AN: This is my first Tru Calling fic ever. You'll have to bear with me, because I haven't seen all the episodes of it, so if I get something wrong, be kind and let me know.

Summary: This story is a BTVS/Tru Calling crossover. What happened to Faith before she was called as the slayer?

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TruFaith Ch. 01 Gotta Have Faith

Faith was driving as fast as slayerly possible. She never wanted to stop; but she was going to cry and she didn't want to wreck.

She pulled over to the side of the road and got off the bike. She pilled her helmet off and threw it violently away from her.

Sitting in the soft damp grass on the side of the road, she began to sob. He was dead. Gone forever bevause she hadn't been fast enough, or strong enough. She ddn't know which;but she knew it was her fault. It was always her fault.

Her cell phone began to ring and she threw it in the direction she'd throwm her helmet. She'd find them later, after she curled up and died.

"Mommy? Sis? Where's my mommy? I want my sister! " Five year old Faith was not happy. She had been at the mall with her mom and sister and baby brother when someone had grabbed her.
They had put a funny smelling washrag over her mouth and it made her go to sleep. She was awake now, though.
She screamed and screamed until someone came in and gave her a shot. It burned; but she was too sleepy to do more than whimper a little before she fell asleep again.

When Faith woke up she was in a nice bed in a sunny room.

"Mommy?" She said hopefully.

A nice looking lady came into her view. "Hi Faith. My name is Gwen, and I'm going to take care of you for a liitle while. Is that okay?"

"Where's my mommy?"

"I don't know." Replied Gwen.

"Why did those bad men take me away?"

"Because you're special. You're different than other little girls."

"My sister is just like me. Why didn't they bring her too?"

"She's not like you. We have to make sure you're safe or you could put your mommy and your sister in danger. Do you understand that?" Gwen asked softly, sitting on the edge of Faiths bed.
Faith nodded. "Yeah. I understand danger. But why would I put them in danger? I love my mommy and my sister!"

"It's not your fault." Gwen hastened to explain. "I wish I could take it all away for you, and let you go back to them; but you can't."

End Flashback

Faith woke up from the dream. She hadn't had it in so long. She realized she was freezing cold, laying on the side of a deserted road, and it all cam crashing back. Robin, the demons. She let out a strangled sob.
He'd been trying to protect her. She'd told him to stay home; but he followed her anyway. She would have been able to fight the demons by herself.
"You should have stayed home!" She screamed at the sky. "You should have stayed home!"

Now she really was alone. Sure Buffy and the others were there, waiting for her, and no one could understand better than Buffy what Faith was going through.... But she was supposed to be the badass. The one without any emotions.

She sat there until she heard the motor of a vehicle coming. She jumped up and searched for her helmet and phone.

She was still looking when the truck came into view. The headlights hit her full on; but she ignored them and lept searching for her stuff.

She groaned when the truck slowed to a halt beside her.

"You need help?" Asked the driver.

"No, I'm okay." Faith replied, putting false cheer into her voice. "I just dropped my phone."

"You sure little lady? A girl shouldn't be out here all by herself. There's Mountain Lions around here."

"The day I can't handle a Mountain Lion..." Faith grumbled; but she spotted her helmet and phone lying close together. "Here it is! Thanks for the light!"

The man waved at her and drove off. Faith sighed. Time to go back.

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