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I am Monique

Howdy, folks, I am Monique. I am friends with Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Kim Possible is my main best friend. We hit the mall like a tackle hits a quarterback. That girl, mmm, mmm, mmm, she is the Club Banana girl. That child has the fashion sense of a goddess. She and I met in a Club Banana Store and we have had the greatest times together ever since. She has a style all her own and don't show it off. There are some around here who think they are fashion plates and do show it off. One particular cheerleader comes to mind but I am not saying any names but her first name starts with a B. One time some fashion designers show was saved by Kim and that lady put out an entire line of clothes just like Kim's mission clothes. Totally freaked Kim out. I mean everyone was wearing clothes just like Kim wears on missions. She is a friend to everybody and tries to do the right thing.

Though sometimes her brain doesn't quite think things through especially when it comes to a guy named Josh Mankey. If you ever wanted to see Kim Possible totally lose it, put Josh Mankey in the equation. One particular Halloween I remember I asked Kim to come to a party that I was having. It would not have been a really big deal but Josh was going to be there. I didn't know at the time but Kim and Ron had been on a mission and she had gotten this project thingee on her wrist. Well, Kim was stressed out over the party because she normally went trick or treating with Ron. This particular year her folks were doing a charity thing as the hospital. Well, Kim lied to her parents and Ron so she could go to the party. Well, things went bad from there. The project thing on her wrist was some type of armor and it reacted to her stressing out over the party. By the time she got there the thing had fully encased her. That was a scary sight. Totally trashed her princess costume she had on. Well, Drakken, Shego and Killigan showed up and caused a lot of problems. Kim came in and stopped them and was caught in her lies. Her parents were not very happy, neither was Ron. Kim got grounded big time for that one. Kim and Josh went to a couple of dances and went on several dates but later they just went their separate ways. I think they realized things just were not working out.

I would hope that Kim considers me to be one of her closest friends. She tells me a lot of things. Sometimes we will hit the mall for some major shopping and we will stop at the food court for a smoothie. Then sometimes she just gets all quiet and starts to talk about things. She seems to confide in me. I know I am not her best friend, nope, nope, nope. That honor goes to the most unlikely person you would ever think would be close to Kim Possible.

That friend is Ron Stoppable. A big goof with a big heart. He and Kim have been friends since I have ever known them. The word is they first met in Pre-K and they have been taking care of each other ever since. You wonder sometimes who takes care of who most of the time but I believe it evens out over time. Ron has a motto "Never Be Normal" and boy does he live up to that. When he first started to be the Middleton Mad Dog, Kim and the other cheerleaders about blew their fuses over it. But in time, his Mad Dog routines became so popular things just grew from there. Ron and I love wrestling and it drives Kim absolutely crazy. We went to a fight one time and some little scrawny dude stole an amulet from an Egyptian display in Middleton. The little nut changed himself into some dog-god thing and got in the ring. He trashed Pain King and Steel Toe with no problem. Then Ron and Kim stepped in and with Rufus helping, they took the guy down. Kim and Ron take on the crazy villains from all over all the time.

I just hope that they will be OK. I mean so far neither one of them has been hurt but you never know. Those two are so different yet they almost think for one another. They each seem to know what the other is going to do before they do it. I am not sure exactly what each of them feels for the other but there have been time upon time that they each have saved the other. One time Ron got in this crazy ferret suit and acted like some dumb TV superhero. Some other dude was running around Middleton in a skunk suit and was going to do some really nasty things at a convention. Well, Kim got knocked out by some gas and what does Ron do. But swing out of the rafters with a perfect grace carrying an unconscious Kim and place her on the floor in a safe place was something amazing to see. Some folks that saw it happen told me later, that he laid Kim down with a gentleness that showed he really cared for her. Then he turned around and stopped the nut in the skunk suit. I mean Ron is about as graceful as combat boots but that time he amazed everyone. Kim gave him a hug later that everyone saw and the two of them enjoyed very much.

