I For You: Chapter 1- Spiral

By Rixiel

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It was a quiet night, the normal crowded streets were empty at last and after working for hours, we had half of the streets decorated and I insisted that we take a break. Stubbornly you shook your head and continued to hang the lights around. "The faster we finish the sooner we can get back." You told me as you stretched to reach for the upper most branch.

You've grown a little taller within that three years, but you're still shorter than me. The bottom of your shirt lifted teasingly with your movements, revealing fair skin. I can't help but feast my eyes on you. A part of me aches as I wonder what you had to go through those three years, your back look so alone.

I watch as part of the wirings entangled with some branches and your slim hands working to free it. My hands brushed against yours as I join you in reducing the mess. Finally, it was freed and you swing the other end of the decoration to me and I caught it easily. Working silently, we twirled the lights around the giant Christmas tree that was in the center of the village.

I collapsed against a tree from the branch I was standing on and you made yourself comfortable opposite me. I took a glance at the work we have done and smiled wearily. It was the first celebration for Konoha since the end of the war. The Hokage wanted it to be as grand as possible and everyone was involved in covering the streets of Konoha with lights and festive decorations. The giant Christmas tree and the central area was the last to be covered due to the bustle of life there.

You tried to hide your yawn but I caught it and yawned back in response. Yawning was contagious and the both of us just sat there in our tiredness. Tonight was starless and the darkness settled around us making it difficult for me to read my book that I flipped listlessly through. "Let's turn this on." I suggested as I took out the trigger from my pocket.

You only raised your eyebrows at me and shrugged your shoulders. I took it for a yes, even though we were only supposed to turn it on the day after. Pressing the trigger, the lights around us lit up slowly one by one. Soon we were surrounded with silver lights. It was a magical moment and I watch you glanced around in awe, as we were consumed by the lights from our spot inside of the tree.

The smile on your face was the brightest I have seen so far and for a moment I was lost in perfect rhapsody of the soft light in your eyes and your smile. I wonder if the stars would ever look the same after this.

I remember when I found you unconscious a few months back, your breathing came in shallow gasps and your faint heartbeat a stark contrast against my rapidly beating one. I was shaking so violently that I had injure myself to numb my fear. I remember pulling you into my arms and when you finally opened your eyes after weeks of lying motionless on the hospital bed.

You called my name and I realised that I was never going to let you go again.

Even if we have lost each other in the passing of time, we would once again find each other in the coming future.

22 Dec 04

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