Final Chapter: The End

By Jedi Librarian


In a quiet countryside cottage, far from busy cities and near a quiet wood, a woman sat in a rocking chair before a roaring fire. She turned the page of a book, pursing her lips, quiet engrossed in what she read. Across the little room, in a comfortable chair, a man kept her silent company. His hands were before him, his fingers steepled, while his eyes stared into the fire burning in the hearth.

After several long minutes, the woman carefully closed the book and laid her hand on the cover. She closed her eyes and looked almost as a priest might when delivering a benediction. When she opened her eyes she looked directly at the man. "It's all over now. It ends the way we expected it would."

"Redemption, then?" he asks, his voice soft and his tone untroubled.


"And a revelation of some sort?"

"An unrequited love."

He raised his eyebrows at this and turned in his chair just enough to fully face her. "Oh really? With who?"

The woman smiled a little and gave the book a pat. "You should read it."

"You know I never will." He casually waves the idea away. "Why should I? It's a pointless fiction…."

"It's captured," the woman said slowly, "the imagination of millions of people. Adults, children, wizards, and muggles."

He shook his head. "All I care about is that there was a redemption and a triumph over Darkness. That is what happened, isn't it?" He suddenly looks at her with slight skepticism. "Happily ever after came at last for the Boy Who Lived, did it not?"

"It did. It didn't come for you, though."

"For the character named for me," he countered. "But—"

"The redemption did come, yes. You—your character—was by his own admission was in love with Lily Potter."

"That's an interesting turn of events." He looked surprised by this. "As I said: pure fiction. Who could help but admire Lily? Of course I admired her. But it was her younger sister…."

"Sadly, only one younger sister is ever mentioned in these remarkable books." She tapped the cover again though she appeared less pleased with it now.

The man rose from his chair and came to stand before her. He took the book from her lap and tossed it lightly to the seat he just left. "A gross error." He reached for her hand and gently tugged her up to stand. "It doesn't matter, Rose. I have you. The real me has you. What do we care for such books?"

"I can't help but feel a little sad that they're over…." She shrugged and leaned in to him while he obligingly put his arms around her. "The story is over."

He did laugh at that, giving her a gentle squeeze. "Rose, darling, the stories will never be over. There will be so many more to come, so long as people like you exist. People who love the telling and the imagining."

She tilted her head up and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, Severus. You always know just what to say. I love you. I'm glad you love me."

"With all my heart."

Severus and Rose Snape went on living as happily as they could, being nothing more than products of JK Rowling's talent and my imagination. Write on, fanfic authors, and the stories will never truly end.

AN: This fanfic is permanently closed. Expect no updates, but please enjoy the first Rose story as it stands fairly well alone. I especially appreciate all of you who have added that story to your favorite's list so soon after the release of Deathly Hallows. More may come from me eventually, but I believe Rose and Severus have done all I need them to do.