Ms. Young stared at Ben till he looked up at her, "I get it Ben." Finally, he thought to himself, she's going to back off. He could now relax because he wasn't sure how much longer he could fight her off. Another day of note passing, job quitting, punishments, crying, he wouldn't make it. He would crack, and go back to her.

He smiled as he shifted his position, and could close his eyes for just a second. She walked seductively around his desk, and stopped right behind him. "Monica you don't know how good that sounds from you. I was beginning to wonder if you would ever see it my way." She placed her hands on his shoulders, and began massaging them. With the stress finally leaving his body he just closed his eyes and let her continue. She began rubbing his neck, and then gently dragged her pink nails through his hair. "Do you feel better about this," he asked her as he almost began entering a trance.

"I completely understand why you ended our love now."

Ben opened his eyes because something didn't sound right, "Yeah?"

"You are hopelessly in love with me, and because your friends discovered our secret, all you could do to protect me was to end it." She continued to massage his scalp.

A bit confused Ben questioned, "Uh, Monica, you do get that we can't be together right?"

"Oh sure I get it; I just don't accept it," she declared. Ben jumped up out of frustration, and spun around to face her as he searched for the words. She smiled at him sinfully, and began walking towards him. "You told me this afternoon you wanted Sue. That is not true? Correct?" Ben began backing up nervously as if he was the mouse, and she was the snake cornering her prey. He never had much power of her, and he was surprised he had kept it together for this week. She was tired of him calling the shots, "Don't lie to me Ben Conner."

"I'm into Sue all right." Sue smiled when she heard that.

Ms. Young stopped moving forward. "I don't believe you."

"Well that's too bad Monica." Time to drop the bomb Ben told himself. "Monica, you don't know how bad the situation has gotten."

Her expression changed to an annoyed one, "For Christ sake what now?"

"I think Sue knows. I think she knows about us." The second Sue heard that she took off down the hallway back to the stage area.

Ms. Young's expression didn't change as she wondered if it was true. "You're lying. You're trying to throw me off again."

Ben clamed down and leaned against a counter. "No, no, it's true. I wasn't going to say anything, because, well she hasn't actually come out and said it."

She sat down in one the desks, and thought about what he had just said. "I'm listening; you have to give me more than that, anything."

"She's always asking about you, and me. Why we don't get along in English class."

Ms. Young looked down, "We don't?"

Ben rolled his eyes. Out of frustration, he got on his knees, and put his arms on the desk she was sitting in. Begging her, "Will you please listen to what I'm saying?" She stayed silent, but watching him beg was turning her on.

"The vending machines, I asked her what she wanted, she said 'something Young', and 'Junior Ms.' She brought up the kissing scene knowing you were right behind me. You quit your job the same day my mother does. I mean c'mon, how could she not know – right?"

"Yes how could I forget that mother comment," she replied in an annoyed voice. "Maybe you're correct. What do we do?"

Ben stood up, and waited a moment as he looked at her. In a harsh tone, "We stay away from each other. Anyone accuses you; I'll deny everything." Ben walked out before she could find the words to respond.

Debra noticed Zoe walking over as she conversed with Jackie. "Guess who's walking over?"

"Not Zoe?"


"Hello," Zoe said behind Jackie.

Jackie turned around, "Hello."

"So you're Dino's ex?"

Debra couldn't help herself, "And you're Dino's rebound."

Zoe was speechless for a second. "Excuse me?"

"What do want," Jackie asked.

"I was curious. Why did Dino dump you?"

Debra grimaced, "That lying sack of shit!"

Jackie couldn't believe Dino had told her that. "It sounds like Dino is lying to you as well. I broke it off with him." For some reason it made total sense; the way Dino was looking at Jackie. He still did have feelings for her. Zoe was confused and decided to back off. She returned to her seat across the auditorium just as Dino returned with a cup of soda for her.

Bernard began running on stage demanding people get in their places. "Let's go I don't have all day to baby sit you people." He throws his arms up out of frustration, "Where is Ms. Young."

"I'm right here," she responded walking out on stage from behind the stage. "I apologize I had something to take care of." She looked over at Ben on stage flipping through his script. "Let's go Bernard," she walked down to her front row seat.

Ben sighed as he looked through his script. "What's the problem," Sue asked.

