Night And Day Are Opposites: Introduction, Part One

You know, I just don't get how someone can be serious all the time.

I guess some people are born that way; but they're no fun to be around, like, ever. All they want to do is mope around and not explain to anyone why they aren't grinning or singing off tune, not carin' who hears them. Those are the type of people who excite me. The boring people are the ones who just won't laugh, won't sing, won't crack a joke, won't do anything. It really, really, REALLY annoys me.

So I've come up with a plan.

I'm going to find a person who acts just like that, and I'm going to pounce – which means that I'm going to try and make them cheer up and act more…more happy. It kind of worked on Yunie, and Yunie used to (sorry that I'm saying this) act like an old fart, even when she thought she was going to die. But then she started to let loose and now look at her: she's considered one of the baddest and funnest girls in Spira.

It wasn't really easy to get Yuna to change, but I still won in the end, didn't I? And if I can conquer her, then I can conquer anyone. Yep, that's me. Wonder Girl.

But there's just a teensy-weensy problem that I have right now: I don't have anyone to use my plan on.

Shoot, I guess instead of just finding someone to make-over, I'll just have to think of someone. Hm…ok, it's time to go through my choices. But I don't have a lot! Maybe I'll start with the most obvious, my crew members.

Buddy? Let me think about that one…no, he's already a really nice and happy guy. I like him the way he is, and sweet like candy with a go-get-'em attitude. So I might as well just have to cross him off the list. And that's gonna shorten my choices, and there isn't a lot of them left already…

Brother? Oh dra kutc cyja ic, NO. His personality makes me want to puke, but I'm going to have to deal with it. So I'm going to cross him off the list. But I have to remember to make sure that the person I'm trying to change isn't going to be anything like Brother. Ick. One of him is way more then enough for me.

Shinra? No, I can't imagine him as a really nice person. And the grinning part would be a problem because he's always wearing that silly mask. I wouldn't be able to see it! Plus, there are a lot of things I already like about Shinra that I wouldn't want to change. To top that all off, he's just a kid.

Poopie…there are barely any choices left! I'm gettin' drastic, so it looks like I'll have to look over the other people.

Barkeep? Oh Yevon, no. It just…just wouldn't be right. I mean, how exactly could I change a Hypello? Barkeep is already nice and smiles a lot anyways. He's someone – or something – I wouldn't need to change.

I've only got one choice left…

That's IT!

Paine! I'll try and make-over Paine! She matches the "serious and grumpy" type exactly. I don't need to look anymore because I have found my person! I swear, by the time I am done with her, she'll be very happy and smiling basically all the time. Rikku, oui yna y kaheic! She's exactly the challenge I've been looking for…oh, this is so perfect! Perfect and it couldn't get any better! Just think, I could make her stop wearing so much black; we could sing techno songs together; think of the things I could CHANGE about her!

Of course I don't want to change everything about her; just the things that aren't delightful about her. Like being serious all the time. Well, I think I just want to cheer her up a bit.

She'll be thanking me by the time it's over...

Man, she'll be thanking me.

- - -

Night And Day Are Opposites: Introduction, Part Two

Rikku is plotting something against me, I can just tell.

She's been shooting me weird glances from the other side of the bar, and every damn time I catch her in the act, she turns away and starts to giggle in her little girlish voice. To tell the truth, it is pissing me off to no end.

And to top it all off, she keeps on muttering incoherent things to herself. I have no doubt in the world that they're about me. So I need to watch my back in case she is going to pull off one of her pranks again; awhile ago she managed to have a bucket filled with sticky Chocobo feathers spill on my head when I walked through the doors of a shop; another time she placed a large whoopy cushion directly where I sat my ass on my bed. Brother and Buddy wouldn't stop teasing me about that one for at least two weeks.

Well chick, this time I'm not falling for it, no matter what the thing is.

So let's see if I can leak a bit of information out of her. Rikku usually opens her mouth a little sooner then she should, but for once in her life it's going to help someone besides the enemy.

- - -

There was the introduction for ya! Hopefully I get some good responses (if I get any at all). The next chapter will be much better, trust me. But I'm not giving anything away!