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… "Unfortunately I have a feeling that you're right, but it can't be helped, so brighten up Hige. There are other wolves in the woods."

"Ha, ha. Nice, try. I think I'm just going…"

"Oh that's gonna leave a mark!" Kiba cheered as Blue grabbed Tsume and wrestled him to the dusty ground.

"… I'm going to pretend I didn't see that." Hige groaned and kept walking. Kiba followed by Toboe went after him. When none of them could hear Tsume and Blue, Kiba called out.

"Come on you two lovebirds we got a long ways to go!" He then added to Toboe,

"You think you can keep them in line?"

"I can try sure." Toboe ran the opposite way but about halfway to the other two he shot back to Kiba at lightning speed.

"What is it Tobooooo… oh my." Kiba's eyes widened. Blue was running at them full speed in her wolf form with something in her mouth and followed closely by Tsume, who was still as a human.

"GET BACK HERE WITH THOSE!!" He shouted in anguish. Blue skidded to a halt in front of Kiba and tossed him the black thing in her mouth. Kiba caught it.

"Oh this isn't going to be good." Kiba held the black leather in his hands. Hige and Toboe were more concerned about the raging fury that was Tsume dashing towards them.

"I have this odd feeling that Tsume isn't real happy."

"NO… WHAT IN THE HELL… WOULD GIVE YOU… THAT… IDEA!" All three of them jumped. Tsume was suddenly standing behind Kiba looking like he was going to rip someone's head off. Toboe gulped and backed up a few paces into Blue who was looking human again.

"Blue where's you're jacket?" Toboe asked innocently. Blue who was clad only in a little black camisole for her top whispered back.

"Maybe you should ask Tsume." Toboe nodded.

"Hey Tsume why do you have Blue's AGHHHH!" Toboe fell backward. Tsume had Blue's jacket tied around his waist like a sarong and his boots that were almost up to his knees contrasted heavily with his tan skin.

"Kiba…" Tsume growled. Kiba held up the material in his hands.

"Give them to me!" Tsume snarled.

"You sure? You look pretty in a skirt." Hige snorted.

"DAMN IT GIVE EM'!" Tsume jumped at Kiba and grabbed what was now revealed as his pants out of Kiba's hands.

"Thanks." Tsume tugged them back on and then tossed Blue her coat.

"OH DAMN!" He looked down at his pants to see huge holes in the leather. He glared at Blue.

"Umm, it matches your shirt?"

"Hmph, you can mess with my mind, my body or my hair, but don't you EVER touch my pants again!" Tsume snapped and turning started walking again. Everyone followed in silence. It would have been safer running into a platoon of the army's soldiers in wolf form then talk to Tsume right now. Blue walked right next to him, which could have been part of the problem, but she didn't seem afraid of him in the least. Toboe was behind the group slightly and Hige was practically skipping. Kiba murmured to him.

"Spare us another victory dance lover boy it isn't through yet."

"How do you know?"

"I just do, don't ask." Kiba went back to walking straight-faced. Instead of skipping Hige was now just plain confused.

The quintet walked until darkness was almost upon them.

"Hey guys let's stop here for the night." Hige offered and pointed to a building that was practically in shambles.

"Sounds good to me. How about you Tsume?" Blue chorused.

"Anywhere I can curl up in a dark corner away from you is just fine with me." Tsume grunted.

"Great." Blue sounded overly optimistic. She grabbed Tsume by the wrist and pulled him behind her. Kiba was surprised when he didn't protest. Kiba settled himself in a patch of rubble inside and then announced.

"Get as much rest as possible we head out at dawn. Got it?"

"Great just great." Hige groaned. Apparently he wasn't a morning person.

"Okay!" Toboe chipped in happily.

"Sounds good Kiba." Blue smiled and curled up next to Tsume

"Hmph." Was Tsume's reply. He had taken a perch on a crumbling wall. His back was up against the rough brick and his legs were crossed gracefully at the ankles.

Everyone including Kiba was asleep before Tsume was. He sat there with his eyes fixed on the moon. Blue had her eyes closed and was nestled up against him.

"You should sleep Tsume. The moon isn't going anywhere."

"Huh?" Tsume looked to see Blue staring up at him with her head in his lap.

"Females don't tell me what to do, especially stubborn ones."

"I think you're the stubborn one."


"Is there room for two up there?" Blue asked standing up and changing the subject. Tsume scooted over reluctantly.

"I hope you know I'm not going to talk to you much more."

"I'll talk to you then."


"You know Tsume, you are such an oddball."


"And you're a wolf of few words."

"I don't want to sound like a dog, the quieter the better."

"You can't be mad at me still… can you?" Blue inquired.

"No, wish I could though." Tsume sighed.

"How come?"

"I don't know why, damn it! So stop asking!"

"I only asked once." Blue corrected him.

"Are you always this annoying?"


"Good." Tsume chuckled. Blue let out a giggle.

"Was that a good 'good' or a sarcastic 'good'?"

"I'm not sure now shut up so I can try to focus on sleeping instead of freezing my ass off in almost non existent pants."

"Okay I'll shut up." Blue laid her head on Tsume's shoulder and closed her eyes again.

Tsume watched her in the moonlight until she was sleep again. Laying a soft kiss on the top Blue's head he pushed a lock of hair out of her face before looking back up at the moon.

From his corner Kiba closed his golden eyes again and whispered,

"And that Hige is how I know."

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