An Egyptian Love Story

By: The AutumnRose

Pairing: Atemu/Yugi (for now anyway)

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A/N: Though most of the chapter titles are titles of Dead Can Dance songs, this is not a songfic. My obsession with this group is probably considered unhealthy, but who cares lol. Inspiration is inspiration, right? I'll let you know which ch. titles are DCD songs in the disclaimer.

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A/N 2: Some of the characters may seem a little OOC (out of character) at times, BUT keep a few things in mind:
1) This is AU-ish (Alternate Universe)
2) The Sennen (Millennium) Items do not play a vital role in this (at least as of right now they don't, but that could change later, I haven't really decided yet).
3) This fic is set in Ancient Egypt not the Present.
4) Because things have gone down a little differently, Bakura is not as insane/homicidal/etc. (though he does have his moments :::big smile::: ), and he does not hate Pharaoh Atemu, though he does however like to give him a very hard time. He still is a Tomb Robber and the Thief King. Also I am giving him a bit of a playful (if a bit disturbing kind of playful; after all it is Bakura) side to his personality, which for the most part is only seen by Ryou.
5) Anyone who has ever seen a pic of Bakura back when he was still the Thief King in Ancient Egypt, will know what I mean when I say that is exactly what he will look like in this fic. If you haven't seen a pic of him from back then, let me know and I will email you one (he was/is so sexy :::drools::: ).

Atemu: 18
Yugi: 16
Seth: 19
Jono: 17
Mokuba: 10
Bakura: 20
Ryou: 16
Marik: 19
Malik: 16

A/N 3: Since High Priest Seth is in this I am going to put Jono (Jou/Joey) in as well, and Seth and Jono will be paired together. Also Bakura/Ryou as well as Marik/Malik will be in this fic, but this is still an Atemu/Yugi centric fic. Bakura and Ryou will make their appearance in the next chappy. Marik and Malik will make their appearance in either ch. 4 or ch. 5.

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Glossary and such...

Romani / Roma / Rom - Gypsy
Kham - Sun
Shon - Moon
Brigaki djilia - "Sorrow songs"
Doshman - Enemy
Mora - Friend
Gadjo - Non-Gypsy (this can be said as an insult too)
Nav - Name
Plal - Brother (can be used literally or as a sign of affection to males of no relation)
Slobuzenja - Freedom
Kumpania - Band of families
Galbi - Gold coins, often worn as decoration
Droboy tume Romale - Traditional greeting
Nais tuke - thank you (i.e response to above greeting)
Te bisterdon tumare anava - May your names be forgotten (this is an insult to top all insults as far as Roma are concerned)

Disclaimer: No own. No profit. No sue.
Disclaimer 2: Ch. title is my own.

"blah blah" talking
someone's thoughts
the 'voice' of ones spirit (kind of hard to explain this one, but you'll see what I mean)

:::Last Time:::
After the gifts were received the Persian Lord got back to the reason why he had traveled all the way to Egypt from his homeland. Just as Atemu had expected, it was to offer him his daughter. Though it was getting late, and he wanted to spend some time with his new 'gift'. He politely but firmly informed the lord that he was going to be retiring to his room, and that they would finish this discussion tomorrow.

Atemu ordered his servants to escort his guests to their respective rooms before bidding them all a goodnight. Turning toward the way to his royal bedchamber he motioned for Yugi to follow. Seth had long taken his 'gift' to his own room. Atemu couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he was sure their was a connection between his friend the the youngest Roma boy. He would definitely ask him about it later, but for now there were more important things he wished to attend to.

Ch. 3) Golden Sun, Silver Moon

Atemu led the Roma boy to his royal bed chamber. Glancing back he noticed that the little Roma was trembling, and a wave of guilt washed over him as he realized that the boy was terrified. "Calm yourself Roma, I will do nothing you do not want me to do." The Pharaoh said in an attempt to ease the boy's fears.

Yugi's trembling calmed a bit, but he was no less afraid. He remained silent the whole way, besides what did one say to the Pharaoh after having been presented as a 'gift' to him. His thoughts were divided as part of him was worried about what was happening to Mokuba right at this moment. Another part of him was worried about what was going to happen to him once they reached their destination. And yet another part of him, his spirit, was elated at having found his 'golden sun'. Talk to him, please. The cool wind voice of his spirit urged, almost pleading. Just the same Yugi chose to remain quiet until he was told he could speak. He wasn't sure what this Pharaoh was like, but he had heard the former Pharaoh was well known for having the tongue's cut out of those who spoke without permission. And what was that old saying 'Like father, like son', but something told him that this Pharaoh was nothing like his father. He just hoped that 'something' was right.

