I For You: Chapter 2 – On the way down

By Rixiel

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When I was younger, I always wondered where my parents and everyone went.

They said there was a place where the dead rested. I wondered if my parents were there. What did it look like? Was it dark, like this? Did it feel empty and did it hurt? Was it somewhere you had to relive the most agonising moments of your life over and over again, until you feel that it was the only thing that made up your life?

I wondered if I was there now.


That voice... did he...


He was calling out for me, and it took me away, to where he was.

"Ka..kashi" I croaked and he sighed in relief. Arms surrounded me at once and I was engulfed in gentle warmth and suddenly it did not matter where this was anymore.

We stayed like this for a long moment before he asked me"How are you feeling"

"OK... but why is it so dark" I asked, my voice still raw. I felt him stifled against me and he pulled away. Hands settled on my face instead and I tilted my head questioning.

"... It's only temporary...the aftermath of over using of Mangekyou Sharingan" His voice was soft but firm as he answered my question.

For a minute, my mind was blank then I watch everything fall into place. "So... I can't see." The quiver in my voice betrayed the certainty of my comprehension of the situation.

"Only for now. The side effect will fade away." His voice was assuring and certain, unlike mine. I nodded wordlessly, and believing him when he whispered soothingly, that it was going to be alright.

It has been two days, and my world was still veiled by darkness. Trusting my sense that it was too early in the morning to get up, I sat up slowly careful not to disturb the other presence in the room. His presence was a comforting familiarity in this unsettling darkness. He never left me these two days, for reasons I did not ask and in return, he never asked my about the decision to leave two years ago. It felt odd, that after the time apart, it still feels the same when I am with him. It reminds me of coming home. Something I do not think I deserve.

I wondered if this darkness is a punishment to my foolishness and naive desires. For touching the forbidden and forsaking myself. It was too light a punishment then.

"You're awake."

The low voice muffled with sleep greeted me and I nodded. I could hear the cricks when he stretched and I frowned. "What" He asked.

"You slept on the chair." I said almost accusingly. His answer was a sheepish yes and my frown deepened"You don't have to stay here."

"I know."

"I can take care of myself." I told him pointedly.

"Don't be stubborn." It was his I-am-your-teacher-and-you-will-not-defy-me voice and it was ironic, after everything, I am still a young student to him.

"I am not! You are the one being stubborn"

"You don't want me to be here"

"No. I mean..." I was at a loss for words. The question why are you here came, but I could not bring myself to ask him.

"Then it's settled then." I could hear the triumph in his voice and I sighed, and he called me stubborn.

"Kakashi..." I was hesitant, it was a awkward offer that I do not really know how to put it across. His footsteps paused and I took in a deep breath before continuing"The next time, sleep on the bed."

"I'll be fine." He ruffled my hair, but it did not ease the strange sinking feeling welling up in my chest. There was a sudden dip at the other end of the bed and I turned in surprise. "Go back to sleep. It's too early." He ended with a yawn as he pulled me down beside him. I nodded and turned, my back facing him.

I listened to his breathing even out and fell asleep to the raising sun shinning down on us.

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