by Christine Anderson
alias Elayne Trakand

in your life's last fading breath
in this last moment your heart beats
in this last instant in which you speak
three soft words may change the world
as the crystal glows alight
and, as in legend told
the two figures weep
are there words you've left untold

see the crystal as it's called
future, beginnings
the dawn of a new age
and in these last moments tell her true
do you understand
with dying breath and words of love
a heart may shatter but it will remain
grow ever stronger for the breaking
though it would never seem the same

she will think you should have let her go
but her heart knows why you cannot
though through tears she'll curse you still
you loved her silent but knew her well
this too you understand

perhaps you hear her weeping
rather as the figures forged
cooled in blood of the two,
the two becoming one
rather as they did
for what you've done
it is perhaps the greatest grief
that the love unrequited
was not so at all
she knows this even as you do

so rest you easy Anla'shok
rest you easy now
for all she never asked of you
all that you knew always you would do
deed is done and days go on
rest you now, Marcus Cole
and know one day you'll see her face again