Hi! I'm editing my story for those that complained about the grammar when I first wrote my fanfic.

Old summary: Kagome wishes to be a dog demon. She gets what she wishes and more. InuYasha wants to kill Kagome and she knows it. Kagome goes under cover with many forms and meets many people, including the famous Lord Sesshomaru. SessKag

New Summary: When Kagome learns of a shocking surprise, she returns to the past to have many eventful days to come. With Kikyo still in the picture, can Kagome handle her new life and new loves? SessKag

Changing is Inevitable

Chapter One: The Question

Kagome and co made it to Kaede's village right before the sun started to set. Kagome walked to Kaede's hut and stepped in. Kaede was making some soup for the group while Sango and Miroku were sitting down talking about demons and what not.

"Where were ye? I wanted to finished our training," Kaede said. Kagome and Kaede started training only months ago. Kagome's powers continued to grow and she was afraid she wouldn't be able to harness it. And to be sure not to kill her demon friends on accident, she wanted Kaede's help

"I was about to ask InuYasha if I could go to my era. It is my birthday today and I was hoping to go home to my family," Kagome said.

"InuYasha said he was going to um... deliver something for a villager," Sango said. She knew where InuYasha was… with Kikyo. He always went off with her when they returned from shard hunting. The only thing about it was that Kagome didn't know.

"Riiight." Kagome dragged the word on, knowing that InuYasha wouldn't help a villager unless a jewel shard was evolved. "Anyways, I'm gonna go on a walk. Do you want to come Sango?"

"Sure" Sango replied and walked out with Kagome.

"Ye is going to be the end of me," Kaede said when Kagome and Sango were out of sight and hearing.

"She is strong with spiritual power and needs to know how to control it," Miroku said. "It is dangerous to have an untrained miko on our hands."

"She already knows how to handle her powers but I have a feeling she is going to need more help. She has yet to fully discover and control all her powers."


"Kagome, do you really love InuYasha?" Sango asked Kagome.

"I haven't really thought of that question." Kagome placed her finger on her chin as she pondered the question. "I really don't know. I think I might. If ever in a situation that he said he loved me, I would probably say I loved him back if that is what you meant." Kagome answered truthfully. "Why do you ask?"

"I just wanted to know. Hey, what do you usually do with your friends in your time?"

"We do things like truth and dare. Sometimes we just ask silly questions."

"Like what?"

"Things, in this time, would be like what kind of demon would you like to be if you were a demon. They usually are hard to answer."

"That's a good question. I know what I would be. I would be a tiger demon. Tiger demons to me hold lots of power and speed. What about you?"

"I would want to be a dog demon." Sango turned to Kagome with a raised eyebrow. "I know that sounds stupid but I don't think I would mind being a dog demon. You get a fluffy tail."

"Dog demons hold the most power of all demons that I know of."

Kagome and Sango reached a lake and then decided to sit at the edge.

"How old are you turning now Kagome?"

"I am going to be 18 at the strike of midnight." Kagome looked at the lowering sun, only to remember what the times was. "That reminds me, I should be going now." Kagome got up, waved at Sango and then jogged towards the well.

:Kagome's veiw:

I walked to the well, thinking about the first question Sango asked. I don't really love InuYasha, right? I reached to well just to see InuYasha and the dead clay pot, Kikyo, kissing in the far bushes. I could hear them talking about me.


"Do you really love my reincarnation InuYasha?" Kikyo asked parting from him.

"I will never love another."

"I love you too. I would still be alive if it wasn't for my reincarnation. Perhaps if she died, I would be able to live again."

"I will kill her once the Shikon no Tama is complete," InuYasha said and pulled the ancient mud into a bone-crushing hug.


I walked away form the scene that was before me. My face was covered with tears now. I couldn't arrive at home looking like a heart broken girl who lost her puppy, so I quickly whipped the tears from under my eyes. InuYasha couldn't smell my scent or my tears because of Kaede's training so I guess I will have a little secret of my own.

Upon reaching the well, I jumped in and was welcomed with the warm baby blue light. The lights stopped and I was in my own era.