A Bite Through

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Author's Note: Here I am writing my FIRST Wolf's Rain Fan Fic. (Yes, I know the Anime is over now.) My friend and I were sitting at lunch after watching the ep. And I stared my famed little impressions and dialogue and this FF is was resulted. So I hope that even though it totally DOES NOT follow the story, that you will enjoy it none the less. I LOVE posing the whole 'what if' scenario, it changes the pace. (As the authoress of this little tale I'm entitled to do as I see fit so nah, nah, nah, nah!) Ahem, now without further ado let's get a move on!

"You just gotta move forward right?" Hige exclaimed.

"Oh yeah, I can see right through ya Porky." Tsume stated smugly to Hige. Blue looked at Tsume confused.

"See right through what?" She asked. Tsume in return looked surprised.

"What do you mean 'what'?"

"I mean I don't see what you're implying Tsume, that's what!" Blue stood with her arms folded. Tsume rolled his eyes.

"What is it that makes women so damn stupid!" He thought aloud in frustration. Kiba who was only half listening let out a scoff.

"Hmph. It's not the female it's the dog." Tsume chuckled and followed with a shrug.

"For once, I agree with you."

"You just going to talk like I'm not here?!" Blue demanded her fury rising.

"Yeah well why not, so long as we're being honest." Tsume admitted. This time it was Hige who spoke up.

"Don't talk to her like that! You don't EVER talk to a…"

"Aww shut it Porky! I'm just having a little fun with her that's all. No need to get you're tail in a knot!"

"Oh you think this is a bunch of fun do ya?" Blue snapped. Without thinking Tsume replied,

"Well yeah, I'm having a great time." Blue came to stand in front of Tsume.

"You wanna say that again wolf?" Blue ordered turning her back to him. Tsume smirked.

"Hell I'd love to! I said I'm having a great time. You got a problem?"

"Why I most certainly do…" Blue whipped back around to see an empty railing with no Tsume leaning against it.

"Where is he?!" She demanded.

"Down there." Toboe said pointing a finger over the railing.

"Damn it!" Blue jumped over the railing after Tsume.

"You think they'll be okay?" Toboe asked peering over the side. Kiba came to stand beside him.

"That all depends on who comes back up alive."

Tsume was standing at the bottom of what appeared to be a dry stream Blue landed in front of him sending a cloud of dust into the air.

"Don't you run off when I'm talking to you!" Blue scolded.

"I run where ever and when ever I feel like it. No female is going to tell me what to do!" Tsume countered.

"Oh so is that the issue then? You're afraid of little old me?" Blue batted her eyelashes and gave him a sickeningly sweet smile. Tsume looked disgusted.

"Afraid? What the hell…" Tsume didn't finish because Blue interrupted.

"No correction, the real issue here is, you don't know how to handle a 'female'."


"So that is the problem then. I get it. My god this is rich! The toughest wolf of the pack headed to Paradise can't even get a girl. Hige could get one faster, I'll bet!" Blue doubled over with laughter.

"I'm not interested in… mating." Tsume admitted. At this Blue fell to the ground laughing.

"It's like… a confessional!"

"I hear Blue laughing, why?" Kiba wondered.

"Maybe Tsume's scratching her ears or something." Toboe suggested. Both Kiba and Hige tried to hold back the howls of laughter at his comment. Just the image of Tsume doing anything relatively 'cute' or for someone's happiness was enough to give anyone who knew him a seizure.

"What?" Toboe asked.

"Nothing." Hige bit his lip.

"CUT IT OUT DAMN IT!" Tsume issued a soft yet abrupt kick to Blue who stopped and stood up immediately. Blue brushed the dust off as best she could and then looked forlorn.

"I'm sorry. I had no idea it was so hurtful."

"What was?"

"Well I mean it's obvious isn't it, you just aren't ready for it. It's okay, it's normal." Blue gave Tsume a light pat on the shoulder.

"What… What are you saying?"

"Well I'm just stating that you're well… a little different.

"WHOA! That's low even for you!" Tsume shouted. Blue's rage snapped back on in an instant.

"So much for trying to be nice to you! Why you're nothing but a… a… an arrogant piece of male-loving FLUFF!" Blue stomped her foot on the ground. Tsume looked positively furious.

"Are you saying that I'm… gay?" Tsume's voice dropped to a whisper at the last word.

"Well look at the bright one you are!" Blue yelled.

"Oh and how so then?" Tsume put his hands on his hips.

"Well for starters, look at the way you dress as a human! Dear god! Tight leather pants a shirt that shows off your rock solid middle. For goodness sakes the whole hands on your hips and your ass even sways when you walk! What else do I say! I know exactly why you're going to Paradise!"

"Oh and why is that! Quite frankly I think it's a load of crap but…" Tsume shouted in Blue's face.

"You're going so you can get you're fill on eye candy! Kiba hell I understand that one, he certainly is a looker and Hige he's alright I guess but if you ever look at Toboe like…"

"Oh my they really don't like each other do they?" Toboe whimpered. Hige was doing a little victory dance and chanting,

"She digs me, she digs me!" Kiba looked pensive and then stated more to himself then to anyone else,

"I guess I am a pretty sexy beast."

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