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I don't anticipate any original characters, but if there end up being any I happily claim them as mine. But all recognizable characters belong to Lucas.

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The little girl giggled. She and Teddy had really escaped this time! She gave a little tug on Luke-in-her-head – good, he was still sleeping.

She peered around the corner. There were lots of ships – and her eyes widened unconsciously. She loved ships, more than anything else in the world. Well, maybe more than anything else but Mommy and Luke. Not old Ben, she thought with a scowl. He didn't let her play by the ships, in fact he hardly ever let her out of the house. And he scolded for the littlest things. He didn't understand little girls.

Oh, there was a ship getting ready to leave! She watched in envy as a rather heavyset man yelled orders at some droids. How she wished she could fly on a ship, just once! She was 4 years old today, that was old enough. But Ben wouldn't let her.

Thinking of Ben put her in a bad mood. Here it was her birthday and he hadn't even said anything to her, just looked at her with the "funny look". Well, she'd show him. She'd take a trip on this ship, that's what she'd do, and have an adventure! The thought made her eyes brighten with anticipation.

She clutched Teddy a little tighter for luck and started walking across the hangar. I'm n'visible, I'm n'visible, she hummed to herself. It worked on Mommy, it should work on these people. Even if Ben scolded whenever he caught her doing it.

She skipped up the gangplank without being noticed. Now for someplace to hide!