Disclaimer- I don't own,

You know that,

I wrote knick-knack on your mat,

With a knick-knack, paddy-what, give the toad a gift, no one came to sue-ue me.

(Yes, I know, rather a weak attempt, but I'm not the world's greatest bard. I don't own This Old Man either.)

What a Toad Wants

Trevor the Toad's Christmas Wish List, Year 1991

1.) To not get lost in the girls' bathroom for once.

2.) To become an Animagus with the form of a human.

3.) A nice, non-magical fly (the magic-tainted ones taste all weird).

4.) A glittery Maroon sweater (Hogwarts is cold, and I like glitter and Maroon).

5.) A pair of glittery amphibian socks.

6.) My own private swimming pool (seriously, you have to hop all the way to the lake to swim here).

7.) To get someone else to type my list next Christmas (it's very difficult for a toad to type).

8.) Some Honeydukes Chocolate Frogs.

9.) A visit to Ye Olde-Fashioned Pet Shoppe to see the rest of my siblings.

10.) For Neville's Gran to become nicer and decide to let me out of that fish-tank this summer.

11.) For someone to actually read this list.

Trevor hopped off the keyboard and onto the mouse, and steers it over to the upper left-hand corner, clicks File, then Print, and prints out a copy of his Christmas List in maroon ink. He grabs it in his mouth, and hops off to find Neville.

A.N. Did you like it? If you did, I can write his lists for following years, it all depends on the reviews I get.