A/N: Consider this story revamped after almost 3 years of nothing


Jin Kazama was quite possibly the most eligible bachelor in all of Tokyo. He was the current owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu, residing at famed Mishima Estate. Hoards of women lusted after him, his fame, his lifestyle. In essence, he could easily slip into the playboy fa├žade the way his old rival found it easy to; nameless beautiful women, night after night, not a care in the world. Anyone would love this laid back lifestyle, but Jin wasn't one of them. Jin worked hard to be who he was and was known for his workaholic nature. Universally respected in the business world and virtually revered by women, he appeared to have it all, and yet there was something left to be desired.

He'd met her during the third king of iron first tournament; Ling Xiaoyu, his despicable grandfather's innocent ward. As a teenager, it had killed him to live in the same house as Xiao without ever so much as managing to exchange more than a hello with her. He was almost positive that she hadn't noticed him, which had puzzled him to no end. Jin had never had to work to get a woman to notice him, up until he'd met Xiao he'd considered the universal gravitation which seemed to affect all women the female condition, his own version of Kepler's law.

After Jin had won the fourth tournament, Heihachi had passed away. Initially, it wasn't a great loss to Jin who inherited the Mishima Zaibatsu and assumed control over it. When Heihachi left, so did Xiao. He always figured she'd gone back to Guangzhou to spend a few more years with her own grandfather. She left without a word, the familiar ache came back at the very thought of her. He remembered back to that last night, unknown to all souls but two.

He never spoke a word about her or anything related to her. And why should he? Xiao was and always would be his. She remained his secret, his silent obsession.