Perfect Tragedy

Ten years later

Kioko pushed a freshly clipped finger between the cloth of her bandana and her hair, roughly scratching at an itch behind her ear. She hated having to press her sensitive hanyou ears against her head all day but now that she and her siblings had started their schooling with the public school system any traits of hanyou origins had to be kept hidden.

She sighed and glanced over at her sister, the girl sat up listening attentively to the lecture. Toshi was always good with school work, the perfectionist. Toshi, father named her well, Kioko thought, she looks so much like Mama sometimes. Toshi, unlike her brother and sister looked the most human. Their brother Taro, kept his silver hair cut short despite their father's disapproval, whenever asked he blamed his eye color on contacts. It hurt Kioko to see her brother ashamed of his heritage; even Toshi had Grandma trim her hair sometimes.

Kioko kept her hair long like their father, he always told her that is that way Mama would have wanted it. She seemed to have a stronger bond with Inuyasha because she felt she was the most like him, not just because of her ears but because of her longing for her mother and how she had taken to the new baby after the death of their mother Kagome. She had stayed with her father while the others adjusted to the modern world, Kioko wanted stories of her mother's childhood and how her parents met. While Taro and Toshi were making friends Kioko would stay home spending many hours brushing her little brother's grey locks of silky hair entertaining him with the stories her grandmother told her.

She sighed not paying any mind to the teacher's lecture; Tomoe is turning 10 years old today. Ten years…..ten years since mother's death, ten years since father had brought them to mother's era to live a normal life.

Inuyasha lit the candles of his dead mate's shrine with shaking fingers. His youngest son was in the house with the old man doing school work, the other pups would not return home until 3:30 that afternoon. He did not like the idea of his children in a public high school but Kagome's mother had said it would be best from them. He wanted them to have the best; it's what his wife would want. Mrs. Higurashi had gone to the store to buy something to make for dinner, he would be alone.

A soft wind blew against the fur of his ears he closed his eyes and let out a long shaky breath. Cherry blossoms swirled around the shrine; he clinched his fists and lowered his head, his bangs hooding his eyes as they filled with tears.

"Kagome…" He spoke her name softly, "It's been ten years, my wife, ten long…" his voice broke with a sob, "…years."