"Oh, I can't concentrate."

"I bet," she replied as she sat down next to him.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

She had to come up with something quick, "I just meant that when guys want to kiss me they get nervous. Especially high school guys."

"Sue, do ever think you're a little full of yourself?" Ben was getting annoyed with her games.

"Excuse me?"

"Forget it," he shook his head in mild disgust. He looked at the front row and watched Ms. Young put on her reading glasses while she looked through her notes. No matter what he did he couldn't get her out of his mind. How was he going to kiss Sue, the way the scene called for, with Ms. Young sitting there watching. She suddenly looked up and noticed Ben staring at her. He didn't realize right away that she was watching, but when he did he looked away. Sue notice them gazing at each other. Damn she thought to herself that cradle robber still had her hooks in him.

"So I'm looking forward to the weekend."

Ben thought about that, and decided to cancel, "Yeah, I'm afraid I can't make it."

"Which day?"

"Either. My mom has this whole family weekend thing." He couldn't go out with Sue, while thinking about Ms. Young.

"So you're totally canceling on me?"

"Uh, yeah, I'm sorry."

How did Ms. Young do it she wondered? I'm everything Ben wants she thought to herself. "Fine. Maybe another time," Sue replied. She was going to stick it to Ms. Young one way or another.

Bernard walked up to Ben and Sue, "Ok are you two ready? Please tell me you're ready I've got a chess club meeting in like 45."

"Well I'm ready, but Ben seems to be having problems."

Ben stood up, "I'm ready Bernard."

"Ok people were doing the garden scene; Romeo and Juliet's first kiss." Bernard moved to the side of the stage and yelled, "Action."

Sue began her line, "Oh Romeo I have never loved another with such intensity."

In a lack-luster manner he responds, "As I have never experienced a love such as this Juliet." He grabbed Sue in his arms and pulled her close to him. They looked at each other for a moment, and he was suppose to kiss her, but instead just froze.

Alley sitting next to Ms. Young jumped up and yelled, "Cut!"

Bernard came running out to the front of the stage, and in an excited voice, "Are you crazy? You didn't even let them finish, and only I say cut."

"Ben clearly wimped out," she replied.

Ms. Young couldn't believe how nervous she was about one stupid kiss in a high school play. She could feel the stress though, her rapid heartbeat, butterflies in her stomach. She didn't think Ben could go through with it especially since she figured out Ben wasn't interested in Sue. What if he did though? She wasn't sure if she would be able to watch. "Bernard? You might want to stick with decaf. Ben? Is there a problem?"

"No, I just, lost track."

"Kiss! You kiss her; that's it," Bernard declared. He pulled out a mint, "Would you like me to demonstrate with Sue."

Sue's eyes went wide, "Oh hell no; we'll get it right." She grabbed Ben's arm and dragged him to the side. "What the hell is your problem? You should feel like the luckiest guy on the planet."

"I'll work on it."

"All right, let's go again people," Bernard commanded.

Ben and Sue read their respective lines, and Ben froze again. Sue intervened this time and kissed Ben. He didn't resist in anyway, but all he thought about was Ms. Young during the kiss. It was a long steamy kiss as Sue definitely was experienced, and good at this. It went on for about ten seconds with absolute total silence throughout the auditorium. Ms. Young watched the whole kiss play out, and she was stunned. She couldn't control her emotions, and began to cry, while everyone in the auditorium clapped, and cheered.

"Bravo," Bernard yelled. Alley cheered next to him jumping up and down. They both stopped once they saw the other making a fool of themselves.

Sue immediately looked over at Ms. Young losing it, "Yes," she whispered. Maybe she would crack on her own, and Sue wouldn't have to go any further. "How was that Ben?"

Ben looked around, watched the students clapping and heard all of the cheers. It made him feel good, "Awesome," he answered. He saw Dino and Zoe standing up giving him the thumbs up. He saw Jon and Deb, with Jackie and Matt clapping and yelling in praise. This was the longest he hadn't thought about Ms. Young all day. Oh my God he thought, Ms. Young. He turned to look at her and saw her clapping, but clearly crying, and he could feel her pain. He couldn't hear the celebration anymore as he felt miserable watching her cry.

Alley turned towards Ms. Young, and saw her crying. "Are you all right Ms. Young."

