An Egyptian Love Story

By: AutumnRose

Pairing: Atemu/Yugi (for now anyway)

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A/N: Okay, I am going to try my hand at a fic taking place in Ancient Egypt. This is an AU (Alternate Universe) type fic. The pairing is mainly Atemu and Yugi, though I might, and this is a big maybe, add other pairings (i.e. Bakura/Ryou, Marik/Malik, and Priest Seth/Jono (Jounouchi i.e. Joey for those of you who've only seen the dub.), but I'm not entirely sure. So for the most part this is Atemu/Yugi centric. On another note this fic is inspired by my other fic Sacred Dance which is the sequel to The Dance of Seduction. You don't have to have read either of those to get this, but it would be nice if you did anyway, but it's up to you.

A/N2: Though most of the chapter titles, are titles of Dead Can Dance songs, this is not a songfic. My obsession with this group is probably considered unhealthy, but who cares lol. Inspiration is inspiration, right? I'll let you know which ch. titles are DCD songs in the disclaimer.

READ THIS OR BE CONFUSED: Okay like I said this is AU, that said while the Sennen Items do exist they do not play a vital role in this fic. Also I am making Atemu 18 and Yugi 16. Yugi is Romani i.e. the politically correct term for Gypsies. Variations of this are Roma and/or Rom, just so your not confused when I use these terms. Some of the words I will be using in here are Romanes (Romani language), I will put their meanings at the beginning of each chapter.

Summary - Atemu/Yugi pairing. A story that must be told. That of a Pharaoh and a Roma, and the love they had for each other. A love that was unmatched by any. Their meeting foretold in the flames, their future written in the stars for all to see. Fate will bring them together. Their hearts will keep them together, even when life threatens to tear them apart. This is their story...

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Glossary and such...

Roma Gypsy
Kham Sun
Shon Moon
Drabarni Female reader/fortune-teller
Puri daj grandmother; also a polite way of greeting and/or addressing an old woman among the Roma.

Disclaimer: No own. No profit. No sue.
Disclaimer 2: Ch. title is my own.

"blah blah" talking
someone's thoughts
the 'voice' of ones spirit (kind of hard to explain this one, but you'll see what I mean towards the end).

Ch. 1) A Future In Flames

"Absence is to love as wind is to fire;
It extinguishes the small and kindles the great."
- Roger de Bussy-Rabutin

It was night in the Sahara, a full silvery white moon overhead, when the caravan of Roma had finally arrived in Egypt. They had been traveling for months, and they were all exhausted. A few were asleep in the worn wagons, others huddled near a bonfire for warmth from the cold desert night. A far contrast from the blistering heat during the day.

A young Roma boy, with wild red, black and light golden blonde hair, slowly made his way out of one of the wagons toward the fire where the rest of his tribe were sitting and conversing. He spotted Nadja, their tribes Drabarni. She had long black hair with streaks of silver-gray and her warm dark brown eyes shone with the wisdom of the ages. Yugi guessed that in her youth she must have been very beautiful. Walking towards her he stopped, taking a seat next to her. "Puri daj Nadja, is everything all right?" The young boy asked, concern evident in his amethyst eyes. The old woman regarded the boy thoughtfully before nodding. Smiling gently, she spoke, her voice sounding far younger than she really was. "Little Shon, look into the fire and tell me what you see."

Yugi obediently did as he was asked, though not fully understanding why. "I see the many colors of the flames. Dancing in perfect harmony." He replied entranced at the display. The Drabarni smiled at this. "Do you know what I see?" She asked him gently. Yugi turned to face her, shaking his head, waiting for her to continue.

"I see two young men, two separate souls yearning to become one. The oldest one, his aura as golden as the sun. The youngest, his aura as silver as the moon. To beings created solely for each other. To attain true happiness they must both make sacrifices. In their loss, they will find comfort. Things will not be easy for these two in the beginning, but in the end everything that has been lost will not have been in vain." Yugi listened intently as the woman spoke. Was she speaking of himself and his future mate? But what did she mean by sacrifices? He wondered.

Nadja stood slowly, and then looked down at the boy still seated staring into the fire. "Take solace in this Little Shon; true love doesn't have a happy ending, because true love doesn't have an ending." With those words she slowly walked to her wagon to rest, leaving Yugi to ponder everything he had just heard.

Yugi suddenly felt a longing inside him, as if his spirit was crying out for it's lost mate. Why had he never felt this before now? Perhaps he had, but he just never noticed. But now, now he knew their was someone out there for him. With this knowledge filling him, he could no longer ignore his soul's plea's.

