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"Black Light"

By Dante Lewis

Chapter One: The Calm Before The Storm

Saturday, 24 October 1981

"Lily Potter I will never forgive you for making pregnancy seem so glamorous!" The heavily pregnant, raven-head beauty scowled at her best friend from her position on the couch.

The fiery redhead in question shifted the squirming boy on her knee and chuckled, her green eyes twinkling in mirth. "Really Sussy, it isn't that bad! Put your feet up on the coffee table, that helped me with the swelling."

Sussy sneered at the suggestion and grunted as she struggled to clomp her uncooperative limbs onto the table in front of her. "Merlin, I feel like I'm carrying a whole Quidditch team!"

"Selina, love, don't sneer like that, you look like Snivellus!" A male's voice chided from the doorway.

Selina sighed, and twisted her head around to glare at her approaching husband, one delicately shaped eyebrow raised. "I really wish you wouldn't call him that, Sirius! Isn't it about time you two put this childish animosity behind you?" She said, gesturing vaguely at her heavily rounded belly.

Sirius Black smirked at his wife and winked. "Sorry, sweetheart, I keep forgetting it's PROFESSOR Snivellus now!"

Selina quirked her lips, failing to hide a smile while her friend shook her head. "Sirius Black, you are incorrigible!" Lily admonished, playfully. "Ah look, seems like someone wants to say hello!" she added as the little boy on her lap started to wriggle excitedly and reach out to the newest occupant of the room.

"Pa-foo! Pa-foo!" He cooed, his baby babble forming the more basic of vowels.

"'Allo Harry! Miss me did ya kiddo?" Sirius joked with his Godson, and walked over to his mother to relieve her of him. "Hand him over Lils, you look like you need a break!"

Lily Potter shrugged and unquestioningly handed her son over to the awaiting arms of his Godfather. "What's the matter Sirius, desperate to fit in some last minute practice?" She smirked.

Sirius ignored her, instead focusing all his attention on the child in his arms. "Wanna come say hello to the baby Harry?" Sirius asked, shifting Harry on his hip as he carefully stepped around the scattering of toys by the hearth to join his wife on the couch. Then, after settling Harry on his lap and giving his wife a chaste kiss, he cradled the smaller hand in his own and guided it towards his wife's belly while Harry watched on in wrapt attention.

"How's she been treating her mother tonight, babe?" Sirius looked at his wife questioningly as he ran Harry's hand over her stomach, feeling for stimulus.

Selina shrugged, then smiled as she felt something move within her. "Ah, waiting for her Daddy, it seems!"

Sirius' eyes lit up as he felt an affirming kick by the baby through Harry's hand, which was pressed firmly against his wife's stomach. Harry squealed in delight, his bright eyes wide.

"I'm not the only one she's waiting for," he growled softly, nodding towards Harry before adding under his breath. "He may be my Godson, but I swear if he ever…"

"Oh come off it Sirius, we don't even know if it's a boy or a girl! We told Healer Svigos that we didn't want the charm performed…" Selina's voice trailed off as she noted the mischievous glint in her husband's eye. Her eyes narrowed. "WHAT! Sirius! We agreed!"

Sirius smiled broadly at his wife, his eyes dancing at her reddening face. "Gods you look so sexy when you're angry!" He jibed, welcoming her death glare before he reached over and clasped his wife's hand in his own then leant in close to kiss her ear lobe.

"No one performed any charm," he stated softly, in a rare moment of total seriousness. Then, looking her square in the eye, he added, "trust me, I just know we're having a girl!"

Selina huffed, her anger dissipating. "Oh, and I suppose you have her life all mapped out already, huh?"

"Right down to the very last detail." He said smiling, a wistful, far away look in his eyes.

Lily laughed. "I don't know how they do it, James was the same. Had Harry here pegged to be Gryffindor Seeker and Head Boy before I'd even finished my first trimester!"

"Well can't argue with Prongs there!" Sirius exclaimed, bouncing Harry on his knee. "This kid just has future-Quidditch Captain written all over him! I'm sure if I could just take him out flying he'd…"

Lily shook her head. "Sirius Black I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's no way I am having my son out on that blasted bike of yours – I don't give a flying howler what you or James say about how safe it's supposed to be!"

Sirius sighed in mock disappointment before shooting his wife a hopeful look "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Was all she said.

"Baby! Baby?" Harry babbled, patting his hand on Selina's stomach, and was rewarded with another resounding kick. Harry grinned a gummy smile, his lone front tooth standing proud. "My baby!" He squealed again.

Sirius Black beamed at his godson and hugged him closer. "That's right Harry," he murmured. "She'll be your baby and you'll look out for her at Hogwarts for me, won't you?"

Harry glanced at his godfather knowingly and smiled. "Hog! Hog!"

"That's right Harry, one day you will go to Hogwarts and soon after that, Missy here…" at this Sirius patted Harry's hand on Selina's swollen belly before continuing in a sing-song voice "…will come and join you, and then she will fall even more in love with you and if you are good to her I will let you marry her and then you can have lots of little grand-pronglets and grand-padfoots to give Professor Snivellus a nervous breakdown and they will all be on the Quidditch team and win the Cup for Gryffindor year after year and stick it to the slimy Slytherins!"

"What's this about slimy Slytherins?" A bespectacled, messy-haired man interjected as his emerged from the fireplace, shrugging off his official robes and making quite an entrance as he tripped and almost fell over one of Harry's toy Hogwarts Carriages.

"Oh hello James," Lily said, leaping to her feet to greet her husband with a firm embrace. "Padfoot here was just planning the lives of our children and their grandchildren!"

James shot his best friend a knowing look and smiled, "Shhh Padfoot, you weren't supposed to tell them our plans!"

The men laughed at this, and the women smiled contentedly as their spouses launched into an enthusiastic play-by-play of events yet to pass.

End Chapter: The Calm Before The Storm