Kim has saved Ron a couple of times also. Last Christmas as a gift Ron took on Drakken all by himself so Kim could have Christmas with her family and not be interrupted. Ron took on Drakken in some space station and actually did a good job. That was until his "Ron-ness" took over and they had to abandon the self-destructing space station in the garbage pod as all the escape pods were gone. Well, Kim found out what was going on and had to search all over the world for the pods. When she found the last one, Ron was not there, Kim cried. Kim Possible, the girl who saves the world, cried. She cried for Ron, because she thought she had lost him. Kim Possible has cried only two times as long as anyone has ever known her. Both times it has been because she thought something had happened to Ron. Well, she found Ron later and Drakken actually called a truce for Christmas. He made cupcakes. Poor Kim she was so confused she just about went into brain lock. That was until Drakken pushed her and Ron under the mistletoe. She knew what she wanted to do then and gave Ron his first kiss on the cheek. Completely surprised Ron, though I know he enjoyed it very much. Kim told me later that she really wanted to kiss him on the lips by decided not to at the last second. She said that was for the better for just as she gave Ron the kiss her folks walked in where she, Ron, Shego and Drakken were. She wasn't ready for her folks seeing her kiss Ron.

Just recently Kim got in a fight with Shego and got some mood enhancing chip stuck on her. She went through a number of emotions but the one that really caused trouble was the love setting. Friends, if you think Kim acted silly around Josh at first, she topped it all this time. Kim chased Ron all over school, passing sweet little notes, giving Ron the biggest goo-goo eyed looks. I mean everyone thought she had totally lost it. Bonnie really got confused. Poor Ron, I mean I know he probably hoped things might work out between he and Kim but not like this. The poor guy was totally out of his mind. He found me working on the floats one time. He was all dressed in the pickle costume and asked me about Kim. He didn't know that Kim was right behind him. That boy was green and freaked. Later, Ron sort of asked Kim to go to the Middleton days. Actually I think Kim tricked him into saying it but what ever! The result was Kim planting one on Ron's lips that fried the poor boy's mind. He had the stupidest grin of his face afterward. Poor Wade, he just happened to pop on the screen just in time for him to see Kim and Ron kissing. Poor guy had no idea what was going on. Later Ron decided the best thing would be to tell Kim he wanted to break up. But when he went to pick up Kim her parents were totally out of it. Mrs. P was crazy happy and Mr. P was crazy in dad protecting daughter happy. I never really found out what he said to Ron, all I could ever get out of Ron was something about "black hole deep" go figure, whatever. Well, Kim came out dressed to kill. I mean I didn't know she even had that little black dress, but like WOW, you go girl. Ron just about had brain freeze when he saw her. Well to make a long story short, later Ron told Kim he wanted to break up and that really upset Kim.

All this time Shego had been wearing the matching chip that Kim had and had been freaking out Drakken. Drakken showed up and grabbed the controller from Ron and tried to boost it or something. Well, it put Kim and Shego into a rage. Kim was already upset and the new setting really set her off. Poor Ron had to run. Well, it worked out in the end as Ron ran into Shego and she started after Ron. When Kim saw Ron really in trouble, something happened. Her feelings for Ron were apparently stronger than the emotion control chip. The chip fried and Kim got control of herself and things worked out.

Well, these two are some of the best friends I have. But, there is something I want say. Kim and Ron have been saving a whole lot of people for a long time. They constantly risk their lives for those in need. They get bruised and battered constantly. They have long hours on missions yet still make it to school. How they do it, I don't know. They have to work at it like crazy. They have missed school dances, proms, and other high school functions that everyone else has been able to do. Everyone is always expecting them to be the heroes all of the time and never seem to give them a chance to be normal teenagers. I really feel for them. They are missing out on what a lot of people dream about, yet they don't complain. They are together. I really believe that that is what really matters to them. They would face the most horrible end if it meant that the other would live. They risk their lives for each other all of the time. They might not really know what their feelings are for each other, but they are there for each other no matter what. They have been together for a long time. They are together now. You know, I really think that they will be together forever. Good luck you two, you really deserve each other.

Sorry that it took me so long to get this story up. My workload tripled at the office and I had to put in a lot of long hours to get caught up before Christmas. I really hope you like this "I am". Monique to me is a very special character as she is the only one that really knows both Kim and Ron. She seems to be there when one or the other of them needs her. This one was really fun to do, but all of them are really. I think Tim and Jim are next. The tweebs got in trouble in my last fic "A Stoppable Christmas". So I think I will work on them now. I have been thinking on "A Stoppable Christmas" and may just expand the story just a bit. Tell a little about Kim and Ron together over Christmas, and their recovery. Also there was a picture I saw posted by Rich and inspired by my good friend Maxie Goofmore. I have planned two possible fics on that picture. If you have not seen it. It is Kim and Ron dressed up very nicely and sitting on a bench. I will be planning another part of the "Just You and Me Kimmie" sometime over the holidays. Kim and Dr. P. are going to have to face their first Christmas without their loved ones. Ron as usual will be there for the both of them. Merry Christmas everybody.