Summary: Jack's POV during 'Entity'.

Pairings: Sam/Jack

Genre/Category: A dash of romance, a hint of angst, a cup of humor and a bowl of sci-fi!

Author's Note: This is hardly shippy at all, I'm surprised! Miracles happen, I guess. Basically, this is just full of Jack's sarcasm

and what he was thinking.


"Carter? Carter?!"

I said that just before I cut the power to the probe's little nest. She fell to the floor, unconsious. Although what I wanted to say

was "Told ya so." I didn't. In fact, I didn't say anything at all. I was worried, I guess.

I followed them to the infirmary, hoping by some god-damned miracle she'd wake up.

She didn't.

I sat by her side, waiting for her to wake up well over 2 hours.

She did. But she didn't say a word.

Dr. Frasier said that Carter's memories were supressed by the bug thing. We tried to talk to it, you know, as for it's name, why it's

here, what the hell it's doing in my 2IC's body.

You know the usual, standard procedure.

Eventually, we ended up in the briefing room. We were discussing the procedure in which to get the computers back online, and how

to extract the bug from Carter's body.

"...I know how much Major Carter means to you, son."

I bet ya do.

"She is a valuble asset to the SGC, sir."

"Yes she is."


What I wanted to say, would have gotten me in a whole lot of trouble.

I went back to the infirmary. That bug was more talkative lately, but not a whole lot. It kept on saying stuff like "I must preserve."

and "You will not kill her to kill me."

I knew she would have told me to, but, I wasn't going to listen to that. I've done it before and we'd made it out alive, I can do it


But this was different, wasn't it?

Everyone; General Hammond, Janet, Daniel, Teal'c; tried to make me feel better. I appreciated their little 'pep talks' but told them

all to work their asses off to get her back. That was the best thing they could do for me.

It's not like it wasn't true.

Me and Daniel tried to get it to talk, yet again. It pulled the same logic it did the last time. Daniel tried his oh-so-prevalent Mister

nice-guy technique.

Didn't work, and I was getting fed up with it.

"We'll send more. Many more."

"No, please! I must preserve!"

"Then leave Major Carter's body."

"You can't!"


"You're Damn right we can!"

She, um, it, took off. I knew what it was doing.

"Let her go!"

I gave it a headstart before following. A couple of SFs followed and stopped her. She started sending all these electrical shocks

into the walls. I shot her with my zat once. She looked mad, and continued. I knew I had to shoot again, but I couldn't. Carter

was in there somewhere, and I knew if I shot again I'd both. By the time I had come to my senses she, it, whatever, had

stopped. I shot and she fell to the floor, dead. It was a take in. Samantha Carter, My Sam, was dead.

Later, in the infirmary, I talked to Janet.

"She's living entirely on life support. I think it's time to let her go."

Even though I knew she was right, I just couldn't let her die.

"Just, give it a minute."

Apparently a couple of technicians stumbled over the 'nest'. We ended up in there, and it said 'I am here'. I thought it was the bug,

Daniel thought it was Carter.

I am so glad I was wrong.