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A very anxious Jin eyed the pink envelope suspiciously. He was a wreck and didn't know what to do with himself. Jin had been staring at that piece of paper for about thirty minutes now, he couldn't bear to open it. He also couldn't bear not too. What if she left him because she secretly hated him...or she was kidnapped! Yes, there was still the kidnap theory.

"Naoko," he somberly called over the intercom. "I need your assistance." Jin waited in his study quietly for Naoko to arrive. He'd thought of a solution to this problem.

"Yes," she alerted him of her presence with a soft bow. "What do you need Master Kazama?"

"Take this letter, Naoko and put it in the safe...I don't want to look at it anymore." Jin gave her precise instructions, making direct eye contact as well. "Put it deep in there too..." he paused for a brief moment. "I don't want it falling out on me when I go to get something out of there."

"Yes, but may I ask?" Naoko requested permission to ask her question. It was a sort of personal question. One that a maid had no business asking. "No, never mind." She changed her mind and began to make her exit. That was much to bold a question to be asking her boss.

"Wait," he commanded. "What's your question Naoko? And please call me Jin." He'd always asked the staff to call him by his first name, but they rarely did. Perhaps they'd thought that he was like his father of grandfather. "Come on, out with it?"

"Have you read the letter?" Naoko asked quietly, not making eye contact. If she knew one thing about Mishimas, it was that they were people that you did not want to upset. Even though, he took the last name of his mother, Mishima blood still coursed through his veins and she was keen to that fact.

"No," he admitted. "I can't bring myself to even open it."

"Why not?" Naoko chided herself for her last question. She was swiftly delving into his personal life now and she was sure that that was not such a good idea. "Oh excuse me sir...sorry."

"No, don't be." Jin hated the way that all of his staff feared him. "Stay for a minute Naoko, I like the company." Jin did his best to flash a slight smile at her, hoping to put her at ease. "I guess I just didn't read it because I'm afraid of what it says."

"Oh, who's it from?" Naoko asked as she eased her way into the seat across from him. "If I may ask.."

"Of course you can ask, it's from a dear friend." Jin had to admit that he'd tuned down her status to 'a dear friend'. But afraid of him or not, all maids were professional gossipers and if he were to let her name slip then it would be all over the house. "She's gone now and I'm just not sure where she went...she left the letter for me but that's all."

So it was a she huh? Naoko smiled inside. "Well Master Kazama, whenever you are ready...it will locked away in the safe." Naoko stood up to leave, not being able to resist the temptation of sharing this new information, no matter how minimal it was. "Good day sir," she muttered quietly as she closed the door behind her.

Jin sat in his study all day, just thinking of her. All too soon, the sun shrank away from the horizon and the moon made its appearance. The study grew dark and Jin's eyes grew heavy. He took one last glance at the balcony before his eyelids closed for the night.

Jin sat comfortably, reading the latest issue of Forbes. Naoko brought him a scotch, just like he had requested, and then she closed the door behind her. Jin downed the drink in one gulp and went right back to his magazine. He heard a small squeak, such as a door handle creaking. Jin barely glanced to the moonlit balcony. Perhaps it was just the wind playing tricks on his imagination.

His eyes came across the yearly list of the most powerful people in the world. His eyes slowly scrolled up and he wasn't surprised to find that he'd made the top ten again. He read the entire list and flipped the page, when the small resounding creak came about again. He stood up and analyzed every spot in the room, looking for what could be the source of the noise. His eyes at last fell to the balcony again. Another small creak and the balcony doors blew open, allowing the wind to dance amidst the white curtains, creating a great marriage as the curtains blew about in the wind.

Jin sauntered over to the window and closed the doors. He sighed, the lock must be broken. He wasn't in a rush to get it fixed though, who would scale up five stories just to get into his house? Upon giving it a second thought, he decided that it would be best to get it fixed just in case there were any crazies out there.

With a small shrug he turned around and walked back over to his chair, standing behind it. He'd reached for his magazine again when the doors blew open again. Jin turned around impatiently, ready to walk back over there and possibly break the glass doors. However, he paused when his eyes met with the sight before him. He couldn't make out her features, but behind the bellowing curtains stood a young woman, her hair tousled by the wind, the moonlight creating an ethereal glow about her.

"Xiao..."he muttered softly. His voice was a mere whisper, barely audible in fact. "I.." he tried to speak, but couldn't find the words. What was the point if she was finally back? Since there was nothing else he could do, he stood there frozen in his spot. Jin watched in awe as she slowly approached him. "Xiao..." he tried to speak again but this time was silenced by her small hand. He wished for her to speak...he needed to hear her voice...to hear her say that it was ok again.

Xiaoyu placed a hand on his chest, placing her head right next to it. Her other hand, meandered along his ribcage until it found his spine, lightly patting his back. The small heave of her chest comforted him enough, it was all he needed.

Jin's hands travelled from her hair, to her shoulder blades, holding her small frame tightly to him. He bent his head just enough so that he could smell her hair...ahh jasmine. He'd taken a certain liking to that fragrance since she'd began using the scented shampoo. "Xiao I love you." He couldn't wait to say it, he needed to say it.

Xiaoyu slowly pushed him away from her so that there was now a few inches between their bodies. He was about to elaborate on his feelings, when she brought her hand up to his mouth yet again, shaking her head softly. Jin leaned down to kiss her, but the closer he leaned, the farther away she became.

The wind grew stronger and stronger until it pick Xiaoyu up in its clutches, carrying her away. Jin reached out his hand for her, grasping onto hers, but it wasn't enough and she was pulled away from him out the balcony from which she came. The wind settled and the doors closed again, everything as it was before.

Jin shot up out of his chair. He could feel his breath quickening and his pulse rate sky rocket. He stared at the open balcony doors in contempt. What a cruel dream it had been. To have her in his arms again, only to be plucked away by the wind that had brought her.

He sauntered over to the open doors amidst billowing curtains, stepping out onto the balcony. Jin watched the still night, his eyes wandering up to the moon. "Where are you Xiao?" he asked it, picturing her smile in it. "I'll find you.." he whispered before turning and stepping back into his office.

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