The two of them had finally reached their destination, and Yugi slowly walked inside as Atemu held the door for him, closing it after he himself had entered. They were alone, and Yugi began to tremble again despite Atemu's earlier words. Yugi jumped as he felt a hand on the small of his back, gently guiding him to the massive bed. When he reached the edge of it Atemu told him to sit, and then walked to the fancy chair (I'm at a loss for ancient Egyptian furniture so just imagine what you will) beside the bed, taking a seat himself.

"Your name?" Atemu asked.

"Y-Yugi." Yugi stammered.

"Relax, little one. I already told you that I will do nothing you do not want. You have my word." Atemu told him. For some reason he didn't like to see this boy in fear of him. There was a slight pause before Yugi got up the courage to speak.

"Um, Pharaoh..." Yugi started.

"When we are alone you may address me as Atemu." Atemu interjected, desperately wanting to hear his name spoken by this beautiful Roma before him.

"A-Atemu, what will the High Priest do to Mokuba?" Yugi asked.

"Mokuba? Oh you mean the other Roma. He will not harm him, little one." Atemu replied.

"But will he use him?" Yugi asked again stressing the word 'use'.

"No," Atemu said chuckling a bit before continuing, "The High Priest is already in a, I believe the word is 'monogamous', relationship. He has no intention of taking any others to his bed."

"Will anyone else?" Yugi asked hesitantly. Atemu shook his head before adding, "Seth will allow no one to touch what is his, and seeing as how Mokuba was given to him, he is off limits to everyone but him." "Mokuba is not a possession!" Yugi shouted angrily before clamping a hand over his mouth, horrified by what he had just done. Oh Gods, I just yelled at the Pharaoh! Yugi thought bracing himself for what ever punishment would follow such an act of insolence.

Atemu sat there stunned at the outburst of his new gift, and then the room was filled with mirthful laughter. Yugi opened his eyes at the sound, and stared open mouthed at the laughing Pharaoh. Why is he laughing? Yugi wondered, though he had to admit the Pharaoh had a nice laugh.


Mokuba stood in the center of the High Priest's bed chamber, watching as said priest paced back and forth, a scowl on his handsome face. The young Roma swallowed nervously as he awaited his master to acknowledge his presence, all the while praying that this night would not break him.

Seth was lost in his thoughts as he paced about the room, unsure of how to proceed. I can't believe it, after all these years, I'm finally reunited with my little brother (lol like no one saw that coming). And of all the ways to be reunited it just had to be him given to me as a concubine. Seth thought to himself, his emotions all a jumble.

Very few people were aware that he himself was a Roma, and he preferred it that way. As biased as it was the world had little to no respect for the Romani people, and for that reason Seth had kept his heritage to himself for the most part. Those who did know were sworn to secrecy. If they told, he would kill them. It was as simple as that.

Finally Seth stopped his pacing and turned to face the boy. It had been seven long years since he had last seen his little brother, and he had grown so much. "The last time I saw you, you were only three years old." Seth said, breaking the tense silence.

Mokuba just stared at the High Priest, not understanding what he had just heard. "Do I know you?" Mokuba asked cautiously, though the High Priest hadn't tried anything as of yet, he still didn't trust him. "Yes, but you do not remember." The High Priest replied. Mokuba was overcome with a sense of familiarity at the High Priest's words, which only served to confuse him even more.

"Who are you?" Mokuba asked, his voice no louder than a whisper. "I doubt, given the current circumstance, that you would believe me if I told you." Seth replied, and Mokuba was sure he detected a bit of regret in the High Priest's voice. "Please, tell me. Who are you?" Mokuba pleaded taking a few timid steps toward the tall man. "Why do I feel like I should know you?"


Atemu finally got himself back under control, though laughter still danced in his eyes as he faced the Roma boy once more. "Forgive me for laughing, but I find your outburst rather funny. You see only one other of such a low rank ever dared to raise his voice at me, though unlike you he showed no such concern for his well being." The Pharaoh explained.

