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Chapter 9. So Who's B?

Faith and Tru relievedly entered Tru's apartment. They both had steaming styrofoam cups of coffee. Faith had insisted they go back to Trus' apartment before she explained.

"I'm really sorry about that. I never should have taken you out there. It was stupid of me." Faith apologised.

"For the last time Faith, it's okay." Tru said. "Now tell me what this is all about."

They sat down on Trus' couch and Faith began her tale.

"Well, to explain what happened back there, I have to explain what I am. I'm a vampire slayer. Those guys back there with the messed up faces were vampires."

"Okay." Tru said slowly. Faith gave her a moment to wrap her mind around that bit of information.
"Go on." Her sister said after a moment.

"The council of watchers kidnapped me when we were kids because I'm a slayer. They did things like that with kids they expected to be called. The ones that were most likely to be called they took."

"So you weren't a slayer then?"

"No. I was a potential slayer then; but the witches they work with predicted that it was very likely that I would be called." She sighed. "Wish I had Giles around. He's much better at explaining all this. See, it used to be, that when one of us died, another was called. So, a few years ago this slayer named Buffy drowned. She died for a few minutes, and her friend Xander did CPR and sved her life. But she died long enough for another potential to be tapped."


"No, a girl named Kendra. She died and I was called. I wasn't a great person back then. I slept around and I never went to school. The council made me uncaring by kidnapping me. I felt like no one was going to stick around to be with me. Of course, it didn't help when my watcher was killed by a powerful vampire. Kakistos."

"I'm sorry." Tru was looking at her sister differently. She never realized how different their lives had been.

Faith smiled. "It's past."

"Anyway, when my watcher died, I went to Sunnydale California to find the other slayer that I had heard so much about. She was so different than I was. She had a mom and friends, and a steady boyfriend. Of course, he was a vampire..."

"She was dating a vampire? Aren't they evil?"

Faith laughed. "Not this one. Well not on a good day anyway. Angel has a soul. There's only one other vampire with a soul, and he's dead." She frowned, thinking of Spike. Another friend bites the dust. Literally.

Tru was shaking her head. "That doesn't make sense."

"I know. Angel was cursed with a soul a long time ago by some gypsies. Without it, he's probably the most evil vampire to ever walk this earth. Or at least the most brutal. I've had the pleasure of meeting Angelus and he's not very friendly at all." She pushed back her hair to reveal the scars from when he bit her.

Tru gasped. "He bit you? How are you still alive?"

" I drugged my blood. He took enough to drug himself too, and passed out. I'm lucky to be alive. The drug was magical and it usually kills whoever takes it. Especially with the doseage I used."

Tru shook her head. "You're crazy, little sister."

"Anyway, I was really jealous of Buffy. She had everything. We became friends after awhile; but then one night we were out patrolling and I accidentally killed a man. I found out later he was a bad man; but that doesn't make it any better. I kind of died inside, and I joined up with the enemy. When Buffy found out we were constantly at each others throats. I tried to kill Angel, and she came to me for his cure. The only thing that would save him was slayer blood. She got me with my own knife. I fell off the roof of my apartment building,and spent the next eight months in a coma." She sighed. "I wanted her to kill me. I wanted to be done."

Tru watched her sister with tears in her eyes. They spilled over onto her cheeks and fell into her lap.

"When I woke up, a former minion of the mayor (that's who I worked for) gave me a gift from him. It was a Katra spell, used to switch bodies with someone else. So I went and found Buffy and switched with her. She was arrested and taken by the council in my body. I was left with her mother and her friends. By then she and Angel had split up. He went to LA, and she was dating a guy named Riley. I went off to have fun in her body; but I was about to leave when I saw that a church had been taken over by vampires during Sunday service. I just had to go and save those people. I don't know why, I just did." She paused to take a breath.

Tru silently waited for Faith to finish her story.

"Anyway, by then Buffy had escaped and went to Giles. He's her watcher. And they heard about it too, so of course they came along. She saved me from one of the vampres; but I couldn't stand the look on her, my face. I didn't ever want to see that face again. We fought and she switched us back with her own Katra. Then, I ran away down to LA to see Angel. I wanted him to end it for me. I kidnapped a friend of his, and my former watcher and tortured him. Angel wouldn't kill me, and Buffy showed up while he was comforting me. I tried to apologise to her but she wouldn't hear me out."

Tru started to say something in indignation; but Fait held up a hand. "She was angry. I don't blame her. She's my best friend now, aside from you of course."

Tru nodded and gestured for her sister to continue.

"So I ran away. Buffy and Angel followed me; but I knew what I had to do then. When they found me I was turning myself in to the police. I spent a few years there. It wasn't bad. By the end of the first week everyone knew not to mess with me. I pretty much kept my head down until one day one of the other women tried to kill me. I knew it was outside influence. Something was going down in LA, and in Sunnydale. What I didn't expect was for someone to come and break me out."

"Someone broke you out?"

"Yeah, you see, Angel went and lost his soul so they could talk to Angelus. They needed to know something that he knew and Angel didn't. "But what they didn't knw was that one of thier own was being controlled by evil. So they lost his soul, and then were tricked into thinking it had been restored. Then the one being controlled let him out. She knew exactly what she was doing, and did it well. They couldn't handle it, so they got me."

"And you caught him using that drug you were telling me about?"

"Yeah. Then I went back to Sunnydale to help them out with thier problem. Only thier problem was worse. The first evil was trying to get rid of the slayer line. Hence the murder attempt. We had about fifty scared girls and the rest of the gang to fight. That's when I met Robin. He knew all about that stuff because his mother was a slayer. He was killed by demons because he wouldn't stay at home while I was patrolling." A tear escaped Faiths' left eye.

"It's not your fault." Tru said firmly. "He wanted to protect you and he knew how dangerous it was."

Faith nodded. "I still wish he would have listened to me."

Tru smiled. "I know how you feel. This guy I was in love with saved a little girl from burning to death; but he died doing it. I begged him to ask for my help; but he didn't."

Faith hugged her twin. "I'm sorry."

"Me too."

Trus' phone rang at that moment and so did Faiths'. They laughed and anwered them.

"Hello?" Tru asked. It was Davis. He sounded very upset.

"Tru I need you to get down here right now!"

"What's wrong?"

"Just hurry!" She heard something crash and the line went dead.

Faith was talking animatedly to someone on her phone. She noticed the look of worry on her sisters face and told the person to hold on.

"What's wrong?"

Tru quickly explained about Davis and Faith rang off with her friend.

"Let's go. Sounds like he might have company of the undead kind."

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