Crazy Christmas Gifts

Narrowing his eyes at his yami, Malik asked slowly, "Marik…what's going on?"

Sighing in exasperation, Marik pointed at the ceiling and said, "Look up. See that, it's mistletoe. Guess what I want from you?"

"A kiss?" Malik hazarded, his expression clearly saying, 'Humor the crazy yami until I can find the Rod.' The living room, which had previously held only the Christmas tree and the remnants of that morning's gift-giving, now had multiple sprigs of mistletoe affixed to the ceiling every three inches in a five-foot radius over Marik's head. He obviously wasn't leaving anything to chance.

"Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!" Marik said, grinning wildly. "Tell him what he's won, Alex!"

His face becoming a blank mask, Malik said, "A few minutes of being tortured by bad puns and then molested underneath the Christmas tree?"

Marik snorted. "Oh, please, like you wouldn't enjoy it. You've been giving me these looks for weeks, and, as your Christmas present, I've decided to give you–" he brought out a self-stick metallic gold bow and affixed it to the top of his head "–me."

Malik just blinked at his yami for a minute before saying, "Huh. Well, Merry Christmas to me," and then pouncing on his yami.

After all, he'd always been a go with the flow kind of guy, and Marik's 'flow' was rather nice.