffy answered. While Willow read the prophecy aloud to everyone, Faith stepped up behind Angel and kissed his neck. Angel looked disturbed and stepped away from her.

"An-an alternate universe?" Willow asked. "What kind of alternate universe?"

"I don't know," Giles replied. "It could be any number of things. Our personalities could be switched, our relationships could be mixed up, there may even be…" he paused here for dramatic effect with a fearful expression, "…musicals."

Everyone in the room exclaimed "BUM BUM BUMMMM" in unison.

"Well when's this going to happen?" Spike chimed in.

"I'm really not sure. It could be any min –" Giles was cut off by a very impeccably timed wormhole, which instantly sucked all of the Scoobies into it.

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