Casting a look around he noticed pretty much everyone was asleep, and he himself began to feel tired from their long travels. Finding an unoccupied blanket, he wrapped it around his petite body and lay down near the slowly dying fire. His last thoughts before sleep claimed him were of the mysterious 'golden sun'.


Pharaoh Atemu, stood in his bed chamber, staring out his window, not really looking at anything imparticular. For the past few days he had felt as if something big was about to happen. Something that would not only affect him, but all of Egypt as well.

Now however, something new was happening to him, he felt a stab of loneliness in his heart. As if something were missing. But what? On top of that, his spirit, his soul felt as if it were trying to flee from his body, desperately trying to answer a call only it could hear. He wanted something. Needed something. The question was, what? What could he possibly not already posses?

He decided not to think about it now, there were other matters to attend too. In three days a Persia Lord would be here, trying to marry off his daughter to the Pharaoh no less. Pity for him, Pharaoh Atemu wasn't the least bit interested in the female gender. Sure he had lain with a few, back when his father was still alive, but they did nothing for him. He had always preferred other males. So much so, that when Atemu finally became Pharaoh, he personally replaced all the female concubines of his harem with beautiful males.

Stepping away from his window, he made his way over to the bed. If he were to be entertaining foreign dignitaries tomorrow he wanted to be well rested. Sleep would not come easily, however, as his soul was still restless. Still trying to rid itself of its mortal coil, its desire to claim what should be his nearly frantic.

He could still see out his window, from where he lay in his bed. The last thing his mind registered before sleep embraced him, was how beautiful the silvery moon was.


Yugi awoke the next day to the sound of terrified screams and the angry shouts of his tribe. Now fully awake he bolted up, taking in the nightmarish scene before him. What his eyes beheld would forever be burned into his memory. Many of the Roma of his caravan lay dead, their blood soaking into the sand of the Sahara. Those who were still alive were badly beaten, and being put in irons.

Through all the chaos, he noticed a small boy near one of their wagons, kneeling next to a person sized lump covered in a long shawl, sobbing. Yugi ran to the boy, fear gripping him. "Mokuba!" He called out as he reached the boy, his eyes widening in shock and horror as he recognized the body the boy wept over. "Puri daj Nadja! No!" He cried, kneeing next to the dying elderly woman. Drawing a shaky breath, she looked up at the two boys, her voice hoarse and weary. "Do not cry little ones. It is time for me to go to the land of our ancestors." "No..." Yugi whispered.

This couldn't be happening. He had lost so much in his life already; his mother, father, even his grandfather. And now he was losing the woman who had helped to raise him. Yugi didn't even try to stop the tears from flowing. There were only a handful of people left from his caravan now, and they, as well as he, would undoubtedly be sold as slaves. And that was far worse than death to a Roma. For as the shadow moves as the sun commands, the Roma moves as their spirit commands. Freedom is but a memory to a slave, and if a Roma could no longer be free, then what was the point of living?

Yugi clasped her hand in his, touching the back of her wrinkled hand to his smooth tear moistened cheek. Keeping the gazes of both young Roma, the elderly woman spoke once more. "I open their way in the new life again and release them from the fetters of my sorrow" (Ritual phrase, among Roma to mark the end of mourning). The two young Roma boys watched grief-stricken, as she slowly closed her eyes and breathed her last breath. They took comfort in knowing that her spirit was truly free now.

The boys were roughly pulled to their feet, by the men who had done this to their caravan. They offered no resistance, when they too were put in irons. The remaining Roma were tied together in a line, the rope connected to the saddle of a black horse. The men who had attacked the caravan climbed atop there horses signaling them to go.

As they were hauled away, Yugi turned his head to look back at the carnage left behind. He watched as their wagons were consumed in flames, by the fires that had been started. Inside the wagons were the lifeless bodies of his beloved tribe.

As they walked on, Nadja's words from last night echoed through his mind. "To attain true happiness they must both make sacrifices. In their loss, they will find comfort ...but in the end everything that has been lost will not have been in vain..." "What could possibly be worth all of this?" Yugi asked himself quietly.

The love of the golden sun. A cool wind voice answered back in his head.

I thought I'd found a reason to live
Just like before when I was a child
Only to find dreams made of sand
Would just fall apart and slip through my hands
But the spirit of life keeps us strong
And the spirit of life is the will to carry on ...

- from Spirit by Dead Can Dance

TBC ...

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