200 words, no romance. I wrote this when I was drunk.




The first instinct was not hatred.

When Naruto first started school, he was on the same level as the other students. Some of them were shy, some outgoing, but all were in the same boat. They knew none of the other children; they were alone and looking for a friend.

Naruto played with the other children.

Things didn't change immediately—he still had playmates the second and third days. Eventually, though, the other children started avoiding him. "He's a bad boy," their parents would say, and most of them held their parents in that high regard where nothing they did could ever be wrong. Eventually, Naruto had nobody to play with. And none of them knew what he truly was, so there was no fear to stop their cruelty.

He hated being alone, so he did what he could for attention. It wasn't until later he realized there were different types of attention.

At the time, he thought, "They'll play with me again!" He didn't realize he was wrong until later.

At the time, what was important was that he got the other children to laugh. He didn't understand their disdain until later.

The first instinct was to laugh with them.


(la fin)

(pourquoi devrais-je te regarder quand tu ne peux pas regarder toi-même?)