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I am Monique Chapter two

Hi folks, come on over and have a seat. There is plenty of seating this time of day here in the food court. Can I get you a smoothie or something else to drink? Are you sure? Ok, well I have a great deal to tell you. THIS IS NOT gossip. It's all the truth and the whole school is rocking over it. I mean you would think that something like this really won't be a big deal,but because it concerns two certain people, it makes all the difference in the world. Yep, I am talking about Kim and Ron. LET me give you the scoop.

It all started a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was excited about the prom. They were all making plans and my best friends Kim and Ron got called to Japan to save some toy maker guy from being kidnapped. They were able to stop Drakken from taking him and came back to Middleton. I was talking to Kim later. She was really bummed out. She kept talking about Bonnie had said this and that and that she was weirding guys out. I told her she was letting Bonnie get under her skin. Of course she denied it. I then did my impression "What good is saving the world if you don't have anyone to share it with." I then gave her my patented Monique smirk. She conceded defeat. She and Ron were called on a mission then. I never really heard what went on but things did not go well at all.

Later back at school Kim was really getting bummed out over Ron. I could tell she still liked him but he was acting so crazy even for Ron. Then this dreamboat of a guy named Erik came into the picture. He and Kim really hit it off. We were trying on dresses one day. She told me maybe she should just raid her closet. But I told her she was going to be Kimbrella. Just them Erik showed up. You know I didn't realize it till later but Erik always seemed to show up at the best times for him and worst times for Ron. Soon Erik had asked Kim to the Prom and Ron was left out.

Then the night of the Prom came. Wow, Kim and Erik were the hit of the prom. I mean he looked so awesome and Kim looked wonderful. The two of them got out on the dance floor and really cut loose. Soon they were the center of attention as they danced the night away. I didn't even realize till later that Ron was not there. Everyone found out later, that Ron would be the true hero that night.

Ron had gone to Bueno Nacho to get something to eat and stumbled onto Drakken's plot and was attacked by these little robots. He came to the prom to get Kim. Somehow even though things didn't look good for Ron, Kim looked deep into her own heart and trusted Ron again. She and Ron went out into the night leaving Erik behind. They went out to do what they had been doing together for so long and that is taking on the villains wanting to take over our world. Drakken found out the Kim was onto his plan and he activated the robots in Middleton. Soon the little toy robots grew to great big robots that started to tear the place apart. Kim and Ron were able to stop the robots on the local level but they found out that somehow Erik had left the Prom and gotten captured by Drakken.

Soon Kim and Ron were knocking on Drakken's door and getting ready to kick his butt. Then that chick Shego showed up. Kim had gotten a new battlesuit and soon she had beaten Shego. Then Erik showed up, Kim ran into his arms concerned for his safety. But she found out the hard way that Erik was nothing but a robot/synthodrone thing. Erik hit Kim with a strong electric shock and knocked her out. When Ron saw what was happening he attacked without a second thought only to run straight into an arm put up by Shego and was knocked out.

Kim and Ron woke up tied up in the warehouse at Bueno Nacho. Kim was crushed, everything that had seemed to go right for her had been nothing but an illusion, all a fake. For the first time in her life Kim gave up. But you know what, there was another guy in Kim's life, one that had always been at her side in good times and bad. Ron Stoppable, the guy everyone laughed at, the guy everyone considered a failure, a fool, and a buffoon was still there helping her when she needed him the most. The guy who had fought off monkey ninjas by the dozens, henchmen too, a sumo ninja and had traveled the world with her stood up to her and gave her back her faith in herself. I think at that point Kim realized everything she had always been looking for was hanging tied up just like her in front of her.

The two of them got free and took on Drakken, Shego and Erik and beat all three of them. At the end of the fight, the villains were defeated, the world was safe, and Kim stood there realizing that Ron was standing there with her. He had even made Drakken was his name. Kim told me later that she had never been so proud of Ron. In the end as the police were taking Drakken, Shego, and all the henchmen away it was Ron that slammed the door to the villain and his crew. Kim told me later it was then that she really saw Ron as the man that he was. She knew then where her place was and that was at Ron's side. The heck with what everyone else thought. She grabbed Ron's hand and said they needed to hurry. "Where" he had asked. "You'll see" she had told him.

