Charmed and Beautiful

Summary: Part Two Added.

Note: I added in hostile Seth because as we saw in 'The Distance,' Seth was quite hostile towards Ryan for leaving. What if that grudge went on for a while because Ryan never came back? Part Two of 'Charmed and Beautiful."

Disclaimer: I don't own 'The O.C.' and Advil.

Seth Atwood


Oh my god.

This is like Cloud Nine. Why the hell did Dad and my mom have to leave this? Dad always said it was Mom that waned to leave Newport and have me in Chino. Why the hell would you want to leave this and have a child in Chino? Who fucking knows what she was thinking?

" Dad, where is the Cohen's house?"

" Take a right."

I speed up and I take that corner fast " Where is it?" I ask again.

" Right here." Dad smiles, dusting his hands off on his jeans. " Go in the driveway."

So I turn in and jump out, shoving the keys to the truck in my pocket. Dad slowly gets out.

" Come on, Dad. They'll probably throw themselves all over you." I grin and say in a high pitched falsetto: " 'Oh Ryan, we missed you so much!'"

" Seth, if you act like that..."

" I know, Dad."

We go up the driveway. I'm walking quickly and Dad is taking small steps. We make it to the front door, where Dad nervously makes his hand into a fist and knocks. The door opens to reveal a tall man with dark brown curls. He has stubble on his face and is wearing a suit with a red tie.

"So you finally decide to show up." The man says. "With your son."

"Seth…" Dad starts.

"What?" I say as the man at the door says, "Don't bother, Ryan."

"I named him Seth." Dad gives an awkward smile and sticks his hands in his pockets. "Seth Thor Atwood. Like you wanted me to."

"Ryan, you left. You can't just show up here. Just go home, okay? Go back to Chino." The man called Seth spits the last part and my dad shudders. Seth leans against the doorway and then coughs into the nook between his arm and his upper arm.

"Seth, I'm sorry."

"You don't just say sorry and expect everything to go back to the way it was." Seth waited a second and then began to close his door. Dad moved out of the way.

"C'mon." Dad shakes my shoulder and turns around, going back to the vehicle. We get inside and I start the engine up. Dad slinks down in his seat.

"I'm sorry about that, Seth." Dad says. "Where'd I put that Advil?"