"Yes," she quickly wiped her check. "It was beautiful. Excellent job."

Bernard yells out, "Let's do it again."

"No," Ms. Young replied just as loud which silenced the room. Sue couldn't believe how well this was going. Ben wanted to rescue her, but it would just make things worse. "I mean," she turned to Bernard, and with a weak voice, "I feel a migraine coming on. I'm…I have to go back to my classroom for some aspirin. If you want to redo the scene that's fine with me. Other than that we're finished today."

Confused Bernard questioned, "We barely did anything?" Ms. Young collected her things and quickly walked out.

"What is her problem," Sue asked Ben as he watched Ms. Young exit the auditorium. "Ben?" He sat down, sighed, and began to rub is eyes. "Ben! What is your problem? That kiss was totally hot with everyone. Why aren't you happy?"

Bernard jumped up on stage, "Ok we're going to try that again."

"I'm done with this bullshit," Ben said while in a daze.

"What," Sue asked excitedly.

Ben got up and walked towards Bernard. "I'm done," he stated as he continued to walk by.

"What? Ben c'mon, the kiss was great, you can't leave now," Bernard pleaded. Ben ignored him and walked to the exit waving to Jonathan, and Dino as he left. He walked down the hallway when he heard Sue yell out his name. He ignored her and continued to walk.

"I know about you and her," she declared in the deserted hallway.

He stopped, and turned as she caught up to him. "Ok…so what?"

"I can't believe you admitted it?"

"Yeah, well I'm tired of sneaking around and lying."

She didn't really know what to say as Ben began to walk off. "Why would you rather be in a sick and perverted relationship with that cradle robbing slut than something real, and good with me? It's disgusting Ben!" Sue's eyes widened, "Oh my God…does she make you call her mother?"

Ben walked back to her, and with an intense, but low voice, "I know this is hard for you to believe…but this has nothing to do with you. Get over yourself." Ben knew he should stop there, but he couldn't help himself. "That kiss back there," he pointed towards the auditorium. "That hot, intense, and passionate kiss that everybody freaked about? All I thought about was her, and how I can't stop thinking about her for more than five seconds. It had nothing to do with you. Got it?" He waited for a response, but there was none, other than Sue's eyes watering up. She had rarely been talked to this harshly, especially by a guy. Ben left, and headed for Ms. Young's classroom. Sue quickly recovered from Ben's rejection, and was going to turn Ms. Young in - immediately.

Zoe turned to Dino, and caught him staring at Jackie. "You still want her don't you?"

"Huh? Who?"

"Your ex.," she stated in an upset voice.


"Don't lie to me Dino."

"I'm not…"

Zoe quickly got up, "You call me when you get over her." She then threw her soda in Dino's face. She quickly left the room as Dino gagged on the liquid.

Ben arrived at Ms. Young's classroom, and opened the door to see her quietly weeping as she stood near the windows looking out. She was concentrating so much on what happened she hadn't notice him enter the room. He quietly sat down in a desk in back near her desk. After a few minutes she turned around, "Oh God!" She raised her hands to her mouth as she was shocked to see Ben there. He was about to say something, but she cut him off.

"No! No! You're not doing it again to me," she yelled at him while pointing. Ben was surprised by her anger. She walked across the front of the room to the middle aisle. "You know what's funny? That scene was my little clever way of a test." Ben stayed silent as he wanted to hear what this was about. She paced about out of frustration while still crying a bit. "I'm so stupid," she calmly said. "I thought if I made you do that scene, you wouldn't be able to. Because of me." She walked towards the windows, "I figured you could pull off a high school play kiss, but not that." She turned to face Ben, "I'm done Ben. I'm getting of this insane rollercoaster; I'm not even sure why I did this in the first place."


"Please! Let me finish Ben. We'll do exactly as you said; you will finish the play, my English class, and then no more contact." She walked down the center aisle towards her desk and Ben. "You can move on with Sue, and I'll become an adult I guess." As she tried to pass by Ben, he grabbed her, and pulled her down. She was sitting on his lap before she knew what happened. He immediately kissed her, and she couldn't help but respond in kind. They continued to passionately kiss as he pulled her close to him, and she fondled his hair and face.

Sue arrived at the principle's office where she told his secretary it was an emergency, and that she needed to see him now. Sue entered his office, "Thank you for seeing me principle Goldberg."

