Title: Blinded

Disclaimer: It's not mine.

Rating: PG

AN: I like Alex. Before Marissa makes me hate her, I wrote her a fic.


Alex hasn't ever had a boyfriend. She's screwed around with guys, she's had a million guy friends, she's even gone out on a date or two.

But she wouldn't count any of them as a boyfriend. They just kind of hang out. She thought that maybe she could count Seth as her first boyfriend.

But it doesn't count when your 'boyfriend' is in love with another girl.

Every time Seth looks at Summer, his eyes soften. Even when they're in the middle of a screaming match and he feels like he just can't stand her, even when he's winning the argument, his eyes give her the upper edge every time.

Because Seth can't help but look at her like she's the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth, and he can't believe he's actually speaking with her.

Now he looks at Alex that way.

Contrary to popular belief, he does. He really does.

But it's completely different.

When Seth looks at Alex, he looks at her adoringly, yes, but it's a forced adoration. He looks at her like he knows he should look at her like he adores her, so he just makes himself. He's good at that.

Really good.

So good, in fact, that sometimes Alex thinks that he's actually in love with her.

But then Summer will just happen to walk by.

And Seth will look at her.

Sometimes Alex picks him up after school, and she'll hang out with him at his Comic Club meeting, and they're looking at a book or a magazine, or a CD, and they're actually focused, and they're not even facing Zach. But then she walks by to see him, behind them, even, and Seth just knows. And then Seth whips his head around so fast that Alex is seriously afraid that one of these days it will just snap off.

And then, after she walks past, pretending not to notice him, even though Alex can always detect a tiny grin on her face, Seth turns back to Alex. And he's always smiling.


And he still looks like he can't believe he just saw her. And that the rest of his day will be all-time now, since he got a glimpse of Summer freaking Roberts.

And his eyes glisten in adoration.

He tries to make it go away when he sees her, but it never works.

Seth actually tries notto look at Summer like she's anything but his friend, he tries to not look at her like he's still in love with her.

He's trying not to, and it's still a hundred times deeper than anything his eyes do when he looks at Alex.

He can never tell when Alex walks up behind him.

Sometimes she tries, just to see. But there's nothing there.

So she's not going to try anymore. She's given up. Sure, he's really cute, and really funny, and pretty damn perfect. But this is stupid, and Alex is not a fan of triangles.

Maybe she'll go hang out with Marissa instead.