Disclaimer-see chapter one.

TeenTypist- Terribly sorry, but you are outnumbered.

Purplereader- I love your reviews! (Having a totally out of character moment) You make my feel all warm inside!

Raablyn who has email troubles- WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT CALLING ME THAT?!!! Now the touch-my-ponytail-I-step-on-your-foot policy also applies for calling me that despicable name.

grindylow07- Hooray! I live for reviews!

harrypotterismine-ilovehim- The whole point is that you have never seen one quite like this before. And just in case any of you run off with my idea: Hands off! It was my idea first!

Raablyn- Well, I hope I gave you some ideas, O wise (and irritating) one who has the same warped and twisted and insane imagination as mine.

Vanilla Breeze- Have you ever been onto ? It is the world's most awesome Redwall fan site. I might have seen you there, if you are on it.

Trevor the Toad's Christmas List, Year 1992

Keep those twins with the red hair away from me!

A collection of all Shakespeare's works (a toad can be a poet, what's wrong with that?)

For Neville not to unhinge his jaws staring at my remarkable typing abilities this time.

A map of Hogwarts (I keep getting lost!)

Terminate those girls' bathrooms! (I don't like giggly, gossipy girls: hint, hint- Parvati and Lavender, for example)

A woolen, glittery, lilac (my new favorite color) scarf, jacket, gloves, and hat.

Tap dancing shoes (my new hobby).

A bigger keyboard more suited for my webbed feet. Also, disable the spell-checker.

A recording of Beethoven's symphonies.

10.)Doom on Neville's Gran! Doom on Neville's Gran! Doom on Neville's Gran (no offense)!

Trevor once again, was exhausted after his efforts. That spell-checker was seriously getting on his nerves. He printed and hopped off in search of Neville.