Disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible. I was not hired as a consultant on the movie. THEY DID NOT ASK MY OPINION ON CANCELLING THE SERIES. Not that I am bitter or anything…

I would like to thank all of my readers. It is with a bittersweet heart (May come from too much chocolate, since that is the kind that I like.) that I have this announcement:

I am ending this arc of the story and putting it on hiatus for a bit. It is at a stopping point and I need to work out some future plot. This was going to be a one shot. Forty four chapters later and I still have things to tell. The story is going to take a different angle. I think that Bonnie has redeemed herself well enough for now. The next arc of this story will take up as Ron is finishing his rehab.

Some of the other writers may know what a story like this can do to you. I seriously intended for it to be a one shot, then no more than eight or so chapters, then… I need to take a step back from this for a while. The words are not flowing as they usually do and I need to plot it out a little more.

A few hints for the future of this story: Ron and Bonnie come together more than they are now. Kim gets a new relationship. The reason for it will be not quite a shocker. Drakken gets seriously pummeled. Shego doesn't have anything smart-assed to say. Tara is distraught over a decision that she has to make.

Thank you all again, and I will be updating my other stories shortly.