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Other than that, this is a drabble, which means it's VERY short. It's also YAOI. R & R would be great, believe me! Flame if you want, you will only show your own idiocy.


It's how we're drawn to him.
His strength is in his friends.
So is his weakness.

His charisma, his charm, it's what is calling to us.

I realize now how I lost to him. He's a much stronger person than me.
I hate that. That idiot saved the whole world. It was his belief in his
friends, his own personal source of strength that saw him through.

I had a different kind of strength. Always have.
It's not easy for me to just go and trust people.
Even now, the only person I can fully trust is him.
I don't value my relationships with the others
to even call what we have "trust".

He's a guy your just naturally attracted to. That monkey man.
I'm attached too as well. It's because of his strength, and his trust.
I wish I could be his sole source of strength.

Damn. I wasn't supposed to admit that.