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Summary: Special Agent Kate Todd knows her boss has absolutely no personal life. She decides that that must be the reason he's always so grumpy, so she sets him up with one of her best friends. Neither Gibbs nor his blind date has any idea that Kate's playing matchmaker. Gibbs comes to Kate's door to pick up his date and is immediately shocked. Of course, he has to take her out now- it's not her fault. Later, Gibbs wants payback. Will he end up putting two people who can barely tolerate each other together? Or will his plan backfire and make her just as happy as he is?

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Kate walked into Headquarters and looked at her watch. If she hurried, she could make it to her desk just barely on time. Or she could just go about at her own normal pace and get there less than five minutes late. She thought a moment and then decided to go ahead and wait for the elevator and take her time. Someone rushed past her and ran up the stairs. She shook her head and decided that she was glad that Gibbs was her boss. Sure, he was irritable and had a more fluctuating mood than she did when she was PMSing, but he was fair and a damn good agent. The elevator came and she got in, still sort of wondering who had hurried past her in the hallway. The elevator stopped and she walked swiftly to her desk. She didn't run, but she didn't want it to seem like she was wandering in because she had nothing better to do.

"You're late," commented Gibbs from his desk. He didn't look up at her or anything; he just knew. "Why?" he asked, almost as an afterthought. She could tell he was already in a bad mood.

"Well, see Abby-" she began and then changed her mind. "Never mind; it was my own fault."

"Is Abby here?" he asked, suddenly aware that Abby could still be at home and he'd never know it.

"Yes, of course Abby's here… She called me from here at 6:30 this morning," Kate told him, vaguely wondering why he wanted to know.

"Then what's your excuse?" he asked.

"She called because she… Well, you go and ask her what happened," she decided. If he was going to treat her like shit because she was two minutes late then she would at least make him find out on his own.

"Kate, do I have to remind you that you're late for work?" he asked as he gave her a look that quite clearly told her that he wanted to know and he wasn't about to go and ask Abby.

She ignored him and sat down at her desk. She looked up at Tony, who was sitting at his desk and restyling his hair. "What the hell happened to you?" she asked. His hair was whipped back; it looked like he had run all the way to work from his apartment.

"I happened to decide to run up the stairs instead of wait for the elevator," he told her with a knowing glint in his eyes.

"So it was you," she realized irritably.

"Yeah, it was," he admitted with a wide grin. "And, in case you haven't realized, I wasn't late…" he added.

"Wow Tony… You're improving," came Abby's voice from somewhere around the corner. She appeared a couple of seconds later with a maniacal grin on her face and an all knowing twinkle in her eye.

"Hell yeah!" he agreed.

"Where's Gibbs?" she asked as she turned to Kate.

"He's right here wondering why you're not in your lab," answered Gibbs as he stood up.

"Gibbs, were you just hiding under your desk?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Very funny Abbs…" he murmured sarcastically.

"I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that to be a no," she told him seriously.

Kate and Tony exchanged looks. What was the point of this conversation?

Abby turned back to Kate. "By the way- I just wanted to let you know that it's definitely over… For good!" she informed her friend. Abby turned and stalked off, presumably back to her lab.

"Abby…" called Kate after her friend. She was slightly worried about her and looked at Gibbs. "Can I please go and see Abby?" she asked hesitantly.

"Sure you can," he told her with a shrug. Kate was surprised that he had agreed and moved to go down to the lab. "As long as you tell me why Abby called you earlier and then promise you'll tell me what's wrong with her now," he added, knowing she wouldn't tell him.

"Gibbs, I can't tell you!" she protested angrily. Who knew what Abby could do to herself in the time it would take Kate to convince Gibbs to let her go? The fact that he was in another of his moods wasn't quite helping things…

"Then you can't go… You were late," he reminded her with another shrug. She stood and glared at him defiantly. "Go back to your desk…" he commanded. She crossed her arms and held her ground. "Kate, now!" he yelled. She sighed and sat down again.

"You know Gibbs, I think you need to get yourself something Tony likes to call a personal life," she decided.

"Leave me out of this one…" Tony pleaded giving her what he must have thought was a threatening look. She bit her lip to keep from laughing; Tony was definitely not one of the few people who intimidated her.

"What do you mean I need to get a 'personal life'?" he asked heatedly.

She smiled. "See, you don't even know what the hell I'm talking about," she observed.

"I know what a personal life is!" he answered furiously. "I'm just curious as to why you think I don't have one!"

"Oh, I don't know… Three ex-wives, always complaining about something Tony or I have done-"

"I said to leave me out of this!" cut in Tony.

She continued as if she hadn't heard him. "I could go on and on Gibbs," she informed him. "It's your call…"

"Oh, and I suppose you think you could fix that?" he asked, almost hopefully.

"Well, not me personally, but I think I know someone who would suit you just fine…" she shrugged casually.

"And who might this someone be?" he quizzed anxiously.

She thought a moment. Who could she set him up with? Of course! Kate would have to lie a little bit- to both of them- but, with any luck, they'd fall in love and get over it…

"No one that you'd know," she promised, instantly feeling guilty.

"Is she a redhead?" Tony wondered with a smile.

"I thought you wanted me to leave you out of this?" she reminded him. She turned back to Gibbs and carried on. "No, she's not a redhead… I think that might have been your problem."

"I see…" he considered her thoughtfully. "What the hell… I'll take your friend out," he decided quickly. "Somewhere nice… With candles and champagne and all the fancy girly stuff… Make a good impression," he told himself. He didn't usually do blind dates, but he decided that any friend of Kate's would be a sensible girlfriend for him. Knowing Kate, she'd be an expensive one. Maybe not one he'd end up with, but at least she'd be someone he could trust.

Kate smiled at him. "Okay, pick her up at my place on Saturday night at 6:30, okay?" she asked. "Do you need directions?"

"No!" he answered quickly. He hated it when people assumed he didn't know where anything was. If he got lost, he'd find his own way to get back on track.

"What is it with men and directions?" she mused. It amused her that the only male she'd ever heard ask for directions was Ducky. Gibbs, Tony and just about every other member of the opposite sex almost always decided to 'create' their own unique way to get from point A to point B.

"I'm going to assume you don't want an answer to that question Kate…" Tony guessed with a grin.

"You're damn right Tony," she confirmed.

Now all Kate had to do was convince Gibbs to let her go and see Abby. If Abby was still here… For all Kate knew, Abby had driven herself home to cry herself to sleep and drown in self loathing. It was what Kate's first reaction would've been.

"Gibbs I need to go and talk to Abby!"

Gibbs was getting annoyed with her. He sighed. There was really nothing else for her to do anyways. "Fine, go. But you have half an hour. If you're not sitting at your desk pretending that you never left, you'll be banned from Abby's lab."

Kate got up and headed back to the elevator. She was surprised- not only had Gibbs agreed to let her go, but he had given her half an hour.