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The war had started with the tragedy of Junius Seven, where 243,721 people had lost their lives in the bloodiest Valentine that the world had seen. It was the rallying point for mankind. Everywhere he looked, there were changes. His teachers changed. His friends changed. His home changed. His family changed. His father changed.

He changed.

With efficient use of his weapon, he had delivered many a people to death's scythe. And at times, when driven with rage, he killed without hesitation, without remorse, without fail. He had justified it with the desire to end the war.

His resolve wavered when he discovered that a friend was in front of the knife that he was holding. But with the death of a comrade by that friend's hands, his resolve was hardened. Then his friend, now his enemy. And enemies were supposed to be killed.

He changed.

He killed. And it wasn't like he imagined it to be. With the help of someone, he realized quite a few things. War was a sadistic cycle and could only be stopped when the cycle is cut off. Change was inevitable.

He changed.

He fought for revenge then, he fights for peace now. He was now fighting with the people he was once against. He was now fighting against the people he was once with. But there was always a constant in an equation. War started with death and it will end with death.

He clutched the protective charm on his necklace and he apologized softly to pleading amber eyes before turning off the communication device. He might have undergone quite a few changes but there was always something constant in his equation.

He fought then to protect, and he still fights to protect.

Athrun Zala closed his eyes and resigned himself to his fate.


The war had started with the destruction of Heliopolis and the abduction of the four prototype mobile suits. It was her country's mistake that led to the war.

She joined a rebel group and watched her friends die one by one. She fought blindly, never thinking of the repercussions. Victory was all that mattered. But she realized that emotions weren't exactly the right weapons when going into battle. She joined the crew of a warship, and even piloted a jet-fighter.

She aimed her gun, but she didn't pull the trigger

She encountered the pilot of a mobile suit – the enemy. She imagined them to be monsters, being able to pilot a thing that causes so much death. But he wasn't. He was human, through and through. Nevertheless, she knew then, that she was now given a chance to right a mistake.

She aimed her gun, but she didn't pull the trigger.

After talking with her father, she realized many things. But there was that mobile suit pilot again. He looked the same but he had changed. He killed someone dear to her and he suddenly became the monster that she imagined him to be.

She aimed her gun, but she didn't pull the trigger.

But monsters didn't cry. They never felt remorse for what they did. The one standing in front of her wasn't a mobile suit pilot or a monster. The one standing in front of her was a broken person. He needed protection, just like any other individual and it seemed as if no one had given it to him before. So she gave it to him.

She saw a red flight unit rushing towards her – the thing that he had hoped would stop her from following. The flight unit was getting closer and he was getting farther. He was going to throw away her protection. He was leaving her.

She aimed her gun…

…but she couldn't pull the trigger.

The flight unit had already slammed into her mobile suit pushing her backwards, farther from him. She heard him apologize, regret clearly written in his green eyes. And then she was cut off completely. No matter how much she struggled, how many buttons she pushed, she was still being dragged backwards.

Cagalli Yula Athha had always aimed her gun but never pulled the trigger. Before, it led her closer to him. Now, it was different.


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