"What kind of emergency are we talking about Sue?"

She sat, and tried to calm down. "Ok…this going to sound bizarre, because it really and truly is bizarre. Disgusting in fact."

"All right, what," he asked dying to know.

"Ms. Young is having sexual relations with a student."

Principle Goldberg couldn't believe what he just heard, "Are you sure; how do you know this? You must be mistaken."

"I've seen them holding each other, and listen to a conversation between them where they flat out admit it. Plus the student admitted it to me ten minutes ago. Two of his friends know as well."

"Well who is this student?"

She didn't hesitate one second, "Ben Conner; a sophomore."

"I don't know him by name." The principle clearly shaken, leaned forward on his desk, "I'm shocked. These are extremely serious charges Sue. I would be irresponsible if I didn't get Ms. Young's side of the story."

"I understand. I would confront her now; she's about to crack under the stress. She has been strange all week."

The principle didn't really know what to do. This would be an unbelievable scandal for the school. "Do you know if she is on campus now?"

"She left the play rehearsal ten minutes ago for her classroom."

Nervously he stood up, "Ok. These two witnesses, where are they?"

"They were at the play rehearsal ten minutes ago."

He exhaled to calm himself down, "All right let's go."

The principle and Sue walked to the auditorium where Bernard had told everyone to wrap it up for the day. Students were cleaning up, and putting equipment away. Dino was drying himself off, as Jonathan questioned him about Zoe's outburst. "Mr. Whitman, Mr. Fields, please come here." They both walked to principle Goldberg while looking at Sue hoping she would clue them in. "Gentlemen we may have a serious problem, and I need your help to resolve it."

Both indicated they would help. Jonathan asked, "What is the problem?"

"I'll let you know in due time. Please follow me." He turned and exited the auditorium, and the three students followed. Dino, and Jonathan both tried to get Sue to give them some clue, but she ignored them. They soon arrived at Ms. Young's classroom. Dino and Jonathan now knew this problem was Ben and Ms. Young's relationship. They couldn't believe it; what was going to happen now?

Inside the classroom Ben and Ms. Young finally parted their lips, but continued touching foreheads. Quietly Ben said, "I'm sorry."

"Why are you doing this? I'm done; I can't take it anymore." She tried to get up, but he stopped her.

"Ben, let go."

"I failed your test," he blurted out. "The whole time I was thinking about you. I could care less about Sue."

She thought about what he said for a second. While not looking at him she calmly commanded, "Let me go Ben." He complied. She stood and walked to the side of her desk. "Thinking about me you say? Could care less about Sue? What happens in another seven days? When another red hot girl comes along, or I do something questionable because you push me away again? No, I can't do it."

Ben stood up and walked over to her. "I pushed you away because I was protecting you; you know that."

She lowered her head, "You don't know how much I want to believe everything you're telling me."

Sue thought she would be nervous confronting Ms. Young, but she wasn't. She was so upset after what Ben had said to her in the hallway. Ms. Young's punishment conversation had pissed her off as well. As principle Goldberg hesitated at the door Sue went for it and barged into to the room. "I knew you two would be in here," she yelled as she pointed at them. Ben and Ms. Young were totally taken by surprise, and it looked like it.

Principle Goldberg quickly rushed in once he realized Sue charged through the door. "Sue what do think you're doing," he asked in an annoyed voice.

Ms. Young had recovered from Sue's shocking entry almost immediately. "Yes Sue; why didn't you knock first," she demanded.

"I apologize principle Goldberg, but I knew they would be in here…doing whatever sick things they do." This was Ben's worst fear, and he had no idea what to do. He suddenly saw Dino, and Jonathan enter the room with guilty expressions. This stunned Ben and Ms. Young. Neither was sure if they had talked; why else were they here?

"Ms. Young I apologize for the disturbance," principle Goldberg explained. "Some information has been given to me that I simply have to investigate immediately."

"All right," she replied.

Goldberg asked the four students to take a seat in a desk which they all did at the front. "Ms Young have you been crying?"

"Ah, yes. I have a migraine, and they can be painful." She grabbed a tissue from her desk, and walked in front to stare down Sue. If she had any chance of getting out of this she would have to destroy Sue.

"And Ben you're in this classroom for what reason," Goldberg questioned.

