Chapter 1: The Highlands

Welcome, I started playing Final Fantasy 11 again and I decided to write a romantic comedy in my spare time. BTW if any of you would like to look me up I'm on the Pandemonium server and my character name is Sevish.

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The day had been a long and tiring one as a single Hume warrior named Sevish decided to take a small rest on the journey back to Bastok. He had just taken a boat from Windhurst and was resting beside the stream as he cooled his feet by soaking them in the stream. The Konshctat Highlands had been a haven to him and the rainy days often provided him comfort when his worries had kept awake through the night. His mission for the Council had been a success and some much needed rest and relaxation was in order. However, it seemed to be that he would have to wait for his R and R for as a young Mithra female had caught some hate from a very pissed Mist Lizard.

She was dressed in tight breeches and a bronze harness, other than that she was completely exposed. Her naturally tanned skin glistened with the sweat from her exhaustive running as her bright white hair billowed behind her.

"Help me! Help" the young Mithra yelled at the top of her lungs while narrowly evading the monsters lunge. Sevish jumped in between her and the monster; In one swoop he had cleaved the monster in two with the aide of his great sword. The monster's two pieces fell to the ground in piles of putrid meat and vile mess, but something strange happened; the young Mithra girl collapsed on the ground as soon as the monster had been swayed. Sevish, worried that she had obtained a serious injury, rushed to her side as she lay there.

The girl was alive and there did not seem to be any major injuries but she was hot; it seemed that the sweat was not from the running she had been doing but rather a sickness that seemed to be afflict her in the worst way. "Jeez, Lady your burning up." Said Sevish as he hoisted her into his arms. He could feel her heart race with an unhealthy pace as her skin burned the likes of which a fire elemental would have been jealous. Without thinking Sevish carried the girl to the cold river and gently placed her beneath it's pristine waters in an effort curb the heat while cradling her head so she would not get a lung full of water.

With in a few minutes she opened her heavy eyelids and looked upon Sevish's waiting face. "Uh… a Hume?" she whispered weakly and instantly fell back into sleep.

"That's gratitude for you." Sevish sighed dejectedly "Well, I'd better get some kind of help." Sevish pulled out a small golden shell and placed it to his ear. "Listen, guys I need some help. No, a sapling did not maul me. I came across this Mithra…" Sevish's face turned a bright shade of red. "…not like that!!! Listen, Damn it!! The girl's sick I don't know what's wrong with her. I could use a white mage. Good thanks." Sevish placed the shell back into his item pouch and sat in the water where he could get into a more comfortable position to keep her head out of the water. While still incredibly hot to the touch her fever had abated and pulse slowed to normal. She was smaller than most Mithra and her skin was completely devoid of blemish. This was very strange, namely because Sevish had never seen any one in Highlands who did not have at least one scar in a visible spot on their body. Still there was something oddly attractiv about her, the way her hair fell over her face, the way her skin shone with a healthy glow, the soft pucker of her lips

"Stop ogling her, you pervert!" A voice jolted Sevish from his daydream. It was Sabaku, the only high-class Red mage he knew and also and a Mithra, if anyone knew what to do It would be her.

"I.. I wasn't ogling anyone!" Sevish protested in his defense as he saw Sabaku's eyes fix on the young girl and widen "Do you know what you're doing?"

"Catching pneumonia?" asked Sevish

"No, do you realize what you've done and who you've done it to? You have just completed the Rite of Rythra with the Corine of the Mithra tribes!"

"and the wha wha?"

"You just married our Princess!"

"DO WHAT!?!"

End Chapter 1

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