Part 1: Until we meet again

A Yoshi/Dani and Ash/May story

After Yoshi finished the Hoenn league and battled Ash and defeated the former Pokemon champion Steven, Yoshi started to miss Dani in the Johto region. She was Yoshi's first

friend and first crush. He missed her so much that Yoshi went back to his hometown

New Bark Town. Before Yoshi was about to leave, he went to say goodbye to Ash

and his friends. "That was a great pokemon battle we had Ash" said Yoshi. "Your pokemon got stronger since the last time I battle you" said Yoshi. "You and your pokemon got stronger too" said Ash. "I hope we meet again someday" Ash said.

"You too Ash" said Yoshi. May came over and gave Yoshi a good bye hug and said,

"If we ever meet again, can you show me to make really good combos for pokemon contest?" May said. "Sure I'll show the best fire combos for your conbusken" said Yoshi.

"Hey where's Brock and Max Ash?" Yoshi said. "Brock went to the Ever Grande Citie's beauty contest to check out the beautiful girls and Max is hanging out with May's exboyfriend Brendan" Ash said. "Exboyfriend? Since when you broke up with Brendan

May?" Yoshi said. "He was being a jerk and a pervert she said, but to be honest I never liked him anyway" she said. Before May continue her story, Ash saw Gary pass by and went to talk to him about something. "Sorry May I got to get home before the boat to New Bark Town leaves" Yoshi said.

"Before you go I want to ask you about something" May said. "I want to know if Ash has a girlfriend or not" May said. "He use to but he said Misty broke up with him and left to see Rudy in the orange Islands, she broke up with Ash because she loves Rudy more than

Ash and he was heart broking for two weeks" Yoshi said. "Why do you ask?" He said

"Because I'm starting fall in love with Ash", May said. "When did this happen?",

Yoshi said. "I started falling in love with him since the day I meet Ash in Little Root Town, he teaches me how to use pokemon, He came to cheer me up when I lost

My first pokemon contest, he rescues me when I'm in trouble, in my second pokemon

Contest when I was in the finals, I was losing to Drew till I heard Ash in the audiences,

He was cheering loud for me and gave me the strength to beat drew and I won.

If it weren't for pikachu and his electrical discharge, I wouldn't had meet Ash and any

Pokemon contest. And that's why I love him" May said. Yoshi was crying over

May's story. "Why are you crying Yoshi?"She said, your story was very touching, it reminds me of Dani and I he said.

Sorry that I'm not talking Rainbow Islands yet, but I promise I'll put it into part 2

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