To the Mall!


"Come on Yuki!! Why not?!"




Shuichi Shindou landed in a heap on the floor, sobbing and whining some babble about something incomprehensible.

Yuki stared at the form on the floor and smiled inside. He loves it when Shuichi whined. It made him feel wanted, although Eiri Yuki, the cold, unfeeling, dead to the world novelist would never admit to having such wants.

Rock star Shuichi had stopped crying and looked up at Yuki and immediately put the puppy dog eyes on.

"Don't look at me like that!" Yuki turned away to try to continue the thought he had been typing on his laptop, buthe felt a fist land on the top of his head. Hard.

"Listen to me!" Yuki spun his chair around. All thoughts about what he would yell at Shuchi when he turned around left Yuki's befuddled (yet genius) brain. Shuichi wasn't the whining pink-haired numbskull anymore Yuki discovered. Shuichi was the very picture of an enraged being (man or woman, depending how you looked at him).

"You will go to the mall with me!!" Being the novelist that he is, Yuki could tell it was not a question. He was so surprised, that (apparently in a state of shock), he agreed


Shuichi looked at him for a moment longer and said, "Great! I didn't think it would work! I'll definitely have to thank K later!" Shuichi gave Yuki a quick kiss on the cheek and practically hopped out of the apartment. He stopped at the front door of the apartment, "3:00 pm, tomorrow!" and was gone.

Yuki sat in his chair for another five minutes or so before the whole episode finally came down on his bruised head. He slumped in his chair, continued down until he was kneeling on the floor, and fell forward, slamming into the floor face down. Despairingly he thought, 'What have I done?'