Yugi couldn't stifle the giggle that escaped at the miffed look on the Pharaoh's face, when he mentioned the other person. "What is it that you find so funny little one?" Atemu asked curiously. Yugi merely shook his head before asking a question of his own. "What happened to the person who yelled at you?" Atemu sighed in annoyance before stating flatly, "Nothing." Yugi quirked a brow at this. "I owed him one, so I let his outburst slide." Atemu explained.

"Enough about that, what would you like to do Yugi?" Atemu asked changing the subject. "Um, if it's not too much trouble, I'd really like to see Mokuba." Yugi said hoping that the Pharaoh would at least grant him that much. Atemu thought it over for a moment and then nodded as he stood. "Very well little one, we will go see your friend." Atemu said as he motioned for Yugi to follow, though he couldn't help feel a little disappointed that that was all he wished to do at the moment. But I suppose that's understandable considering the situation they are in. He thought to himself as they both exited his room.

"Thank you." Yugi said softly as they walked on to the High Priest's bed chamber. Pharaoh Atemu only nodded as he led the way through his palace.


Seth was about to explain when there was a knock at his door. The High Priest growled in annoyance at the interruption, but answered nonetheless. He opened the door, all set to yell at who ever had dared to interrupt him, when he was met with the amber brown eyes of his lover. "Jono?" Seth asked curiously taking note of the serious look in the others eyes.

"So I heard you got a concubine." Jono said rather peeved. So that is what this is about, my puppy's jealous. How cute. Seth thought to himself rather amused. "Well, where is he?" Jono asked his eyes never leaving his tall lover's face. Seth smirked at his love's antics as he replied, "Behind you." Jono whirled around and his jaw dropped.

"A kid!!" He exclaimed appalled. "That bastard gave you a kid?!" Jono wasn't stupid, he knew that in many places throughout the world young boys were very popular with older men, but he still didn't like it. In fact he thought it was down right sick. He'd rather screw a hole in the ground than a child of any gender.

"You weren't..." Jono started.

"No!" Seth yelled revolted by the very idea, not just because this boy was his brother, but also because he too shared the same view as Jono on this matter. The fact that his lover even had to ask rather insulted him.

"So what are you going to do with him?" Jono asked, feeling sorry for the young boy. He knew all to well what it felt like to be in that position, and just how scary the reality of it all could truly be. "I don't know, but one thing's for sure, I won't be 'taking' him, nor will I allow anyone else too." Seth replied. Mokuba sighed in relief upon hearing this, but it didn't change the fact that he was still basically a slave now.

Seth turned his attention once more to his little brother. "We will have to continue our conversation later, when we can be alone." The High Priest said. Mokuba nodded in response. Jono looked at his lover curiously, but before he could voice his question Seth informed him that he would fill him in later.

"Will you be filling me in as well?" Came the deep voice of the Pharaoh, who was standing in the doorway. Before Seth could inquire as to why the Pharaoh was in his room, a small black, red, and light golden blur rushed by him.

"Mokuba!!" Yugi cried out as he wrapped his arms around his young friend.

"Yugi! You're okay!" Mokuba exclaimed, equally as happy to see his friend.

The High Priest looked at the Pharaoh quizzically, whom just shrugged as he replied, "He wanted to see his friend." Seth nodded and turned back, watching as the two Roma boys talked animatedly amongst themselves, both trying to reassure the other that they were indeed all right.

"Another kid?! Jono gasped. Yugi turned to face the tall blonde, looking for all the world like a ruffled kitten. "I am not a kid, I'm sixteen!" He huffed indignantly, which gained a chuckle from Atemu and a smirk from Seth.

"If you say so." Jono responded, more than a little amused.

"Well I am, Gadjo." Yugi spat. Sure he'd be the first to admit that he looked young for his age, and being short didn't help any, but he didn't need people to keep reminding him of that fact.

"What did you call me?!" Jono growled.

"You heard me." Yugi said crossing his arms.

The two stood there glaring daggers at each other, while the other three in the room watched on with a mixture of amusement and worry. The worry coming from Mokuba, as he watched his friend basically bickering with someone who clearly out ranked him.

Atemu decided to intervene before his new gift did something foolish. "I suppose introductions are in order." He said after clearing his throat, and gaining everyone's attention. Yugi stuck his tongue out at Jono before turning to face the Pharaoh.

"Seth, Jono, this is Yugi." Atemu said motioning to the tricolor haired boy.

"A gypsy. It figures." Jono snorted, which gained him glares from the two boys, and a smack on the back of the head from his lover.

"Ow! What the hell was that for?" Jono half whined as he rubbed the back of his head, glaring at the two boys that were currently snickering at him.