All of the students had stayed at the prom. We all thought that would be best and that we would be safer there than out on the streets. All of us watched the news flashes and reports over a small TV. Kim Possible had done it again they were saying. Brick got all excited and said "Possible shoot she scores" and turned to get a high five. Of course Bonnie would rather have died to do something positive toward Kim. So I said "straight UP" and gave Brick the high five he was waiting for. Bonnie's temper started to get the better of her and said "Excuse me". Brick didn't miss a beat and said "Oh, you're excused, hey while you are gone I'll hang with Monique." Boy oh Boy did that ever get to Bonnie. Then everyone's attention was on the door to the room. There stood a sight that surprised some, but one that everyone was expecting somehow someway. Because in the doorway stood Kim and Ron both dressed in their Prom best. Kim was wearing that wonderful dress where the hem had been burnt off by a blast from one of the robots. Ron was wearing that pale blue tux. They were holding hands.

Bonnie started her little tirade "It finally happened. Kim's dating that loser. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are dating!" Then she laughed that awful putdown laugh that she does so well. She stopped expecting everyone to laugh with her. BOY, did she get a surprise! EVERYONE cheered like crazy. I mean everyone except Bonnie was happy that those two had finally realized that they belonged together. A wonderful little song started to play about friends and realizing what they meant to each other. Ron and Kim looked very uncomfortable, but Ron smiled that little Ron smile and extended his hand to Kim who took it. Soon they were out in the middle of the floor dancing together. After a bit Kim let go of Ron's hand and pulled him close, placing her head on his shoulder. They continued to dance holding each other so close.

I was standing off to the side watching the two of team. Rufus Ron's little mole rat buddy was there on the music table where I was standing. We watched the two of them finally enjoying themselves as they deserved to be as boyfriend and girlfriend, and possibly something else. I just stood and watched, letting out a little sigh. Girls dream of romantic moments like this. I also had to smile a little when I glanced to the side of the room. There stood Brick stuffing his face while Bonnie stood there with her arms crossed looking very upset.

Kim and Ron all of a sudden stopped dancing and stood looking at each other. Ron smiled and Kim and she smiled back. Little bells started going off in my head and I thought. NO, THEY WOULDN'T. Not here in front of everybody. Not out in the middle of the floor. Would they? Well I got my answer. The two of them got real close and Kim lowered her head and they touched foreheads, both of them smiling happily. Then Kim slowly raised her head, her lips opened and then, IT HAPPENED! Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable kissed each other in full view of everyone there. IT WAS SO AWESOME! They held the kiss for quite sometime, and when they finally broke the kiss the look they gave each other told me exactly how they felt about each other. They stayed a little while longer, but it was clear that the two of them had reached a point in their relationship that others can only dream about.

They were two people who had known each other most of their lives. They knew each other's good points and bad. They knew how each other thought and they knew that they wanted to be together more than anything. Those two had faced some incredible hardships together, some nearly ripping their friendship apart. Yet, each needed the other so much that they always went back. Kim and Ron were so different that is for sure. But I have never in my life seen two people who needed the other like those two did. They have a relationship that dreams are made of.

There was a pool going at the time on when Kim and Ron would get together. Personally I had them together at Christmas so I missed out. Now the pool is betting on when a ring will appear on Kim's hand. I said right before graduation, so we will have to see. Well, well, well, speaking of the two lovebirds now. Here they come. They have had a break from the missions for awhile now. Drakken and Shego are still in prison and all the other seemed to be giving them a break. They are taking advantage of it at every opportunity. I'll see you guys later. I promised Kim I would help her pick out a bathing suit that would knock Ron off his feet. I hope you have a great day. Bye. HEY KIM, OVER HERE!

Greetings everyone. Well, now I will start updating some of the older I am's bringing them up to date with the events of StD. I picked Monique as she did have a good part in the movie. Stay tuned for more updates.