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The sun was shining and everyone and everything was flourishing. Queen Liana was overjoyed to be outside again, it had madder a little depressed when she couldn't go outside for almost a week. That week had felt like an eternity to her. However, Liana felt that her children were what had kept her from going insane during those aweful days. Liana glanced at her youngest son sitting in front of her while she rode through their home forest land on Liana's favorite horse Nienna. Legolas had a look of pure wonder on his face. Her son had always had a connection with nature and living things and simply loved to be outdoors. Legolas had been the terror of the household that last week for he like his mother hated staying indoors when there was the possibility of an adventure outside. The King of Mirkwood had insisted that Liana take a group of guards with her insisting that it wasn't safe to be out and about alone for there were spiders and other nasty things that were trying to take over the once Grand elven kingdom. Liana had finally given in and had taken the suggested guard but had warned them to remain a few paces behind because she wanted spend some quality time with her son. Liana glanced backwards at the palace and saw her husband and two older sons watching them leave. Little did any of them know that it would be the last time for over a millennia before they saw each other again.

End Flashback

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