"That's enough. All three of you." Atemu said in a no nonsense tone, yet amused nonetheless.

Said three called themselves in check, as Seth started to speak. "This is Mokuba." He said motioning to the younger of the two. "And this," he said to the two Roma boys, putting his hand on the blondes shoulder, "is Jono."


Yugi and Mokuba had talked for awhile longer after everyone had been introduced, but now Yugi was back in the Pharaoh's room along with said Pharaoh. Sitting on the Pharaoh's bed, the tricolor haired Roma began to feel nervous again, not really sure of what to say or do now. Atemu on the other hand had decided that he wanted to kiss Yugi, it was just a matter of how to go about it without scaring the boy.

Consideration be damned, Atemu just leaned forward capturing the boy's lips with his own. Yugi's eyes widened in surprise, but after a few moments he relaxed, allowing his eyes to slide shut as he hesitantly began to respond to the kiss. This was a new experience for Yugi, seeing as how he had never kissed anyone before, but that made little difference as his body seemed to know exactly what to do.

Pleased with his new 'gift's' reaction, Atemu traced his tongue lightly on the boy's bottom lip, silently asking for entrance, elated when the boy granted it. Their tongues mingled together as Atemu easily won dominance. Atemu smirked when Yugi subconsciously started mewling into the kiss, and then reluctantly pulled back, chuckling at the slight whine of protest from the boy.

Atemu gently stroked the boy's face as he took in his appearance; slightly flushed face, shallow breaths, and half lidded eyes clouded with desire. Desire that Yugi more than likely wasn't truly aware of. The Pharaoh couldn't help but thinking, if this was the reaction he received from just a kiss, then he couldn't wait to see what would happen when he took it to the next level. Tonight however he would resist such a delicious temptation, he had given his word after all. Though he was sure Yugi wouldn't try to stop him if he had decided to go further, but he didn't want the boy to regret it later. So he would wait, but for how long was debatable.

"You have know idea what you are doing to me, little one." Atemu spoke softly, still stroking the silky soft flesh of Yugi's cheek. He smiled slightly as the boy leaned into the touch, sighing softly at the contact. "No one has ever been able to rise such desire in me as you seem to have done since I first laid eyes on you." Atemu said, speaking more to himself than to Yugi.

For the life of him, Yugi would never be able to explain why he did what he did next, as he timidly leaned forward once again joining their lips. The kiss was shy and uncertain on Yugi's part, but he gained a little more confidence when the Pharaoh moaned, wrapping his arms around him, deepening the kiss. Yugi couldn't understand why, but he felt safe in his 'master's' arms. And he liked it. A lot.

"We need to stop this now, before I lose what little control I have left." Atemu whispered huskily as he kissed his way down Yugi's neck to his shoulder. Yugi tilted his head to the side, giving the Pharaoh better access, as he whispered his agreement. They both knew they should stop, but it was just so hard (you know you have a perverted mind when normal everyday words take on there 'other' not so clean meaning :::looks down guiltily::: ).

Finally Atemu stopped his exploration of the boys flesh and sat up straight. Both of them disappointed at the loss of contact. "It's late little one, we should get some sleep." Atemu said as he got up from the bed to remove his Pharaoh garments, leaving only his long white skirt (does anyone know the actual name for that thing?) that hung loosely on his hips. He then made his way over to his wardrobe picking out a similar white skirt for Yugi to sleep in.

"Here. It may be a little too big, but it's the best I can do for now." Atemu said handing the garment to the boy. Yugi nodded gratefully and began to undress, forgetting that he wasn't exactly alone in the lavish room. Atemu watched him shamelessly, taking in the Roma's beauty.

Yugi walked over to a golden chest, trying not to trip over the bottom of the skirt which was dragging on the marble floor, and carefully set his 'concubine garments' in a neat little pile on top of it. "Um, where do I sleep?" Yugi asked fidgeting with the skirt. "With me." Atemu said as he crawled into his bed. Yugi gulped and slowly made his way over and on to the bed to lay down.

Atemu pulled the boy into his arms, with Yugi's back to his chest. Yugi stiffened a bit and then relaxed, snuggling into the embrace. Sleep came surprisingly easy to Yugi, mainly due to all that had happened to him in the last few days. A few minutes later Atemu soon followed, after all he needed to be well rested, as he still had to deal with the Persian Lord in the morning.

TBC ...

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