OK, wow. I can't believe I wrote a Yu-Gi-Oh fic! But here we are. I should tell you in advance, I'm not that huge of a Yu-Gi-Oh fan…though I would like to get my hands on a sub sometime. I will be using the Japanese character names, because I like them better. I am a total Kaiba junkie, which is why this fic is getting written. Plain and simple.

I have been binging on Seto x Anzu fics a lot recently while searching for inspiration for my Final Fantasy 7 fic. You can guess what happened next. I got assailed by the proverbial "idea that just wouldn't go away". And yes, this is Seto x Anzu. You've been warned!

Mokuba is away at University in Australia. Just before Christmas, he and Seto have an argument over the phone about Mokuba's plan to bring his girlfriend home with him for the holidays. Seto goes out and gets drunk, passing out on a bench in the park. I'm sure you can guess who finds him there (Anzu, you dummy!).

The premise is simple and the story is all planned out. It will consist of a Prologue and either 4 or 5 chapters. That'll be it. If I don't get back to my Rufus/Tifa fic or finish my Good Omens story after that, someone will surely be mutilating my door with an axe (don't kill me, Scott!). I just thought this would be a fun little departure for the holidays. I hope someone enjoys it!

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of the characters. I might own Seto's bottle of whiskey, though.

Holiday Blues

"I said no, Mokuba!"

Darkness and Quiet reigned over the Kaiba mansion on this brisk December night. Everywhere, that is, except for in the dimly lit study. The room did not glow warmly as rooms in Christmas stories are often wont to do. The primary illumination was the muted bluish glow from a state of the art computer monitor. The cool impersonal light cast shadows across the papers which scattered the desk, and threw the handsome features of the master of the house into sharp relief.

"But Seto, why not?"

Seto Kaiba was on the phone with his younger brother Mokuba, and he was not happy. He leaned back in his sleek modern office chair, running his free hand through his chestnut hair in frustration. He sighed.

"Look, Mokuba. I want to spend Christmas at home with you, and not with some annoying outsider. Haven't you spent enough time with the girl over the past three months?"

"But Seto! Rebecca isn't an outsider, she's my girlfriend! Isn't Christmas meant to be spent with the people we care about?"

Mokuba Kaiba was lying on his bed in Sydney, Australia. He'd been away at University for four months now. Seto hadn't been pleased with Mokuba's decision to leave home, and ever since he'd started school it seemed he couldn't do anything right. Mokuba stared up at the ceiling, one arm wedged beneath his head. Seto still treated him like he was 12…

"Yes, Mokuba. And that is precisely what I intend to do. I'm sure your little girlfriend has other 'loved ones' with whom she can spend the holidays."

Mokuba sat up sharply in his bed, long awkward limbs sprawled haphazardly, cobalt eyes flashing. "No she doesn't! Seto, she doesn't have any surviving family. She's just like us. I can't let her spend Christmas alone. I'm bringing her!"

Seto's eyes widened slightly. Mokuba was openly defying his wishes? Those stubborn Australians must be rubbing off on him…either that, or the girl was bossing him around…Seto pounded his tightly clenched fist on the desk.

"You are not!"

"Yes I am! Whether you like it or not!"

Mokuba frowned. This wasn't looking good. He hadn't meant this to turn into another fight…

Seto growled. So that was how it was going to be?

"I see. You know what? If spending Christmas with some tart is more important to you than spending it with me, then just go right ahead. I'll be perfectly happy by myself. Have a nice Christmas, Mokuba."

Mokuba spluttered. What the hell was his brother saying? Why did he have to be so hard headed?

"Seto, you're being ridiculous. You know I didn't mean—"

Mokuba heard a click.


No response.

"Seto! Are you there?"

The phone started to beep annoyingly. Mokuba sighed, pushing the off button and tossing the handset toward the foot of his bed. He sat there dejectedly, wondering what was eating his brother lately. He couldn't remember him ever being quite this…cranky. He thought about Rebecca, too. How could he tell her they couldn't spend Christmas together? She'd been so pleased when he'd invited her.

Mokuba groaned, grabbing a textbook off his nightstand. He'd have to figure it out tomorrow. Tonight, he had reading to do.


Back at the Kaiba mansion, Seto Kaiba was leaning forward in his chair, cradling his head in his hands.

Damn it all…

He groaned, rubbing his temples wearily. It was no wonder Mokuba didn't want to spend Christmas with him. He really was a bastard sometimes. Why should he care if Mokuba wanted to bring some girl around?

Seto unfolded his lean frame, standing up and stretching his tired limbs. God, he needed a drink…he turned to the liquor cabinet by the window. Opening the door slowly, he peered in.

Whiskey, that's the ticket…He reached for the bottle.

It was empty.


A closer inspection revealed the cabinet to be almost entirely bare. The only thing left was a dusty old bottle of Gozaburo's disgusting Gin. I'd rather drink turpentine, Seto thought.

The tall CEO glanced at his watch. 9pm…not too late for a stroll…to a bar…

He slipped on his oh-so-festive new black trenchcoat and crept down the stairs, out the door, and into the frigid moonlit night.


Well, there you have it. The prologue. I hope I haven't made any glaring errors or missteps. And yes, Mokuba's new girlfriend is little Rebecca Hawkins. I hope I spelled her name right. Don't ask me why she's in Australia,or what happened to her family. ::shrugs:: Chapter 1 will probably be posted today, too; as soon as I get it typed. Leave me a review and tell me what you think!