Rikku: hmmmm I wonder how the others finish the test?

Yuffie: Yeah and I never get to see them finish too.

ShadowZero18: I saw it.

Yuffie and Rikku: YOU DID!

ShadowZero18: Yep

Yuffie: TELLS US!

ShadowZero18: Nope

Yuffie and Rikku: WHY?

ShadowZero18: Read the story and you'll find out.

Yuffie and Rikku: GRRRRRRRRRRboth holding a metal bat

Side Story: Before getting to the final door in the pokemon tower.

"Okay does anyone now how to get to the top" said May. "Not a clue" said Richie.

Suddenly a secret doors, Gengar starts pulling Julia and taking her to another room." Richie Help!" shouted Julia. "I'm coming Julia" said Richie. When Richie grab Julia's arm, Gengar pulled pulled them with force and took them to another room and shuts the door. "Bring them back now Gengar" said Ash." Its okay Ash. I think that was part of the test" said Richie. "Okay but be careful you two" said Ash. "We will Ash. See you guys at the final door" said Julia. Suddenly a Misdreavus comes out of no where and takes Allenby to the next room. "Hey put me down. Max help me" shouted Allenby" "I'm coming Alie! said Max. When Max and Allenby got to the other room, the door shuts and leaving Ash and May alone." Guess its just you and me May" said Ash. "Guess so" said May.

May's thoughts(Wait a minute! This is the perfect time tell Ash how I really feel about him….SWEET!). said May. "Lets go May" said Ash. "Um Ash. Before we go, I want to ask you something" said May." Hmmm what is it" asked Ash." Well….you've been on my mind for a long time. And I do enjoy being with you Ash." She said. "All I'm trying to say is that I love you Ash". When May finally said her true feelings towards Ash, Ash was shocked and surprise." When did you fell in love with me May?" said Ash." I've been in love with you since the day I meet you at Professer Birch lab. You've been so kind to me and protected me. And no matter what Ash, you will always be my knight in shiny armor. And I love you with all my heart. May said. When Ash heared every what May said, his face was all red and his heart was pounding like crazy." Is that true May" asked Ash. "Yes. Its all true Ash" answered May. "Well I-I love you too May" said Ash.

"Really Ash?" said May." Yes May. I really do" answered Ash. "Oh Ash!" May hugged Ash and kissed him passoinly." I'm so happy to finally be with you Ash. No matter what, you will always be in my heart." said May. " Mines too May" Ash answered back.

"Now lets try and pass this test" said Ash. "Alright Ash. Lets go" said May.

Kenta's route. "Hmmmmm….should we go left or right umbreon?" asked Kenta, "Um! Umbreon!(I don't know. Hard choice)" Umbreon answered back." Darn….I know!" Kenta picks up two small rocks and throws one on each side. He heard the right side had a low sound and the left side had a high sound."Alright! it's the left side. Lets go Umbreon" said Kenta. "Umbreon!(Yay! Lets go)" said Umbreon. When Kenta and Umbreon went to the left side, they heard a familier voice they heard before."Kenta! Kenta! Where are you" said the unknown voice. "Who's there?" Kenta asked. Suddenly an Espeon pops out of nowhere and jumps into Kenta's arms." Espeon long time no see. Wait a minute! If you're here, then that means…." Suddenly Kenta hears someone coming down the hall and see's Marina." It is you!" shouted Kenta

"Yep its me. Long time no see Kenta" said Marina. "what are you doing here Marina?" asked Kenta." Well I knew your going to be here so I asked Agatha if she could let me stay here til you come. Plus I also wanted to let you borrow my Espeon for your journey Kenta" anwsered Marina." Really Mairna? are you sure you want me to borrow your Espeon for my journey?" asked Kenta. "Yes. Espeon has been very lonely since we moved. Espeon does feel very happy when she's around me but she feels like theres something missing in her heart." anwsered Marina." Who is it Marina?" said Kenta . "Its Umbreon silly. She misses him alot everyday and as I misses you everyday Kenta. Please Kenta, will you please take care of Espeon during your journey and bring her back to me?" asked Marina. "Alright I promise to look after her Marina. So Umbreon, aren't you happy?" said Kenta. "Umbreon!(Yes I am. I'm very happy to be with Espeon again)" said Umbreon. "Thank you so much Kenta. I know I can count on you." said Marina. Marina walk towards Kenta and kissed him on the lips and Kenta began to blush bright red." giggle well I gotta go now. I'll be cheering you on Kenta and don't worry I'll be fine...oh I almost forgot! here you gogives Kenta a small note see yawinks at him" said Marina. Marina presses a stone button on the wall and a door opens the leads to the entrance." blushing did marina really kissed me Umbreon" asked Kenta. "Umbre! Umbreon!(Yep she did alright. Oh read the note that she gave you.)" said Umbreon.

Kenta opens the note and it saids:

Dear Kenta,

I'm so happy that your in the Rainbow legue now. I'm really glad that your here. Do your best and become a pokemon champion. I know you, Umbreon, and Espeon can do it. And please take care Kenta.



"Thank you...Marina. Ready to go Umbreon?" said Kenta." Umbreon!(Yeah lets go).

After wandering in the Maze, Ash and the gang are about meet up again. "phew...finally we're here May" said Ash." Yeah...I wondering where the others are?" said May. Finally Kenta and Umbreon had showed up. "Hey what's up you two" shouted Kenta." Kenta! your finally made it " said May." Yep...hey where's Max and my sister?" asked Kenta." They haven't came yet" said Ash. Suddenly Ash, May, and Kenta heard a rumbling sound in the other route. "whats that sound you huys?" asked May. " I don't know. it sounds like something is rolling from that direction" said Kenta. The sound is growing louded and Max and Allenby had showed and passed Ash, May, and Kenta. "Max! Allenby! why are you two running for?" said May." RUN FOR IT" shouted Max. "A GIANT ROLLING STONE IS COMING THIS WAY" shouted Allenby." Huh?turns aroundAHHHHHHH WAIT FOR US YOU TWO!" shouted Ash, May, and Kenta.

Yuffie: Ohhhhh so thats how they got to the finally gate.

Rikku: guess so...sorry for hitting you with the metal bats Shadow.

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