"I, I'm the lead, Romeo in the school play, and I had a few questions for Ms. Young."

Principle Goldberg was desperately hoping Sue was crazy. He had one more year to retirement, and the last thing he needed was a national news story about a teacher at his school having sex with a student. Especially a teacher he had helped to get hired. He couldn't believe he was actually going to ask Ms. Young this question. He cleared his throat, "Ms. Young…I have information that you are currently having a relationship of a sexual nature with Mr. Conner."

"Oh my God, I can't believe you're accusing me of such a thing." Ms. Young raised her hands to her mouth acting shocked.

"So you deny it," Goldberg asked.

"That's correct, and I demand to know who has spread these malicious lies immediately."

Goldberg was taken a back by her sudden aggressiveness. "Uh, well, nothing has been proven."

"You're God damn right nothing has been proven Mr. Goldberg because it isn't true. This is flat out slander." She pulled her phone out of her purse, and began dialing, "I'm getting my lawyer." Ms. Young was totally bluffing as she could barely make her car payment let alone keep a lawyer on retainer.

"Now Ms. Young please calm down I'm just trying to find out the facts. Ben is there any truth to these charges."

"None sir."

Sue couldn't take it any longer and quickly stood up. "You're both lying! I heard you in the music room talking about your sick affair!" She pointed at them as she yelled. She next turned to Dino, and Jonathan, "These two know as well!"

"All right everyone calm down…" Goldberg was quickly interrupted by Ms. Young.

"…so Sue you are the source of these faux facts?" Ms. Young knew this from the beginning, but she didn't want to give anything away.

"Ladies please…" Sue cut Goldberg off.

"Oh it's all true and you know it," Sue replied.

"Mr. Goldberg I think it is fairly clear what is going on here," Ms. Young explained. "I, just today, gave Sue a punishment for disrupting my class by passing a note." Sue decided to sit back down. "This note invited Ben Conner to the janitor's closet for sex of some fashion."

Principle Goldberg looked at Sue, "I wasn't aware of this."

"Why doesn't that surprise me," she mildly insulted him, and Sue.

Ben raised his hand, "Principle Goldberg." Goldberg indicated he could speak. "I just told Sue not more than ten minutes ago that I didn't want to go out with her this weekend."

"Exactly, that's when you admitted you could only think about Ms. Young," Sue explained.

That made Ms. Young feel good. Ben was actually coming back to her, but how could they pull that off now. Ben blushed, "I'm sorry Ms. Young this stuff Sue is coming up with is uncomfortable."

"Yes Ben…I understand," she consoled as she stared at Sue.

Jonathan raised his hand looking at Goldberg. "Yes, uh…"

"Jonathan sir. I'm pretty connected with the rumor networks on campus, well actually my girlfriend, is, but anyway; I haven't heard of anything like this. I'm shocked that something this big – if true – isn't all over campus already."

"You're lying," Sue declared.

Dino stood up, "No way could Ben ever be able to keep a secret like that from me. The only girl he had talked to me about was you Sue. It sounds like you screwed things up pretty good."

Sue couldn't believe it; they were all lying, covering up, and Goldberg was buying it. She had totally miscalculated, and she had no solid proof of any kind. They had even made her look like she had a revenge motive with Ms. Young's punishment, and Ben's recent rejection.

"Mr. Goldberg," Ms. Young asked in a compassionate voice. She looked over at Sue, "I'm really very hurt that you would do something like this. I didn't realize you hated me this much." Her eyes began to water as she began to speak to Goldberg, "I hope this incident doesn't ruin Sue's chances of attending Princeton someday. She's a bright young woman with limitless potential."

"All right Ms. Young I've heard enough. I apologize for the disturbance." He began to collect his papers, "Gentlemen you're free go; thank you for your input. Sue I'd like to see you in my office in ten minutes." Sue realized she had lost this battle and better shut up if she hoped to survive. Dino and Jonathan waved as they left the room, and Ben waved back.

Ms. Young walked over to the windows, and stared out. "Thank you Ben." He didn't reply as he watched her while sitting in the desk. "I know you love me, but Sue will never give up now. Goldberg may even suspect now."

"I guess we'll just have to be real careful now…Monica," Ben replied. Ms. Young smiled when she heard that Ben would no longer push her away.