Disclaimer: Not mine.
Spoilers: Gemini, Season 8 in general.
Set: post-Gemini, unknown location (somewhere on Earth, presumably.
Pairing: ...RC/5! Notes: A short pieces tossed off while at work, due to Liz's behest that I use some of the phrases listed in quotations. (although the beginning one is ALL HERS)... The title is a line from Metric's "The People", which is a haunting song, and makes me thinkg of bad angsty things. (this also started out as Domino, but it changed, because it wasn't Dom by the third line. Besides, I have Dom elsewhere).

Late Tomorrow Skies by ALC Punk!

"Opposing assumptions/interpretations of research from areas in the lower basin and some environmental-based agencies..."

The words were background noise. An undertone that reminds her she is alive.

Still alive. Still perfect. Still one of a kind.

There is something to be said for being unique, and she luxuriates in it.

"...adverse reaction..."

Not that there's anything wrong with being human. Although, as a replicator, she assumes superiority to humans. Automatically, she is evolutionarily superior. They are weak, meager beings that understand less than .35 percent of what they should.

'You are Samantha Carter.'

Fifth's words are haunting, but they are nothing but a fragment of memory now. Her lips curve slightly, remembering how shocked he'd been.

She is, of course, exactly who he says. And more.

"...unfavorable conjecture at this point..."

Restless, her hand gestures, the television turns off. The background noise is now stifled.